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Best Roof Basket Options

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Best Roof Basket Options

Roof baskets help you free up space inside your vehicle by giving you extra cargo space for the gear you bring along with you on your adventures. They're also a great way to help keep your vehicle clean by storing wet or dirty gear on the outside. Standard roof baskets, like the Curt cargo basket, easily mount to most factory or after-market roof racks. Some include fairings to reduce wind noise and drag. You can often purchase an extension expanding the basket so you carry more gear. Higher-end roof baskets, like the Yakima LoadWarrior, shown here with the optional extension, can also accommodate carriers for bikes, boats, and skis. As you can see, we're able to transport our bike as well as our cargo.

Some even have fork mounts for your bike built right in. You're almost always going to have a faring with these options, and they remain just as easy to install to any roof rack system. Platform racks, like the rattle rack pioneer platform, make loading and unloading your equipment easy. There are no sides to lift your gear up over, but that also means there are no sides to contain your gear either. As you can see here, it uses the accessory slots to add tie-downs for our cargo. Platform racks, and larger roof baskets, have the ability to add accessories that allow you to carry specific items such as spare tire carriers, pilot jacks, shovels, and other equipment.

Platform racks will even allow you to mount spotlights or light bars. For all of our basket options, it's important to have a good set of straps. You can find many strap options right here at In summary, when it comes to hauling your gear from point A to point B, standard roof baskets are going to be your entry-level option. For carrying equipment such as bikes, boats, and skis, in addition to your skis, a higher-end roof basket is your best option. Finally, for carrying specialty options, or for easing loading and unloading, a platform rack is right for you..

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