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Best RV Camper Hitch Options

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Best RV Camper Hitch Options

Hello, neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer and today we're taking a look at hitch options for your RV or camper. Now if your camper or RV hasn't come with a hitch from the factory, not to worry you do have some options to add one including a frame mounted or a bumper mounted hitch. Now if you have a Coach, something like this and you plan on flat towing a vehicle, a boat, a trailer, anything along those lines, you're gonna wanna look at a frame mounted hitch that's gonna give you the most weight capacity available and also just the strongest, most robust attachment point. Bumper mounted hitches are a great quick easy way to add a little bit of capacity to your RV whether it be bike racks or cargo carriers. Now keep in mind that bumper mounted hitches are mostly designed for accessories to be loaded up, not necessarily for towing, but regardless of what you're planning to do with that hitch you wanna check the bumpers capacity to make sure that it's safe to do whatever you may be loading up and never really go over that weight limit.

Now if you're choosing a frame mounted hitch you are gonna want to decide how you're gonna mount it up and there's two different options. You can weld it on or you can bolt it on. And this hitch that we have here from CURT has the availability to be able to do both. So if you can properly weld welding up is a great option. It's gonna give you a nice strong secure point of attachment and less prone to failure long term.

So if you have the availability to a welder and you can weld it on yourself, great option. Or if you know someone that can weld to get that on there that's what I would prefer. It's gonna make for a nice permanent mount that's gonna be structurally nice and sound for the lifespan of the hitch and RV. But if you're limited to just bolting it up, it is bolting to the frame and it's gonna be just as structurally sound. You're gonna have the same weight capacities as you would welded on.

Either way, you're gonna have a nice sturdy hitch for your RV or camper. Now most frame mounted hitches are gonna allow you to adjust for the frame of your vehicle. The CURT that we have here today can go from 22 inches all the way up to 72 inches. And the way you're gonna wanna determine where yours needs to be is measuring from the inside of the frame rail to the other side of the inside of the frame. Take that measurement and then these will bolt up directly to that.

Adjustability is accomplished by being able to move the outside brackets to exactly where you need them to be. Now if you're bolting on you will have to drill to create your mounting points and that way it stays in place and you may have to drill into your frame to also bolt it up. So it is gonna take a little bit to get that mounted. If you're welding, you could simply just weld this on and weld this onto the frame and it's gonna be just as secure. Now with a bumper mounted hitch like we have here this is our etrailer bumper mount hitch, this is going to be significantly easier as far as terms of installation because we have our bracket that just simply straddles the bumper and your receiver tube opening is welded to that. Now keep in mind bumpers are different sizes so you are gonna want to make sure you get one that mounts up to the size of your bumper. And also you're gonna be limited to what your your bumper is rated at. So you don't want to just go off the weight capacities of this, you want to compare that with the bumper as well. Now when it comes to your bumper mounted hitch a lot of them aren't rated for towing but if you are planning on towing, just keep in mind you're gonna want to adhere to the weight capacities on here and it's gonna be a little bit lighter duty towing. You're not gonna wanna flat tow a vehicle with something like this. So for example, this is rated at 3,500 pounds which probably be great for a small boat or a jet ski, but again, I can't stress enough, double check the capacity of your bumper and compare that with the hitch. Make sure you're not going over that weight capacity. Now many hitches on RVs that I see is because we're setting up a vehicle for towing behind the RV. So whether you're dolly towing or flat towing your vehicle you're gonna wanna check the hitches capacity to make sure that it's strong enough for the weight of the vehicle that you're towing. And with that, you're also gonna wanna check your dolly if you're doing that method make sure it's capable to hold that vehicle, but also if you're flat towing, double check your tow bar as well as your safety cables to make sure that they hold up to the capacity of that vehicle as well. Now, speaking of towing, that brings up another question. Can I tow behind my camper And the answer is, well, depends on the state you live in. Some states allow for triple towing but you need to also check to make sure where you're traveling and the states that you'll be passing through that it's legal there as well. And you're also gonna want to triple check your triple tow on the hitch on the tow vehicle to make sure that it's holding all of that weight and all of the hitches and components in between. Now keep in mind when choosing hitch mounted accessories like a Yakima LongHaul like we have here, or a cargo carrier you're gonna wanna make sure that it's RV or camper rated. And the reason being it's on the very far back of your camper or RV, which is a decent ways behind the axle and especially if you're already towing something like this all that reverberation of the road's gonna translate to the back. So a lot of your RV and camper rated accessories are a little heavier duty with less moving parts and that way they're a little bit more robust on the back. And to figure out if something is rated for it you can check our website and on our page it'll tell you if it is rated for RVs or campers. Now if you're planning on towing you're also gonna want to get some wiring and that way you can plug up to whatever you're towing and have the light functions to keep you safe and legal. Now, if you need to pick up wiring we have plenty of options available here at etrailer. So whether you're going with a bumper mounted hitch or a frame-mounted hitch, either of 'em is going to really add a little bit more real estate as to what you can do with your RV and also a little bit more usability overall. So we do have plenty of options available here at etrailer. So hopefully this video helps decide which one's best for your RV or camper.

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