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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2009 Toyota Tacoma

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2009 Toyota Tacoma

Today on this 2009 Toyota Tacoma we are going to install a brake controller from Tekonsha, this is going to be the Prodigy P3 brake controller part number 90195. We are also going to use the install kit part number ETBC7. The truck has the factory 4-pole already in place so what we are going to have to do is take down the original factory bracket with the 4-pole and then move it out of the way and install the new bracket that comes with the ETBC7 kit. This is the bracket that comes with the ETBC7 kit. It is going to be a tight fit but I think we can sneak it on there using the existing bolt holes. If it is a little bit tight just run a drill bit through there to make the one size a little bit bigger. 00:44

The next thing we will do is get the 7-pole adapter ready to go. What is going to happen is we are going to add the gray cable to the black and blue wires. What we are going to do is wind this up in electric tape and leave the leads out that we need and we will leave the 4-pole sticking out and we will need the brake wire which is going to be blue and the black wire for the 12 volt power supply and then we will wrap up the purple and white wire. The white wire is going directly from the frame to the ground and then the purple wire is going to be for the reverse lights if it is ever needed. Into the black and blue wires we are going to install a gray cable that has the black and white wires inside of it. What we are going to do is peel away the gray sheath, clip the wires back, and make the connection. We are going to go black to black and white to blue. Cover those up with some electric tape. 01:41

Next we will install the loom along the wires like this. With the wires assembled we can install the 7-pole adapter onto the bracket and we will use the included hardware to attach it. Now we will plug the two 4-poles together and we are going to use some dielectric grease to help protect the connection. Wrap a zip tie around it to keep it together. We are going to take our ground lead right here and we are going to attach it to the bottom of the frame. We are going to use a number 14 self tapping bolt to make the attachment. We will take the rest of this wire harness and run this up along the frame rail up to the engine compartment. With the cable pull it up. Take it and zip tie it to this wire harness to hold it in place for us. Now we will measure out what we need to go to the positive side of the battery for a power supply and also we will make sure we take in account for extra length where we mount our circuit breakers. Once we determine how much cable we will need, cut it off and we will save the extra length later for the power going to the brake controller. We will forget about that for now. Next we will mount our 40 amp circuit breaker. Your best spot it probably going to be about right here. What is going to happen is the black wire on the gray cable here that is coming from the 7-pole out back for the 12 volt power is going to go through the circuit breaker here to the positive post on the battery. The other white wire here is going to be used for the output from the brake controller. This wire will be ran inside the cap. Now we are going to take the sheath and remove it from the two wires all the way back here. We are going to take the white wire and we are going to put that to the side for now and leave it alone and we will deal with the black wire. We are going to put one of the small ring terminals on the end of this wire here and connect it up to the silver post and then the copper post is always ran to the battery. This wire here that goes to the positive terminal on the battery, we are going to leave that alone for now and we will leave that as one of the last connections. 04:31

The next thing we are going to deal with is the white wire. This wire is going to get connected up to the output of the brake controller and to do that we are going to run it through this grommet and we are going to take a simple pocket knife and make a slit in it and push the wire on through. Stay at an angle away from the wires themselves so you do not cut anything you do not have to. Now just pull it on out. Now start looking at installing the brake controller onto the dash itself. On this particular vehicle we are going to mount it in this location. So we will do a couple of things. First off we are going to have to drill an access hole for our wires that are coming in from the engine compartment so we are going to put a hole towards the bottom out to the side right behind this area. It is probably the controls for the heater and vents and stuff like that so we do not want to go too far back that way. When we pop this up you can see we have some extra space right here at the bottom where it is safe to run the wires. Use a 3/ 8 inch bit and we will see if that is enough room for our wires and if not we will go up one size. We will probably wrap these wires up in electrical tape and feed it on through and clean up this area and we will start mounting the brake controller. Plug the brake controller into it, that gives you an idea of how far to set it back. What we want to do is take the bracket and just loosely screw it on to the brake controller and just hold it in place to mark it for the bracket or screw it into the bottom of the dash. Next plug in the brake controller one more time and then install the screws for the brake controller. Put the cup holder back into place. We have got a cable from the inside out and we will connect the white wire from the 7-pole and we are going to connect that one to the blue wire. Now we have got a few more wires to deal with, that will be the red wire that will go to the cold side of the brake switch. 06:55

On this vehicle it has a tow package port on here and we pulled it out so you can see it. This truck does not have the full blown tow package but there is a signal coming out through the port here for the brakes. What we are going to do is splice into the wire behind it and just run the signal out to the red wire. It looks like we have got a small gauge of blue wire right here. It is pretty thin to use a quick splice on so what we are going to do is go up a little bit, cut the wire, use a butt connector, and splice into it that way. We will run the wire out to the length we need. We will connect the red wire that we spliced into for the brake signal and use red in this case it is going to be red to red. I have got two wires left, we have got the black and the white, and this is going to the power supply, basically the battery. The white wire is going to go directly to ground and the black wire is going to go to the positive side of that. We are going to go to the wire we cut off earlier and we are going to use that part of the wire to go from here back to the battery. Now we will take that wire and push it from the inside out. It will probably be easier to do it this way. The same thing as before, we are going to use the butt connector to make the connections. At this point we will tape up the connections and bundle up the wires. For the cable we will fold it an put it in position to where we want it and make sure we have got plenty of cables to go to the positive side of the battery and also to the negative terminal as well. Once we have that established we will cut the wire and then we will pull the sheath back. Set the second circuit breaker right here and this kit can vary with different brake controllers. Some brake controllers recommend 20 amp over 30 amp and this one we will be using the 20 amp. Once again we are going to cut the black wire for our power supplies 12 volts. We are going to put a small ring terminal on each half of the wire and attach it to the circuit breaker. On the other end of the wire we are going to install a larger ring terminal. Right now we are going to take the white wire and get it set up to attach to the ground. Normally it is a good idea to go directly to the battery but this has got a nice ground coming directly off the battery by here. We are going to connect here to that. All of our wires are ready to get attached to the battery now so we will take off the cover and we will do the attaching to this bolt right here. Everything is hooked up, next thing you need to do is try out the brake controller. It looks like we have got power to the brake controller and now we will just try it on our trailer. With that, that will finish it for our install part number 90195, the Tekonsha P3 and the install kit part number ETBC7.

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