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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2004 GMC Envoy

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How to Install a Brake Controller for a Trailer on a 2004 GMC Envoy

Today we are going to install part number 90185 from Tekonsha. We are installing a Prodigy brake controller on a 2004 GMC Envoy. The first step here on the Envoy is locating the tow package. And the tow package is actually located underneath the dashboard behind this plastic facing here. There are 2 screws, one to the left and one to the right that hold that into place, and we will go ahead and remove those and pull this down. Then we will locate the wires that will be right up over here somewhere. The panel just pulls away, like so, but make sure not to pull it too hard because there is the diagnostic and Aux port over here that we do not want to pull any wires out of.

With the paneling pulled back, if you look over here and there are 4 little wires, there is an orange, a dark blue, a light blue, and a black, that are taped to this main harness here. We want to go ahead and cut the tape that is holding those to the main harness and pull those out. And those are our 4 wires that we are going to use to install our brake controller. With the wiring we are going to the black on the envoy here is going to go with the white on our Prodigy harness. The dark blue is going to go to the dark blue. The orange will go to the black and this smaller light blue gauge wire will go to the red. Let me go ahead and make those connections now. The Prodigy actually comes with the four connectors necessary to make these connections. We have 2 for the smaller gauge wires and blue ones and yellow ones are for the heavier gauge wires.

Now that the connections are made here, make sure they are nice and tight and are not going to come apart. And we want to go ahead and just tape those up. Now that we went ahead and taped up these connects on our harness we just want to find a descent routing method to go up and over the threshold. Route it through this opening here, right above the gas pedal. We want to make sure that we don't put it in any areas that are going to be pinched when we put the threshold piece back up here. We want to leave a descent amount of length coming through here because we are going to go ahead and mount the brake controller in this area here, to the right of the steering wheel. So we can kind of gauge how much wire we are going to need there. Any excess we can go ahead and zip tie up to some of the existing harnesses up here. Once we have kind of gauged how much wire we are going to need for the mounting of the brake controller and we have already zip tied the excess wire up behind here. Now we can put the threshold piece back up. We will go ahead and find a suitable location for the mounting bracket here on the brake controller. And like I said previously, we typically mount it to the right side of the steering wheel, somewhere where you can reach it fairly easily so you can get to it in case of an emergency situation. I am going to go ahead and mount it right here and again you want it to be, the mounting bracket to be, in a straight line with the braking of the vehicle. We do not want it to be rotated left or right at all because it will minimize the effect of the Prodigy, its inertia activating system. So I think this will be a good, suitable location so I am going to go ahead and drill 1/8 inch pilot holes. Then use the screws provided with the kit to go ahead and mount the bracket. You always want to check behind the console where you are going to be drilling to make sure there are no electrical components there.

Now that we have the brake controller fully mounted into place, all we need to do is plug in the end of the harness here into the back of the controller. If you have any excess wire hanging down you can go ahead and fasten it up and out of the way as well. OK, you can see with the brake controller plugged in we have a reading of 2 dots here, which is what you are looking for. That tells you that you do not have a connection to any trailer. And if you hit the slide bar it reads NC which also means no connection. So you know everything is working OK and when you hook up to the trailer, you will get one dot which means you are connected. And when you hit the slide bar once more and it will number up to whatever setting you have it on the power output here. That concludes our installation of the Prodigy part number 90185 from Tekonsha, installed on a 2004 GMC Envoy.

Mark S.


Does this video apply for a 2007 gmc envoy?

Patrick B.


So long as your Envoy has a factory 7-Way at the rear, the install will be much the same.