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Thule Roof Bike Racks TH593 Review

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Review of the Thule Roof Mounted Wheel Mount

Today we are going to show you part number TH593 from Thule. This is their wheel on accessory. This mounts to any Thule roof rack system and also a few different Yakima systems also. When this type of rack requires you take off the front wheel of the bicycle, you use this part number here, the TH593, to store the wheel so you do not have to keep it inside the vehicle and take up any extra room when you do not have to. As you can see here, the device is pretty easy to install. Basically there are 4 screws and it clamps on over the bar so you just use thumb knobs to tighten them down on all 4 corners. It is basically ready to go. Also these arms right here that hold the wheel are fully adjustable. You just loosen this thumb knob here and you can move it up or down as needed. We will go ahead and install a wheel. Basically it just slides on just like on to your bike. There is a nice long groove here so you can set the wheel all the way at the bottom and so it does not rotate while you are going down the road. Then simply tighten it up like it is a fork on your bike. There you have it, stored away and ready to go down the road. There you have it for part number TH593 from Thule, the wheel on bike rack accessory.

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