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Erickson Ratchet Straps Tips and Tricks

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Erickson Ratchet Straps Tips and Tricks

Here at etrailer we get a lot of questions on how to properly release the tension on our Erickson Ratchet Straps. In our semi-trailer here we've got a lot of shelving units that we'd like to strap down. So let's head on inside and we'll show you how these things work. Now I've already got one of my Erickson Ratchet Straps in place holding my cargo up against the wall of my trailer. We need to go ahead and run one more. So what I'm going to do is go ahead and pull my ratchet out, attach it to my anchor point, and I'm going to lead it down making sure there is no twists or kinks in my strap here. Then I'm going to attach it to my anchor point down here. And then we'll start ratcheting it this way.

We'll want to get that nice and secure that way we know it's not going to go anywhere. That looks pretty good. Now the real issue arises when you go to release the tension. A lot of people think that you just simply press in on this red button and then it gives. Well that's not the case. What you want to do is go ahead and grab ahold of the whole ratchet like this.

Get a nice firm grip on it, push in on the red button, and then close the whole ratchet like this. And then it simply releases the tension that way. Now with the tension broke free we can go ahead and disconnect it from our anchor points and then finish rolling it up. People that have only been pressing the button have reported that the button comes loose, bends, or even stops working over a period of time and they've had to cut the straps. But don't cut your straps. Follow these few simple steps and your Erickson Ratchet Straps will last you for a long time.


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