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Choosing the Right RV and Camper Bike Racks

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Choosing the Right RV and Camper Bike Racks

Well, you like to bike and you also like to go camping in your travel trailer. So we wanna get the best of both worlds. If you wanna get your bikes to your trip and bring them along with you, there are some options. We can either go ahead and put it on the front of our tow vehicle, we can put it on the roof of our vehicle. We've got a truck, you can put it in the bed of the vehicle. You do have some tongue mounted bike racks as well.

And for the back, we can do some hitch-mounted options, some ladder mounted options, and also some bumper mounted options. So we're just gonna go through all of them, just to see exactly what's gonna be best for your setup. But another thing is the bikes that you're hauling with you. So we're gonna go through all of that, and if you don't really know what the options are, that's why I'm here and today I'm gonna help you out. If you wanna put it on the front of your vehicle, first you need to check and see if you have a front mounted hitch that's available for your vehicle.

So, all you need to do is just go on our fit guide and it will let you know if we have a hitch option for the front of your vehicle. The only limitations to this is we're only gonna be limited to two bikes. So if you like to keep an eye on the bikes whenever you're going down the road, because if it's on the back of your travel trailer, you're not gonna be able to see it. This is gonna help you a lot. But remember, we are gonna kind of block our headlights.

So this may be for you. I kinda like this so I can just keep an eye on my bikes whenever I'm going down the road. Onto the roof. Well, if you already have a roof rack, then you can check that off the list. But if you don't, use our fit guide to figure out which one's gonna fit best for you.

Typically, these tow vehicles are gonna be relatively tall. It took two people to get this thing up and onto the roof. And another thing to kinda think about is you are gonna need a bike rack for each bike. So this might be a more expensive option for you, especially if you don't already have a roof rack. Something to kinda think about. Also with your electric bikes, it being so heavy being up on top of here, not gonna be the best option for your e-bikes. This is gonna be for you if you don't really have a whole lot of bikes to get up on here, and the bikes that you do get up on your roof, they're a little bit lighter. So it's a little bit easier for you to get them all loaded up, take them down, and then go on the ride. If you have a larger family, I think we're pretty much only gonna get about four bikes up here, but that all just comes down to how long your bars are. And we just wanna make sure that we're not overloading our roof rack. So pay attention to the length of your bars, but also the capacity of them too. If your tow vehicle's a truck, you are gonna have a decent amount of options. We are gonna be limited a little bit just because we had to take this tonneau cover back. So you're not gonna be able to have anything covered in your bed, and we're not gonna be able to put as much stuff in the bed of your truck. But I like the tailgate pad. This is one of the options that you have. There's other ones out there. The reason why I like this one is we're gonna get one, two, three, four, five, and six bikes in the bed of our truck. I like that. It gives you the most amount, and this is a very cost-effective way to get a lot of bikes to and from wherever you're going. The nice thing about the tailgate pad is we can put pretty much any bike on here. The kids' bikes, carbon fiber frame bikes, fat tire bikes, and of course the big old e-bikes. Another really great option is just mounting your bikes in between your tow vehicle and your trailer. There's a couple of different ways we can do it. You can just mount it on the A-frame of your trailer. Also on the tongue, you have some that goes there. But also, we have some that just go right next to your ball mount. This is gonna be a pretty cost effective way to get your bikes to wherever you're going. Just because odds are, you probably have a bike rack. You can use it with this. We are gonna be limited to two different bikes, and we're gonna be limited to the weight. So the lighter bikes are gonna be really good for this. But another thing to kind of think about, I can see it in the rear view mirror and I really like that. Moving on to the back of the trailer. If you have a hitch on your trailer, we can put a bike rack on here. We do need to make sure that it's travel trailer approved. We do have a section that's just for RV bike racks, and that's where you're usually gonna find them. 'Cause not a lot of bike racks are travel trailer approved, but the nice thing about this is we can fit up to four bikes and we're not really gonna be limited to weight. So we can put our e-bikes, our fat tire bikes on here, and we can have a bike for everybody in the family. If you don't have a hitch or you're using it for something else, we have other options. If you have a ladder that is on the back of your travel trailer, we have some bike racks that are gonna mount up on here. This is gonna be for you if you really only wanna carry one to two bikes. And it's gonna have to be the lighter bikes. So if you do have the electric bikes and fat tire bikes, this isn't really gonna be a great option for you. If you have a bumper on your travel trailer, you can use that bumper to carry bikes. One thing we need to make sure is that it's made of steel and it's a continuously welded bumper. We have some here at etrailer if you need them. And this is gonna give us a lot of different options. The one we have right now is gonna be just for two different bikes, but you can also get one that's gonna go all the way out to four different bikes. So that's nice for the family, but you are gonna be limited to about 30 pounds per bike. How to carry bikes with a travel trailer Well, that's what we went over today. As you know now, there's a lot of different options. So once you figure out exactly which option is gonna be the best for you, you can go on our website and check out all of our products, watch our demo videos, our test fit videos, and really get to know your product before it gets delivered to your door. And you don't have to just pick just one. If you've got a whole squad going, you can kind of mix and match just to get all the bikes on your rig so everybody can have a good time. It's not about the bike rack, it's about the ride time. That's what you guys wanna do. And each trailer has everything you need to be able to get your bikes to the trail so you guys can have some fun. So, I hope this helped..

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