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FAQ Trailer Hitch Exhaust Rattle

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Trailer Hitch Exhaust Rattle FAQ

Today on our 2010 Lincoln MKX were going to address the exhaust rattle issue. There are a couple of reasons for occasional contact between hitch and exhaust. One, the manufacturers have loose tolerances from mounting the hangers that suspend exhaust systems. Final placement of the exhaust can vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle. The flexibility of rubber isolator connecting exhaust hanger to the vehicle frame allows for more movement of the exhaust system relative to other vehicle components. An isolator can also stretch over time.

Depending on your situation here are a few solutions that can be employed to correct the exhaust hitch contact. One, you can change out the exhaust isolator.So for this example, were going to try these two isolators to see if it gives us more clearance between the exhaust and the hitch. So first, what were going to do is take some spray lubricant, spray the metal stun that goes through the isolator. Then you can take a pry bar, a pair of pliers, or if you have a tool that will assist you, I suggest using it now.Now that we have the manufacturers hanger off, we can go ahead and try one of our new isolators now. These isolators can be picked up at your local auto parts store.

With the new isolator on, we can go ahead and shake the exhaust. As you can hear it, it has not eliminated the clearance issues that were having. Our exhaust is still hitting the hitch. That was our short isolator, now lets go ahead and try the longer isolator. As you can see this isolator just wont work for this hanger as it will not fit over the manufacturers hanger.

So my next procedure is going to be to go ahead and put the manufacturers hanger back on and then we can use our pry bar to adjust the manufacturers hanger to try and give us some more clearance between our exhaust and the hitch.Alright, now in adjusting your metal hangers I recommend to do it in small increments being careful not to bend your exhaust or tail pipe or break the metal hanger. Now that weve gone and successfully bent the hangers, you can see the additional tolerance that we now have between the exhaust muffler and the hitch we have plenty of clearance that it won't make contact. But if this solution hadnt worked, we could also, if we had bolt on metal hangers, reposition them to give us additional clearance. And our last solution if all else fails is take your vehicle to an exhaust shop so that if necessary they could weld on a new hanger.And there you have it for addressing our FAQs for an exhaust rattle situation on our 2010 Lincoln MKX.