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Fifth Wheel Base Rail Kit Installation - 2010 GMC Sierra Pickup

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How to Install a Fifth Wheel Base Rail Kit on a 2010 GMC Sierra Pickup

Today on this 2010 GMC Sierra we are going to install part number RP50064-58. The first thing we need to do is lower the spare tire to get it out of our way which we have done already. The next thing we need to do is remove the heat shield and loosen the exhaust up a little bit too. First off we will work on the rear exhaust hanger right here. We are going to spray it down with some lubricant and that way what will happen is that will loosen our exhaust up so we can move it back and forth to give us a little more room when you cut out the heat shield. If you need a little more working room you can always go one more up and remove this hanger too. 00:35

Next we will show you where we are going to make our cuts on our heat shield. We are going to make one right here and we are going to do one right here and we are going to do another two on the other side of the bed support here and as far up as we can towards the front of the vehicle. That way we have easy access with our wrenches to tighten down the bed rails to the frame brackets. Our next step is to remove this part of the brake controller right here. The bolts that go through the frame are in the way of the frame brackets so we have to remove that part and reattach it to a new bracket that will get installed back on to the vehicle at a later point. We have got a hole in the bracket for this part right here. It fits together and reattach the hardware. 01:30

The next thing we need to do is get in the bed itself and we are going to measure out where to put our first rail. We are going to start with the rail that goes closest to cab and we are going to measure out from the edge of the bed and we are going to measure to the edge of the rail right here. We will measure out as described in the instructions because there are different measurements for short and long bed versions of this. Center the inside edge to the marks we made in the bed and then we will line up with the center rail and then we will measure out to make sure we have the left and right centered. Now we have got our front rail set, what we will do is mark out the holes that we need to drill out through the bed. To drill the holes out on the front rail we are going to use the two outside ones. At this point we can actually use the punch and make some dimples in the bed and then we will verify with the brackets underneath to make sure we have got it in the right spot. We will do a quick check. Set the frame bracket on the frame for now and then we will look for two dimples and then we will inspect on the other side where you can see that one of the round holes will match up to the oval hole in the frame and it looks like we will be in pretty good shape. Drill out the pilot hole and then drill out the 9/ 16 size. Now go over to the other side however you want to put a wooden block or plate underneath there because the gas tank is really close to the holes we are going to drill. Now we will reposition our rail. We are going to use these spacers right here because that will take up the corrugation that goes down so it does not crush the bed as much. Now we will install the side brackets lining up with these existing bolts. 03:20

We have got our frame bracket in place and we are going to take our 3/ 4 inch bolt and we are going to install it on the slot going towards the back of the vehicle which will be right here. So push the frame bracket up to meet the bottom of the bed and then we will put our 3/ 4 inch bolt and flat washer from the inside out and we will just let it sit on that for now. Run another large flat washer, lock washer, and nut. Next thing you need to do is run a 3/ 4 inch bolt from the inside out here. We are going to use the bolt leader and run it from the inside and pull it out. Let that sit back down. Now we are going to use a small hardened washer, this little black washer, and push that on to the wire and then we will thread our bolt in. We are going to push it back into the frame. We will push the frame bracket back up and we will take our bolt leader and pull it on through. Let the bracket sit back on the bolt to hold it. If you look on the instructions for this year of vehicle it will tell you to use a U-bolt as the spacers because there is a space between the frame and the bracket. If the frame is completely straight you will need that. However this frame has a natural bend on it like some of the older vehicles from 2007. If your plate sits completely flat on the frame on both sides use this assembly here to hold everything together. Continue on with the flat washer, the large silver one, the lock washer, and the nut. We are going to leave it loose for now. You may be wondering about the gap between the bed and the frame bracket. When you push it up there is enough room in there that it will all meet together so we are still good. Now we will test fit the driver side bracket. This bolt head takes up some room between the bracket and the frame. This is one of the bolts that holds the brake controller itself that is in the frame. There is really not much you can do about it so we are simply going to remove this bolt right here and let the other two do the work holding it up. Now we will work on this oval hole here going towards the front of the vehicle however it is kind of shallow right here because the frame is made that way to make room for any additional components on the other side of the frame. 05:24

The trick is that we are going to take our bolt and we are going to pull it through like normal however we are going to take the head of the bolt and manipulate it where it is pointing towards the front of the vehicle. We are going to start off again with the bolt leader and we are going to push it through the frame. The same as before we will thread it in. We are going to push our washer up in front of the bolt and we are going to push it up as far as we can to the inside and take the bolt and you have got your washer that fell on to it which is fine. Twist the head of the bolt back and out. After this it will be the same thing as bolting our bracket on the passenger side of the vehicle. On the bolt going towards the back of the vehicle on the passenger side remember when we put this bracket on to our plug where it is connected to the brake controller which is right here and our bolt is going to go through the bracket and it is going to go into the frame. At this point we will leave the frame brackets alone loosely installed. We will go back to the bed of our truck and we are going to use the fifth wheel hitch to locate our second rail. The next thing we are going to do is make sure that our rails are square of each other so the hitch will slide in and out easily. Basically what we are going to do is get our left and right measurement like we did before and then we will check diagonally for square. Once we have got the rail positioned just like we did before we will mark and drill out our holes. However on the back rail it is going to use this inside set of holes. Lets put the rail back in position now. At this point we are going to our bolts in because we do not need any spacers on the bottom because they are on top of the corrugation. When we get underneath there and install the frame bracket we will need spacers down there. We are going to go back underneath the vehicle and install the hardware for the back rail. We are looking at the passenger side again. First off we are going to take our spacers. On the bottom of the this frame bracket we are going to use this spacer block right here to act as a big giant washer really and then a lock washer and then a nut. Moving on to the front rail we are going to do the same thing again. We are not going to use the spacer block between the frame bracket and the bed. We are just going to use our one block as a big washer and then the lock washer and nut. Now we have got our hardware installed for the frame brackets to the base rails. We have just got them hand tightened for now and we will double check to make sure that we can still remove the hitch easily. Once we are satisfied with that we will tighten them down as best we can by hand and then we will torque them down. After we have got our base plates snug down to the bed we will drill two more holes and attach two more fasteners. You need to attach a center fastener here on this rail and on the inside of the rail going towards the front of the vehicle. We will the carriage bolt in and on the bottom side we will add a conical tooth washer and nut. Now we will run down these bolts here and just snug them down and then we will torque them down as specified also. Once we have got our brackets all torqued down we can reinstall our exhaust back on to the hangers. With our exhaust reinstalled that will finish it for part number RP50064-58.

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