Adco Class C Motorhome RV Windshield Cover Review - 2016 Winnebago Spirit Motorhome

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Review of the Adco Class C Motorhome RV Windshield Cover on a 2016 Winnebago Spirit Motorhome

What is going on, everybody Adam here with the etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the Adco Windshield Cover on our 2016 Winnebago Spirit. If you're at a RV park or campgrounds or something, and you're just looking to get a little bit more privacy, or if you're trying to take a nap when the sun's beating down on the inside, this is gonna be a great way to do so. It's gonna to be made of a high quality, durable vinyl. So it's not going to crack and stuff over time. It's gonna help keep all of that sun out.

So your dash won't crack as often. And it's just gonna give you a lot more privacy, especially when it's at night, you got lights on in the inside and you don't want anybody peering in just to see what you got going on. This definitely isn't as light or flimsy as some of the other covers that I have messed with in the past. This one's nice and thick and it's heavy too. So it's going to stay put whenever it gets really windy.

it is super windy out here today, with the magnet on bottom, and we do have a little sleeve on the other end. It just makes it super easy to install, but also it's just gonna kind of keep its place, if you're not having to really adjust it that often at all. So that's always a plus. I was always kind of surprised to see how little bit of gap that these leave, but with this if you position everything right there might be a little bit of cracks underneath but not much at all. It's not that much of a hassle to get this thing up and secured down.

So let's go over that installation process with you now. First thing you want to do is take your cover out of its cover. So that's always nice that it condenses down and do a nice little bag size here. Put that to the side and then we can go ahead and start to undo it. So we're going to have some hook and loops.

We can undo those right now, just like that. We get it nice and opened up. And what we want to do is find the sides with the magnet. And then on the other side it's gonna have a nice little piece here. So, this is going to go up and on both sides. So it is going to be symmetrical. So, kind of just get it up on just like this, to get an idea. And then what we want to do is go behind our little antenna, we're gonna pull this through and the little hook and loop is gonna go underneath the mirror eventually. But now that that's done we're gonna go ahead and open this up a little bit and then you can see how that just kind of sits right on the top end of our door, just like that. And then we have the little magnet which is gonna go on the other side. So, just like that. Now we can go ahead and take some of that tension, some of that slack out and do the same exact thing on this side. And now you can see it's getting nice and tight. Just like that. A little adjustments, go ahead and close it up. Start to line it up a little bit better. Then we can take our little hook and loops right here and attach it like that. Once all that's done you do wanna take your windshield wipers grab them up, pull this down, just like that. And this is just gonna keep it down So the wind is it gonna take it off. So, now that that's done on all the sides we are pretty much ready to rip. So let's go inside and see how much it's actually blocking out. As you can see, it gives us pretty good coverage. Yeah, there's a little bit of spaces where we can see out which that's not a big deal. The main thing with this is just to keep the sunlight out and off of our dash. And also just to give us a little bit of privacy and I think it's doing a good job of both. It is really windy outside right now. You can kind of see the cover flapping a little bit but it's not going to go anywhere. Trust me. And that'll do it for a look at the Adco Windshield Cover for our 2016 Winnebago spirit..

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