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Adco Double Axle Tyre Gard RV Wheel Cover Review

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Review of the Adco Double Axle Tyre Gard RV Wheel Cover

Adam: What's going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the ADCO vinyl diamond plated steel dual axle tire covers. These covers are going to be able to fit either tire sizes from 27 inches to 29 inches or 30 inches to 32 inches. These are the 32 inch tires and this is how we got that measurement. You measure from the top of the rubber to the very bottom of the rubber, and that's going to get you the size that you need to look on our website to make sure you get the right size, to get the right fit.So these are going to help prolong the life of your tires just because it is going to protect against all of that UV damage that the sun may be beating down on your guys' tires. If you guys have an RV or a travel trailer like you see here, you guys are camping out for a couple of weeks or a month, maybe in a hotter climate, we want to make sure to protect these tires because they are under a lot of stress, so you've got to take care of them.Another thing I thought of, a lot of times construction workers, they have maybe a trailer on the site that's there for quite a long time, so you can go ahead and look pretty professional just by putting the covers over there.

They know you're there to work and they know that the trailer's there to stay. Also for you guys on the farm, you guys have a trailer that just stays out there outside your guys' farmhouse. You guys can just throw these on there. It's just going to help make sure that your tires are not going to be dry rotted or splitting on our sidewall here whenever you guys come back and need to use the trailer.But we are going to have coverage for water as well, so if it does rain pretty hard, we're not going to have any of that water get into the tires. They'll be able to handle it, but it's nice to just protect them from all those elements.

Right here we do have a double stitch seam, so the water shouldn't get through those cracks there.And the next thing really is just kind of the look of it with the heavy duty vinyl. It does have kind of a shiny look. It's got the diamond plated steel, so it might go with whatever kinds of diamond plated steel toolboxes you guys may have on the trailers you guys are putting them on. It really will help stay on with the wind. Even if you guys do have high winds, wherever you guys may be at, it does have a little bit of excess right here, and that will be fine because it really isn't going to come off with all the different securing that we did to it.We have a little elastic in the back and then our bungee cord.

I don't think it's going to really go anywhere. And it really didn't take me a whole lot of time to do it. So if you guys just want to take maybe five, four, three minutes just to go ahead and protect your guys' wheels and tires, you guys can go ahead and do it, so we're going to go ahead and show you guys how to do it now.So the first thing we want to do is take the flexible side and we're going to pretty much put these in between the tires and go ahead and fish them up over the tires. We want to make sure the cover is not going to fold in underneath of it kind of like how it is right now, get it kind of around. And what we're really going for is there's going to be a little seam here.

That's going to be right at the edge of the tire before the sidewall hits. Just do your best to kind of shake it around, get it on both tires all the way wrapped around the back. Kind of just pull it down a little bit once we get it back there.So now with everything in place, we are going to have to grab either a bungee cord or a rope to be able to put it through these little brass grommets on the end just to connect into the backs, so connect this one to that loop, wrap it around, and then connect it to the back, and it's going to give it a nice snug fit. If you guys don't have a bungee cord, we have some here at etrailer. And if you don't have a rope, also, we got that here. But if you're not really trying to buy anything else with your covers, if you guys go ahead and just grab two of the singles for your guys' tire, they do come with bungee cords so you guys don't have to grab some. But if you are going with the two, we're going to have to grab some of these, but pretty simple, just hook it in and then do your best to kind of throw the bungee cord back high and the tires. Then we just grab the bungee cord and loop it to the other side, and we are done.Well, everybody, that's just about it for our look at the ADCO vinyl diamond plated steel dual axle tire covers.

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