Adco Tyvek All-Climate and Wind RV Cover Installation - 2017 Winnebago Minnie Plus Travel Trailer

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How to Install the Adco Tyvek All-Climate and Wind RV Cover on a 2017 Winnebago Minnie Plus Travel

Hi there Winnebago owners. Today in your 2017 Winnebago Minnie Plus, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install ADCO's custom-fit trailer cover.This trailer is custom fit and designed for 26 and a half to 28 and a half length trailers. You can see here that it contours to the shape of your typical trailers, where they kind of curve down the front, and it's constructed of a three-layer fabric all the way around. On the sides, we have a polypropylene that breeds very well. So that way, if there is any condensation and stuff that builds up on the inside, it can easily breathe that out and it won't build any mildew.On top, it has a Tyvek three-layer, which is going to provide it further protection against the sun. Because as you have UV rays coming down, it blocks around 98% of those, so that way you don't get fading and cracking and deterioration from the sun.

It also protects you against hard winds, especially when they have those days where small branches and other things can kick up that might scratch the paint. It's going to deflect all those.The fabric is constructed of three layers all the way around. On the sides, front, and back here it's made of a polypropylene material that breathes really well. And this is designed for condensation that does build up. You have those dew that builds on those cold mornings.

And we don't want that to eventually cause mold underneath here, so the breathable material allows it to dry out during the day.On the roof, it is a three-layer Tyvek material that has additional properties that protect against UV rays, and they block about 98% of UV rays. So that's going to prevent your roof from fading and cracking and deteriorating under the sun like it normally would. It also protects you against high winds. If there's some small sticks and debris that might blow by that potentially scratch trailers, it's just going to deflect right off of those.And to ensure that your cover stays on your trailer and doesn't shift around and get any potential bare spots from the wind shifting on one side or the other, there are several straps located all the way around the trailer. Front, back, underneath, there's tension straps at the corners.

This guy, once you get it on there, it's going to stay with that form fit that you made by tightening down the straps.We can see here down the side of our trailer too, we do have additional events here. This is just to get better air flow and get any moisture dried out that might've accumulated in those cold mornings.And on the passenger side of our trailer, we have zippers that run down the side here. Not entirely, but there are zippers at several different sections, so that way, while your cover is on, if you had any items inside that you needed to gain access to, we can easily get this out of the way and we can get into our trailer. And this way you could get in and out. There are zippers on both sides.

And then anything that you might've left inside that you need to get, just be careful when opening the door, you can get anything you need. Maybe prepare for your next trip, clean it out, whatever you need to do. And then you can close it back. And then without having to remove the entire cover, just zip it back on up.In addition to the main cover, you're also going to get wheel covers for your wheels as well. And this is nice for when you have extended periods, typically when you winterize, so you can protect these as well.And when the seasons change and it's time to hit the road again, ADCO's also provided a very large storage bag here that you can easily get that cover rolled up into. And I do mean easily. You've been there before where you had to fold it just right to get that thing stuffed in the bag. If you guys have been camping before, you've definitely experienced that with tents and sleeping bags. This guy here, you can just lay it out, roll it up, and it'll stuff right up in there for you.And if you just got this up and you're wondering, "Well, where is the instructions" Inside the storage bag you'll have a pocket here in the front and that's where you're going to find all of your instruction and warranty material.We'll begin our installation by first just taking our cover and we're just going to lay it out on the roof. I found it was easier to get the cover on the roof by using a regular ladder just next to your RV. Since the stairs are slanted, it was easier to carry it up and then just set it on the roof. Then you can go around and use the ladder around back to climb up on top of your trailer.Now, once you've got this guy up here and you start spreading it out, you don't want to ever walk on the cover. One because you could potentially damage the cover, but the other reason is because you're blocking all the things that's on your roof. So you don't want to accidentally step through a vent hole or crush an antenna or anything like that. So you do want to just be careful and make sure you're standing on the roof, not the cover.Next, once we start to get it laid out, we're going to be looking for indications of the front and the rear. And they are labeled. It does say front. You can see that right here. So we went ahead and put this on the front side. And you can also tell the difference just in the color. These labels are going to be on the side that's out and you could tell this is the inside. It's got that more faded look like often the inside of your t-shirts and things do.So now that we've got it laid out, we're just going to start draping it over the sides. I like to start with that side first over there, since I'm going to be walking on this side, and then we can start getting this side draped over. So the white part here is the roof side and the gray is going to be your siding. So you can use those color patterns to help you get it draped over. And we don't need to get it perfect. We just really need to get it to where we could be able to grab it when we come back down.So we're just going to go down, just keep on draping it over. Again, I'm moving the cover out of my way when I'm doing this. I'm not stepping on it ever. And I'm watching where I'm walking to make sure I don't go through anything in the roof.Now that we've got the one side draped over, I'm going to have you come up here to the front again. And I'm going to start at the front and work my way back, because our ladder is slightly to the side as well. It's kind of like painting a deck. You don't want to get yourself caught up on top.And just work it over any of the items you got on a roof. It does have a little bit of stretchiness and a little extra length here on top to accommodate for air conditioning units and other accessories you might have.So now that we've got it mostly draped across, we can just finish the job back down here on the ground. Just gently working it around. You just want to be gentle with it. You don't want to tug. If you get caught on anything, you can easily just work it from one point to the other until you get even all the way around.At this point, now we can start attaching all of our buckles. For each of your buckles, you're going to find them in the corners, you're going to find them down the sides. Some need to have the straps run across underneath. But for your corner ones here, for the most part, there's just a tensioner here to put a little bit of tension on it, and that's going to help tuck it underneath so that it stays. So we don't need to have a ton of tension there. I'm just going to pull our buckle, get ourselves a little bit of tension on it, and then buckle it in.And then we'll just do this for all the remaining straps around the trailer. If you have any excess, you shouldn't be hauling your trailer with this so it's fine to let it hang down, but you could also just fold it over onto itself and tie them up so that way they aren't touching the ground.Once you've completed all the ones down below, you'll also find these at the top of the trailer. And just like the side we showed you there that had the buckle on the opposite side of the trailer, you're going to have straps that hang down with a buckle on those. And we can just take these and just toss them underneath and then go get them on the other side. And just like our corner straps, we're just going to pull until there's some tension to keep our cover in place and repeat that for all the underbelly straps.If you're having a difficult time, getting your straps tossed across underneath your trailer, you do get a couple of these small straps included with your kit. In one end, there's a weight. So you can just take this, clip it onto your buckle, and then you can use this weight to make the distance to get it over to the other side.Here at the front, we also have some more straps that are going to wrap around. So just like the ones that ran underneath, we're just going to bring it over and pull it tight to keep out any slack. And then we'll repeat that for the ones further up. Once you've got the straps across the front here, there's some just like this at the back.If your trailer's going to be sitting for an extended period of time, you may also want to consider covering the wheels. You'll receive wheel covers as well. And the elastic band right here, that's just going to drape over the top, and then we can pull the rest down over it. The strap, you'll just toss around the backside. And just like all the other straps, we're going to adjust our buckle till there's a little bit of tension on it, and then connect it together.And that completes our installation of ADCO's custom-fit travel trailer cover on our 2017 Winnebago Minnie Plus.

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