Adco Single Axle Ultra Tyre Gard RV Wheel Covers Review and Installation

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Installation and How to Install the Adco Single Axle Ultra Tyre Gard RV Wheel Covers

Adam: What's going on, everybody Adam, here with etrailer today, we're going to be taking a look at the ADCO vinyl tire covers. We have a lot of different colors. We have white or black, and you guys can also go ahead and get some camo ones if you want or some diamond plated steel lookalikes still made of vinyl. But a lot of options there and a lot of options for tire sizes. It'll range from anywhere around 18 to 20 inches, all the way up to your big 43 to 45 inch tire. Just go ahead and measure your tires to make sure you have the right size, how This is how.

All you got to do is just measure from the top end of the tire, all the way down to the ground there. That's going to give you the measurement, so you guys will know exactly what size to get, but why do you want wheel coversThere's a couple of different reasons we could. One just for looks. If we want to be one of those good boat owners or good travel trailer owners or RV owners, whenever you guys put it to storage, put those on just because one, they're going to look good, people are going to know that you guys are taking care of your stuff, but also it's going to be extremely functional, the sun. The sun does a lot of damage to your tires.

Over time that UV light just comes in and maybe starts to crack your somewhat older tires. So if you're not really wanting to buy tires sooner than you have to, this is definitely going to prevent any of that UV Ray damage from happening to your tires. I definitely highly recommend it. Then one thing that you got to think about too, usually with the boat trailer when it's on it, it's a lot of stress, travel trailer, construction trailer, a lot of stress as well. There's a lot of weight on these tires.Just the littlest crack can make the biggest problem in the long run.

So just take the minute or two to go ahead and put these covers on and you should be good. It is made of a vinyl construction. It is going to block out the UV light and the water and stuff like that. But the seams here, they took double precautions and made double stitching. So even if water does pool up around this little seam here, it's not really going to get in there.

Also, if you guys have some nicer rims and you want to keep them pretty underneath. Okay.We do have a very soft fabric. That is not going to do any damage to your guys's rim. So don't worry about that. And it isn't completely tight. As you guys can see, it does hug the tire perfectly, but you still have a little bit of looseness on the outside.The wind is going to maybe just kind of blow it around a little bit, but it's not going to go anywhere. So don't be nervous even if you guys are over landing somewhere crazy. I don't think these things are going to go anywhere, even in the highest of stress situations. Also, another thing to think about if you guys are just maybe out and about and are staying at a camp site for about maybe a month or so, or just dropping off your guys's construction trailers at the construction site, they're going to be there for a minute.This is definitely going to be another situation where I would put some tire covers on just to give me some little bit more of added protection, but it is a really simple and easy process. It'll literally take you about a minute or so to protect all your tires. So I definitely recommend it. Let's go ahead and show you guys how. First things first let's go ahead and open up our cover and find the elastic band on the back, and that's going to go just over the center of your tire. One thing to note, it's going to be a little bit easier for you guys who have a little bit more wheel well clearance, but try to make sure it's not going to get wrapped around there.What our goal here, we have a seam right there, and that is where we want it to basically go between the actual treads of our tires and the sidewall, so do your best to keep that. Now we're going to go ahead and we have a bungee ball cord that comes with the kit. We're going to start by taking the looped end, going through one side, pull it out, and then we're going to throw the rest of it behind the tire and then grab it. Same thing on this side. Just take the looped portion, do your best to go through. And then we're going to bring it back over to your guys's side. Then we can go ahead and put that loop around that little ball and we are pretty much done. So now you guys can go ahead and do that same exact thing on all of the other tires you guys have covers for.

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