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Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs Installation - 2015 Ram 2500

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How to Install the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs on a 2015 Ram 2500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2015 Ram 2500, you're going to be taking a look at, I'm gonna show you how to install the Airlift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with internal jounce bumpers for the rear axle, part number AL88289. This is what our air bags look like when they're installed. It's gonna be a hybrid spring style system, which means that it's gonna provide you with not only an adjustable air bag, but it's gonna have a built-in internal jounce stopper. The internal jounce stop is gonna prevent the vehicle from bottoming out when the bags are at a lower air level.What's nice about these bags is they can be inflated and deflated independently, to adjust for any off center loads you may have in the back of the vehicle. They can be adjusted anywhere from 5 to 100 PSI. They're gonna have a 5,000 pound load carrying capacity, or weight carrying capacity.

Keep in mind that weight carrying capacity does not increase the load carrying or weight carrying capacity of the vehicle. You always want to go with the manufacturer's recommendations of the vehicle.What's gonna set these apart from other suspension enhancement systems out there like your Timbrens and your SumoSprings is that these are adjustable. The SumoSprings and Timberens, once you install them, even though there's no maintenance, you can't adjust them any for heavier loads. These you can adjust per your load, and adjust them side to side, and are built for heavy-duty use, like your 3/4 ton and 1 ton vehicles.We need to take a measurement to find out what our normal ride height is without any weight in the back of the vehicle. What we're gonna do is we're gonna measure from here, straight down the center of the wheel to the ground.

Here at the back wheels we're right at about 43". Now let's do the same thing with the front. Here at the front, we're at 40 1/2. Now it's a good idea to take note of those measurements.Now we've added about 1,500 pounds to the back of our truck. Let's go ahead and take that measurement again on the front and back of the vehicle.

Again, center of the wheel to the bottom edge here, looks like we're at about 41, so we've dropped our back 2". Let's take a measurement of the front and see if our front raised. It looks like our front is about the same at 40 1/2. Now that's only with 1,500 pounds on it. If we add more weight, the front of that is gonna raise up more.

What that's gonna do, cause our headlights to raise, not facing the road. It's gonna make our steering really light. It's gonna affect our braking, and it's gonna make our tires wear unevenly.With a heavy load in the back of the vehicle, and without a suspension upgrade, what this is gonna do, it's gonna cause our rear axle to make up for what our suspension can't handle. That's gonna put unnecessary stress on our rear axle, causing issues down the road.Now it's gonna make it much easier for your installation if you remove your spare tire. First thing we need to do, we need to raise up our vehicle and let our axle hang. On each side we're gonna have a bump stop. We're gonna have a bolt on each side. We're gonna take a 15-mm socket. We're gonna remove those bolts and remove our bump stop.First we're gonna install inaudible 00:03:33. You're gonna notice the indention. That's gonna face down at the back. We're gonna have three holes. We're gonna line them up with the three holes on the back. You're gonna have an air fitting. It's an L-bracket like this, or an L-fitting like this. Go ahead and thread that into . We're gonna thread it in finger tight. We'll take a 1/2" wrench, and we're gonna turn it 1 1/2 times. Let's start here, one and a half. So everything we do on the driver side, the passenger side is gonna be opposite.Now we're gonna take our bag. We're gonna face our fitting toward us. We're gonna take the plate that looks like this. We want the large hole and the extended part of the plate, or the plate that sticks out more past the bags, toward our left hand. Now we'll take a small carriage bolt, and we're gonna go into this back corner, like this. The plate is actually gonna hold it in.Now we're gonna have two different sized Allen head bolts. We're gonna take the shorter of the two, and we'll have two of them for each side, and we're gonna thread those through the plate, into the top of the bag. We're gonna torque those down to the specifications in the instructions.Next we're gonna have a large thick washer like this. In our bracket, we're gonna have two round holes, two square holes on the outside. This plate is actually gonna go onto the bottom of our bag, so we want to make sure that that washer is on the same side as this square hole on our top bracket. So we're gonna take our bracket, and we're gonna flip it over like this. Make sure that where we install it, it's gonna be on the right side. We're gonna be installing it right here. We'll throw it on the bottom. You can see how the bracket kind of has two tabs on it. Take our hex bolt, flat washer. We're gonna go through the bottom like this. Then we're gonna put a locknut on top. Then we'll tighten that into place.Next, on the bottom side of our bag, we're gonna have our second cap. Again, you want to make sure the cup side is facing down. You'll notice it has a large hole. On this side, it really doesn't matter. I usually line it up with the cutout and the sticker. As long as you have these two holes lined up to put the hardware into the bag, it's just fine.Then we'll take our two long carriage bolts. We're gonna go through like this. You'll notice it's indented there. You want to make sure that the thread side is coming out towards them like that. Then it's gonna sit right on top. We'll take two short, flat Allen head bolts, and they're gonna thread down through the plate. Once you get them in, we're gonna torque them to the specifications in the instructions.Now with our bag installed, we'll set it aside. We're gonna take our plate that looks like this. You'll know if you have it right inaudible 00:07:31 hole is gonna face, so we're gonna go to the back hole. You notice if we put it like this, how that sticks out. Let's see if you can see it here, how that sticks out over by the tire. We flip it over, it's gonna line up even with the bracket, or the same direction I should say. So it will be just like that. Take our bolts, go ahead and thread them into place. We'll line up our small hole with our other hole here. Thread that into place. Then go ahead and tighten and torque the hardware to the specifications in the instructions.Now we're gonna take our bag. This plate is gonna be the bottom, where our two long bolts are. The bolts are gonna go on each side of our jounce stop plate. Our L-bracket air fitting is gonna face toward the outside. It's gonna go up through this large hole in the bracket we just installed. We're gonna take that bolt. We're gonna go right up through this hole, and this plate we have installed on our frame. Our air fitting is gonna go right up through that large hole. We're gonna put a flat washer on and a locknut, just like that.There's another square hole. It's gonna be on the front corner up here. We're gonna install another bolt, flat washer and nut in there. I'm gonna go ahead and tighten these two bolts, this one here on the back and the one on the front. We'll use our 9/16" wrench to do it. It's gonna be hard to use a socket, because we have our frame rail. For this carriage bolt up here, you just wanna make sure you pay attention to the instructions, and torque that down once you've got it installed. Once you've got that torqued and installed, what we're gonna do is we're gonna lower our axle back down, so that this bottom plate sits on our bump stop plate here.We're gonna go ahead and let it all the way down to normal. We're gonna take a large bracket like this. You see how it's cutout, U-shaped kind of. This rounded edge is gonna face up towards the axle. We're gonna take our bolt, and we're gonna go through each of the two holes. We're gonna put on a flat washer, and then a locknut on each side. We'll go ahead and tighten those down. We want to make sure we tighten them evenly, so our bracket is not pulling to one side or the other. We want to tighten that up, flat up against the bottom of the axle. You're gonna torque them to the specifications in the instructions.You're gonna have one single air line tube. It's gonna have one end . actually, the two ends are gonna have a fitting like this, but it's gonna be one solid one. What you're gonna do is take those two fittings, put them up next to each other. Find the center, and then cut the line in half. That's gonna give you your line for each side. When you cut your line, you just wanna make sure it's flat, it's not kinked or pinched.We're gonna insert this end into our air fitting, on top of our bag. We're gonna push it in until it stops. Then we'll give it a little tug, to make sure it's inserted. We're gonna take our line, we're gonna route it up and out of the way. So I'm gonna go actually up over top of my frame rail. This side I can actually come underneath. The passenger side, you're not gonna be able to, because the exhaust is there. You'll have to go over the top. This side I'm gonna come under like this though.Then we have some existing wiring here. We're gonna run it right to the back bumper of the vehicle. We'll just take our zip ties that come in our kit, zip tie it right to that line. Keep in mind we have our spare tire that's gonna go up here, so we don't want to run underneath. Just make sure you go over the braces where the spare tire is gonna go. You can see we're gonna have a little bit extra, so we can just wind it up like this, 'cause we need this end to go outside on the vehicle. You can just kind of bundle it up, once we get our lines where we want them to go.Now what we're gonna do, is our Schrader valves are gonna come right here. You got several different places you can put them. You can put them here. You can put them in your wheel well. You can put them underneath your gas tank lid. Most people that we install for like them back here. You can put them sideways, so you got your driver's side and passenger side. You can put them up and down. Just make sure when you drill, that there's nothing back behind it. Take a 5/16 drill bit and drill our holes.Now we're gonna take our air line tube. Make sure you grab the right side. First we're gonna put on a nut that looks like this. Go ahead and screw it all the way down to the end. Then we're gonna put on a star washer. We're gonna insert it through our hole like that. We're gonna put on a rubber washer, flat washer, and then the nut on the outside. Then you can tighten the two nuts together. Now we can go back underneath, tidy up any extra airline hose we have, and zip tie it to any existing wiring that we already have under there.Next we're gonna add about 30 PSI into each bag. Next we're gonna take some soapy water. We're gonna check for any air leaks. We're gonna spray our fittings here. We also want to spray the end of our air line tubes where they're connecting at the top of our bags. What we're looking for is large bubbles. We don't have any there, so we're good.Once you've completed your installation, you can reinstall your spare tire. You're ready to go. Now with our air bags installed, we have about 66 pounds of pressure in our vehicle, 1,500 pounds of weight in the back of the truck. We're gonna take another measurement, and see where we're at. We're right back at our normal right height. That will do it for a look at and installation on Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with internal jounce bumpers, for the rear axle, part number AL88289 on our 2015 Ram 2500.

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