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Air Lift LoadLifter Air Helper Springs Installation - 2004 Ford F-250

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How to Install Air Lift LoadLifter Air Help Springs on a 2004 Ford F-250

Today on our 2004 Ford F250 we'll be installing the Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 air helper springs, part number AL573090. Now today our F250 has a 6 inch lift on it, but the Load Lifter 5000 will still bolt into place, now again because our vehicle has a suspension lift on it we dont need to expand the suspension on the truck, but it is a good idea to go ahead and do that to give you enough clearance to get your air spring in. now today we'll be installing the passenger side. The drivers side installs the exact same way with a few minor additions. On the drivers side you'll want to make sure that you keep the wiring harness out of the way of the air spring and the hardware. Also the kit comes with an emergency brake cable clamp that you'll bolt into place to hold the emergency brake out of the spring.

Now here on the passenger side to begin our installation we'll need to remove the bump stop., we'll undo the nut here on the top and bring the bump stop out. We'll also need to remove the spacer here in the mounting hole. With our bump stop out of the way we're now ready to install the top bracket. Now with this truck we'll be using the 1/2 inch by 13 by 2 inch hex head cab screw. The 3 half inch think flat washers and the nylon lock nut as well as the bracket.

We'll begin by placing a think washer on the bolt. We'll then bring the bolt from the outside of the frame toward the inside of the frame where we'll put on another thick washer. We can then put our bracket up with the bolt running through the large square hole where we'll install the third flat washer. We can then loosely put on our lock nut. With that out of the way our bracket is loosely fitted to the vehicle.

We'll now move on to assembling our air springs and brackets. Here on the table we'll start by assembling the top of the spring and bracket. You'll notice that the bracket have four holes in the depending on which side of the truck were working on will determine which holes we use. For the passenger side here we'll be using these two holes. When working with the drivers side you'll be using these two.

This allows the spring to be offset and keep it out of the way of any of the other moving suspension components. Well also need to install the 90 degree swivel elbow fitting. Now that we have our bracket in the correct location and our elbow fitting installed we'll need to put in a couple of carriage bolts as after we bolt the bracket down we will not be able to gain access to these holes. Now we'll need one of the two 3/8ths by 16 by 2 1/2 carriage bolts and one of the 3/8ths by 16 by 1 1/4 carriage bolts. We'll put the long carriage bolt in here at the fold at the top bracket and the short carriage bolt in this square hole here. We'll need to put in a couple of carriage bolts. We can now tighten down the top bracket to the air spring. With our top plate on we'll go ahead and flip the assembly over and install our lower plate. Now again you'll notice that the lower plate has four holes. Depending which side of the vehicle we're working with will indicate which holes we'll use. Now we'll be using these two holes here for the passenger side and the other two are used for drivers side. Now before installing the lower bracket we'll again put the roll plate on, lining up the holes. We can then place the lower bracket over the top using the two holes indicated for the passenger side and install our hardware. We can then tighten it down which will secure the lower bracket to the air spring. Now we have a complete assembly. You'll notice included with the kit there are four spacers. We know on this truck we will need the large spaces. This spacer will keep the air spring level when it's tightened up. We'll now slide the spring assembly in and using the 1.2 inch flat washers and the nylon locking nuts we'll secure it tot he upper bracket. Now with the two fasteners installed here at the top plate we'll use the flat washer and the nylon lock nut to secure it on the third location here at the bracket. Now with all our hardware loosely installed we can go head and tighten it down securing the top plate of our air spring to the truck. We're now ready to attach the lower bracket of our air spring. Now because we're installing this kit on a single rear wheel vehicle we're going to use positron two to insert the long 3/8th by 16 by 10 inch carriage bolt. We use the L bracket to slide it through the position two of the lower plate. We'll do this on both sides of the bracket. We'll then take the lower tube bracket and slide it over the 10 inch long carriage bolts and use a flat washer and lock nut to tighten it into place. Now because our vehicle has s suspension lift it makes it a little more difficult to get that lower bracket secured. You may need an extra set of hands to help you hold it while you secure the fasteners. With those lower brackets secured up here back at the L bracket we'll use a short carriage bolt, the flat washer, and the nylon lock nut in the remaining position one. We'll use the 5 1/2 inch long hex cap screw to run through the L bracket hole closest to the lease spring of the truck where we'll put the spring clamp bar on the other side and using the flat washers and the nylon locking nuts secure it to the spring perch here. Now that all our hardware is loosely secured we can go ahead and tighten it all down making sure the springs sits level with the truck. With both air springs installed on the truck we're now ready to run the air tube lines to the air springs. We'll find a suitable location like the one we find here in the rear bumper by the license plate. We'll go ahead and run the airline through the bumper. We'll go ahead and install the rubber washer and the hex nut on the other side. We'll then install our valve cap. We can then route the line through the truck to the air spring making sure to stay out of the way of any moving components such as the suspension or hot components such as the exhaust. Once we've routed the airline we can go ahead and cut off the access using a tubing cutter and install it into the air spring 90 degree elbow. This is just a push to fit and with it locked into place we're now ready to inflate the air bag. That will complete our installation for part number AL57390 from Air Lift the Load Lifter 5000 air helper springs on our 2004 Ford F250.

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