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B and W Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch Installation - 2022 Ford F-450 Super Duty

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How to Install the B and W Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch on a 2022 Ford F-450 Super Duty

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today we're going to check out. The B&W Companion fifth wheel hitch on our 2022 Ford F-450 Super Duty. Now this is going to be made for the OEM prep package with the plus system. So you have four holes here and the sides, and that's what this is going to drop right into place.

Really easy installation. You just turn the levers, drop it in, turn them back, and it locks it into place, and you can't pull it back out. Very easy and really quick too. I really liked that. Now we're gonna take a look at how the jaws and the handle works.

So first off gonna pop this pin out here out of the back, and now you can operate the handle. Now that hole is there. You could put a padlock on there too, to lock it up. That way nobody can mess with it when you're not around, but otherwise you use this handle to operate the jaws and just kind of pull back on it. And that opens them up and they're ready for the kingpin to be put in here.

And then once you back that into place, it's not auto locking so to come back out, grab the handle, pull back in. So it closes back up around that kingpin. Somethin' else to note, though, when it is pushed to the open position, you'll see another hole here. You can put the pin there just to keep it in place. And that's going to keep this open.

When you do back it up to the kingpin. Now I've worked with a couple of different fifth wheel assemblies today. There was an Elbow Two we worked with the Curt Q 24 and A 25. Now those jaws we're automatic. So when you pull that handle, it stays open like this. And then when you back into it with that force of the kingpin gets it to latch into place. That one I liked, I saw the advantage of it being easier to pull the handle out. It stays open when you back up, it automatically does it, but I kind of liked this one because it doesn't do the automatic. I throw it the lever and then that's what locks it into place. It's just one last thing I feel like to worry about. If I was to pull the handle and I was messing with a head, you don't have to worry about the jaws coming in or anything. Even if you leave it unattended in the garage, nobody's going to mess with this one. It's just lever base. It's not as aggressive of a close. So I kind of liked this one better. Plus you have to get out of the truck anyway to put the pin in place, even on the automatic jaws, just to lock it up before you can tow. So if I'm getting out of the truck anyway, to throw this pen, I can easily throw this lever and then add that pen in. Let's go over to the jaws. You got a two jaw system here, so they're going to go around like that. I'm gone'a just go ahead and show you where that opened up and closed. You see how they meet here in the middle together. And then that's going to compare the double jaw to the single jaw. And the single jaw would be just one of them going around and that's only a partial contact. See I've all this other part that won't have anything holding it in place. Now it's not going to fail, but I just like to double jaw to know that it's all around the kingpin. So it's not going anywhere. Now even comparing this to some other double jaws, it's a little bit different, because it meets in the middle. Some other ones overlap so that's going to be the Q 24 and the A 25 have overlapping ones. So it has the double with just like this, except they don't meet in the middle. They just kind of go on top of each other, providing that extra contact all around the kingpin. Let's talk about how they head moves. So it's going to only pivot forward and backwards and side to side. You're not going to get too much movement because you usually need that way to push down or move, but it will go side to side for you. That is a little bit limiting for the other ones I've worked with, again, I know I keep mentioning, but the A 25 and the Q 24, those have a 360 pivot. So they're meant to, when that comes down on here, it can go at like the side angles here like this. This one's not going to be able to, so that's just something to keep in mind when you're hooking it up. If you're off just a little bit on the 360 ones, it'll adjust and to be fine. This one you gotta make sure right on there. Plus when you're towing something behind you, this is not going to be able to move sideways so if you we're to hit a bump on one side of the trailer and it pushed up, it wouldn't be able to move with it. It's just going to go forward, backwards or side to side. Our fifth wheel as an adjustable height. So what you can do to see what you need is to measure from the ground to your truck bed, to the top of your truck bed, that is, and then from the ground to the bottom of your king pin and whatever difference that is as long as it's in between 16 3/4 to 18 3/4 inches, then this is going to be adjustable for that height. There's gonna be three different points of adjustment here. So you can get the height just right for your truck and your king pin. So what you'll do is take out these bolts. We've actually have to do this when you go to put it together. When you go to put together you'll line up these arms here with the holes on the side, getting the height just right for your truck and trailer. Now, another thing you can adjust is you can actually flip the arms around to get more clearance in your bed. We have an eight foot bed, so we're not really worried about it with our truck today, but if you needed it, you could put the arms around and get a little bit more room from the cab. The whole thing is going to be a steel construction with a gray powder coat finish. It's also going to have a gross tow weight rating of 20,000 pounds. It's going to have a vertical load limit of 5,000 pounds. So keep that in mind. The Curt ones we kind of mentioned earlier, had a higher weight capacity. So that's something that you might need I would look into those. Also keep in mind your weight rating for your truck too. So if that's lower than the fifth wheel hitch, then you want to go with what your truck says, cause you don't want to mess that up. Now these can be kind of heavy and a little awkward to just lift up and move in the truck by ourself. Recommend getting a friend, a second set of hands to go ahead and help you lift it up and out if it's all together. But one nice thing is you can kind'a break it down in pieces so you can take the head assembly off. What you're going to do on both sides is pull the pin out like that. You set that aside. You can grab the black handles here on the side, and it might take you a little bit to work it out, but lift this up out and set it aside. Then that's going to make the legs lighter when you go to move those too. Overall, I like this fifth wheel hitch B&W always makes nice stuff and this one's no exception. I like how easy the OEM system is to pull those levers, drop into place or to remove it, really quick to get that installed and ready to go. The lever was also easy to operate. I kind of don't mind that it doesn't jam back on over when the kingpin comes in, I can still gotta get a guy out of the truck, pull this lever and replace his fan anyway. So I'd rather kind of just manually do it and make sure it's all done by my hand. Otherwise it's really going to help you out quick and easy and easy to use too. Well, thanks for watching. And I hope this helped..

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