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B and W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Installation - 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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How to Install the B and W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch on a 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Hi there, Ford owners. Today on your 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty, we're gonna be taking a look at B and W's Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch. This one has the manual slide as well, so if you've got a short bed truck, it's gonna give you the extra clearance you need from your cab. Now you can see here, this one you can tell has been pretty heavily used, and that's because this customer has had this in service for a couple of years now. And he recently upgraded to a new truck, and since this is designed to drop right into Ford trucks with a factory fifth wheel prep package, when he got his new one here, he was able to take it out and just slide it right into his new truck. So you can see here that this is a lifetime investment that's gonna give you plenty of service, and even as you upgrade your components around you, it still has a place.

And here you can see where it drops right down into that factory pucks system and secures into place with the lever here. The pin here holds it in the locked position, so that way it can't come out of there. So when you're ready to take it out, if you need to use your full truck bed, you can remove your pin, undo your latches, and just lift it out of here. I do recommend though that you have probably two or three extra friends with you to help you get this out of here because this whole assembly is pretty heavy. And while it hooks to your fifth wheel trailer, the main feature of this is the sliding function.

We can put it in the unlocked position by moving our lever there. When we're hooked to our trailer, when we go to take off, the truck's gonna go forward, but this is going to slide back hooked to our trailer, giving us additional distance between the cab of our truck and our trailer. And you can see there it slides very easily. I've worked with a lot of fifth wheel hitches, and compared to the competitors, B and W by far has, in my opinion, the best manufacturing quality, the components that seem to operate and fit together better than all the rest. And so we moved the entire distance from here to here and that's right at about one whole foot that it moved it back from where it was before.

So we've got quite a bit more room between where our trailer was in its normal tow position and where we're at in our maneuvering position to be able to make sharp right turns. And this extra distance is gonna be all we need to get the overhang from our trailer away from the cab of our truck. So when we're making those sharp left or right turns, in the trailer cab here, the trailer front isn't gonna hit our cab like it would before. When it's up here and we gotta make that turn, your trailer cab is normally pretty flushed like this. You've got a little distance there, but those corners, as it begins to pivot, you know, the one's gonna get further away, but the other one's gonna come closer and you get contact like that.

By moving the whole assembly back a little bit, we now have the clearance we need to be able to turn and get into the gas station, parking lot, that was real sharp or wherever we're at that we need to get to. And now when you are ready to return to your normal tow position, maybe you just pulled out of that gas station, you're getting ready to head back on highway, you need to step this back into the normal tow position. So you can pull out of there, get your trailer kind of set up straight, go ahead and apply the brakes on your trailer. You can pull the breakaway pin if that's the easiest thing, you just need to have those applied. Manual slide on your brake controller is also a really good option 'cause you're sitting right there in the cab. And just put your vehicle in reverse, and as you back up, you do need to make sure that you have it in the unlocked position as well. Typically when it pushes back and it hits that maneuvering position, it locks in, so don't forget to hop out and do that as well. And then just back your truck up, and the brakes that hold your trailer in place. And that'll, as the truck goes back, it's gonna slide this up and then lock back into position. It's always a good practice to go out and make sure that it did drop down into the locked position. Normally you can hear it and kinda look out the back window and see the lever, but just double check yourself to make sure. And I really liked the smoothness of the release handle here on the B and W. Some of those you're kind of fighting and pulling, they just don't feel very good. This one here, the pin, you just pull it out of there, and super smooth action, opens up your jaws. And now we're in the open position, so we could back up, hook to our trailer, or if we we're to maybe unhook it from our trailer, we can pull it to release it, pull it way whichever we need to do. Once you back into your trailer, it goes in there, in most cases, your pin is gonna push in on there, squeeze the jaws, and then that's gonna bring our handle back and lock it in place. Before you go in tow, make sure you take your pin, re-insert it in here to lock it in, so that way you're safe and hooked to your trailer. Now earlier we said, if you're gonna take this out of your truck, you probably wouldn't get a couple of guys, and that's if you're pulling the whole thing out of here as a full assembly. You can cut down on the weight though by taking the head off, and B and W has once again made this super easy. Some of the competitors out there, they usually use similar pin style set ups like this, but they just don't come apart like the B and W. Once you pull these pins out, they're chained in so can't lose them. And then this lever here, and this lever here, we just pull up on these. And that'll release and let this pull right off of there. It's a little bit heavier than I expected, but that's probably because it's been on here for a while, had a little bit of dirt in there, but it still came off pretty darn easily. I've had some of the other ones before where I had to get another guy on the other side, pulling up just to get this off, but not with these B and Ws, it's always a one man job. And if you look at the bottom of our head here, we can also pop that off so we can service that grease fitting. You can probably reach it underneath as well, but it's, it comes off so easily, you can more easily access it there if you clean up any dirt and debris and stuff you've gotten there. Depending on the areas you've been driving through, you could have a lot of gunk in there you might wanna get out. With this hitch here, you are gonna have 5,000 pounds of pin weight, and that's the force going straight down, and 20,000 pounds of gross towing capacity, which is how much you can pull behind it. So you've got plenty of trailer that you can pull with this bad boy here, it's gonna make a great combination with your F-250. As far as the assembly goes, the guy is pretty easy. The base here is gonna come on a pallet so you can just drop it right in. And then at that point, it's just assembling the risers here, because this is where you'll adjust the height of your hitch. You've got your adjustments, the holes are actually in here, you'll have multiple holes in your base, and then you've got four bolts that hold each one on and you can raise or lower that. You can also use these to slightly adjust the fifth wheel head a little bit closer or further away from the cab. In the current setup here, this angle is a little bit straighter up, and this one's more angled, so that positions the head a little bit further away, but you could take these, swap them around and bring the head closer and that is better for your particular setup. There's also a spring mechanism that you just clip on right here, and that just gives you that downward tilt to help you when you're hooking up to your trailer. After you've got these arms on though, and you've set that into your puck system, that head assembly that comes off just drops right into place. This is definitely one of the easier ones to assemble, and in my opinion, one of the best as far as operation and smoothness, it's really a gem to work with. I just got done putting a CURT Hitch together, and it was a little frustrating. It just, it all worked, but it just didn't fit together as nicely and as smoothly as I would liked. Had a lot of little adjustments that we're required to get everything kind of moving smoothly without having a bind. This guy, right out of the box, just works great, and it goes together so easy 'cause B and W's done most of the work for you. And you can see the wear and tear on this one, and how easily it moved. This has been in service for quite a while, and it's still super smooth, smoother than many out there when they're brand new. And that completes our look at B and W's Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch with manual slide..

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