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B and W Custom Base Rails Kit Installation - 2018 Ram 2500

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How to Install the B and W Custom Base Rails Kit on a 2018 Ram 2500

Speaker 1: Today our 2018 Ram 2500 we'll be having a look at and showing you how to install the B&W Custom Installation Kit with base rails for fifth wheel trailer hitches, part number BWRVK2602. Here's what our fifth wheel rails look like installed. These rails will allow you to tow a fifth wheel trailer with a standard fifth wheel hitch or a sliding fifth wheel hitch. What's great about these rails is that are industry standard rails, so you'll be able to accept most, if not all fifth wheel hitches and sliders with these. Now a lot of our customers with newer trucks that our purchasing a brand new truck to tow a brand new fifth wheel trailer, they like to go with an under bed solution, because that maintains full truck bed access, but with these if you are upgrading your tow vehicle and you already have a standard fifth wheel hitch that goes in the rails, you'll still be able to reuse your old fifth wheel hitch to tow your trailer.Now when you're not towing your fifth wheel trailer, you can easily remove your fifth wheel head and these rails only will stick up above the bed of your truck by about an inch and a half. This means that you're not going to be losing very much of your valuable bed space.

These rails feature a nice gray powder coat finish which blends in nicely with any color truck if you don't have a spray in bed liner. They will also help resist rust and corrosion. Now one thing that sets these rails apart from other rail options on the market, most rails and brackets for your truck are either made in Mexico or China. These are made right here in the United States of America. One thing that I really like about this kit over other options out there is that this kit does utilize factory mounting locations on the frame, so you don't have to worry about drilling any holes in the frame of your truck and of course there's no welding required.It's also super easy to use.

Your hitch drops right in the position with the rails and secures easily. You don't have to struggle with it very much at all. Now that we've gone over some features of our rails, we'll show you how to get them installed. To begin our install we've already went ahead and removed our spare tire. To make our life easier we're going to remove our spare tire heat shield.

We have three 10 mm bolts on the frame on the passenger's side right here. We'll remove those bolts. There's two more on the cross member, about in this area here and here. Now we need to take our measurements to position our front rail. When taking these measurements, it's critical that we take it from the end of our bed and not the end of our tailgate.You'll also want to make sure that when installing your rails, you're placing them directly on the bed and not over a plastic bed liner.

Once we have our rail in the proper position as far as the length of the bed, we want to make sure that it's center side-to-side. With our rail in the proper position in our bed, we'll not drill our pilot holes using an 1/8th" drill bit. We'll be using the locations that are next to our outer hole on both sides of the rail. We'll also use our center hole here that is closest to the cab of our truck. Okay, on our driver's side frame rail on the inside right in front of our rear axle, this is in the general area of where our holes come through our bed.We're going to have a mounting bracket that will go in this location, but it needs to go flush against the frame rail, so we need to pop loose these clips which hold in our brake lines, wiring harnesses and everything else, so let's use a trim panel tool to pop it out of the frame. Now we're looking up at the inside edge of our passenger frame rail. There's two weld nuts in the frame. This is where our front bracket will bolt to. We'll hold our bracket up over those weld nuts and we'll check to make sure that the holes in our bed line up with our holes in our bracket and they do. We'll do the same process for the driver's side.For the rearmost location, we'll take one of our short metric bolts, a lock washer and a flat washer and we'll loosely thread it in. For the front hole we'll have a longer metric bolt, a lock washer, a flat washer and two round hole spacers. The round hole spacers will be stacked together and go behind our bracket to make up the difference in space, because of the curvature in the frame. That's what it looks like loosely in place. We'll do the same procedure for the driver's side. With our front brackets loosely in place and that we've now verified that our holes line up, we'll slide our rail out of the way for the time being and we'll enlarge our holes to the size in the kit in the instructions.With our holes now enlarged to the proper size, in order to help prevent rust we'll take some spray paint to go along the inside edge of our holes. If you don't have a spray in bed liner, you can simply use clear coat in you don't have the right paint to match the color of your truck. We'll now slide our rail back over our holes. Now because our rail sits on our bed in a position where our holes are in the lower position of our corrugation, we need to install a U-shaped spacer between the rail and the bed of the truck in order to prevent the bed from getting crushed and that in place we'll drop down a carriage bolt. We'll do this for all of our mounting locations.Now we'll take our square holed spacers, go over the bolt that comes through our frame bracket and we'll secure our rail to our frame bracket using a flange nut and do this on both sides of our rail. We'll also do the same for our center location bolt. Put our block on and we'll thread on our nut. We've gone ahead and placed the base of our fifth wheel onto our front rail. The reason we're doing this is because in order to get the proper positioning for our rear rail, we'll need to have the base in place, so we'll slide our rail next to our base. We'll lift up on it and slide the rail underneath.With our fifth wheel base in place we've ensured that our rails are perfectly centered in the bed of our truck. Now we're going to mark the locations where we need to drill. We'll be using the fourth hole on both sides of our rail, on both the front and the back of the rail. Now because our base sits right above that, we're just going to make a mark in the center with a drill bit for the time being. We're also going to highlight our mark with a paint marker, just so you can see it better. We'll also be using the center hole that's closest to the rear of our truck. For this one we can drill all the way through right now through our pilot hole.With all of our holes now marked, we can lift our base out of the way, remove the rail and fully drill all of our holes to the proper size. Now on our forward most mounting holes on our rear rail, we need to drill all the way through the bottom of the bed. This is just the top layer right here. These holes are above a cross member, so we'll just take a longer drill bit, the appropriate size to go through our top hole and continue drilling until we're all the way through. Now that we've drilled through the bottom of our cross member with our longer drill bit, we need to only drill through the top layer of the bed in the forward holes with a 7/8th" drill bit.I'll make sure we cover up our edges with spray paint again. We'll also go underneath and get the channel on the front holes as well, that way I'll deal with rust there either. Now through the hole in the front, on the side where we enlarged the 7/8th of an inch, we'll push down these two spacers. These will prevent our bed from getting crushed. With those two spacers in place, we'll now slide our rail back over our holes. Through our front holes with our two spacers we'll install our long carriage bolts. For our back ones we use short ones. Now on our rear bolts we'll make sure we slide a U-shaped spacer around the bolt underneath our rail. Go ahead and place back in our fifth wheel base to help our rails in place as we tighten our hardware.This is our driver's side rear bracket. It'll attach to our vehicle's frame with these weld nuts here and secure it into place we'll use a bolt with a lock washer and a flat washer, so work it around this wiring harness and we'll bolt it into place. Now we'll fasten our rail to our frame bracket using our square hole spacers and flange nuts. Now we'll do our passenger's side rear bracket and just like on the driver's side we'll use our short metric bolts, lock washer and a flat washer secured in the frame. Now we'll fasten our rail to our bracket using our square hole spacer and a flange nut.Our forward most bolt on the passenger's side over the rear rail is in this brace for our track bar. We'll put a square hole spacer over it, swing that to the side and let it rest on our brace and we'll thread on our flange nut. Here's what it looks like once we have the hardware in place. Now for our center bolt we'll place on our lock and then a flange nut. Now we'll tighten all of our hardware beginning with our rail hardware first. Now we'll tighten our frame brackets to our frame. Now we'll torque all of our hardware to the amount specified in the instructions. With all of our hardware now torqued down to specifications, we went ahead and secured up our wiring harness with a zip tie. We do have zip ties available on our website if you need some. Now we'll install our spare tire heat shield.Now that completes our look at and installation of the B&W Custom Installation Kit with base rails for fifth wheel trailer hitches, Part Number BWRVK2602 on this 2018 Ram 2500.

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