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Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Installation - 2016 Ram 3500

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How to Install a Gooseneck Trailer Hitch on a 2016 Ram 3500

Today on our 2016 Ram 3500, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the BNW turnover ball on your bed gooseneck trailer hitch, with custom installation kit. Part number BWGNRK1314. Here's what our BNW under bed turnover ball gooseneck hitch is going to look like once it's installed in our vehicle. You'll have the safety chain tie downs that will spring loaded on either side. Now moving over here to the gooseneck portion, you're going to have a powder coated gooseneck with super tight tolerances so everything is going to be nice and secure as well as a two and five sixteenths anodized ball that will prevent any kind of rust and corrosion. This gooseneck is going to offer a seventy-five hundred pound or seven thousand, five hundred pound vertical load limit and thirty thousand pound towing capacity. We're ready to go ahead and insert our ball. To do so we'll come over to the handle, pull the handle to latch it and lock it into position by rotating it towards the driver side. We'll go ahead and drop our ball into position and then latch the side handle, locking it in.

Say we don't have our trailer hooked up anymore, we'll pull out the handle and rotate it towards the driver side, locking it in, come up top, pull it out and flip it over, putting it into the stow position, locking the pin back in and you can see the pin come through the hole. It is advisable that with these goosenecks, you do spray a little bit of lithium grease or some kind of grease on the inside just to help them come in and out a little easier since they do have such a tight tolerance and tight fit. First thing we're going to do is remove our spare tire to give us some extra room underneath. Let's go ahead and get the heat shield out of the way while we're down here. Remove the two ten millimeter bolts here and then there's going to be two on the backside, underneath attached to the cross member. Go ahead and keep in mind that the removal of the spare tire and heat shield is optional but it's just going to help free up some room so we can work. Let's go ahead and drop down the exhaust. To do so we're going to remove the exhaust hanger here, use a little bit of spray lubricant to help slide it off and then use a pry bar to peel it back.

We have the one here and we're also going to have two just forward on top the muffler. Now we'll use the square template provider that has the hole in the center to place up inside the factory rail to pre-drill out where our center hole is going to be. Now using our three and a half inch hole say, we'll drill down through the pre-drilled hole that we just put in. From the top side of the bend downwards. Now you can see that our hole is going to be directly in the center of that factory plate with an even amount all the way around to provide us enough access to get that through. Now we will insert our plastic spacer block that's going to go in between the bed and the frame.

Slide it in from the front side and work it back. We'll go ahead and center that up and remove that center section that we drilled out. Here we have our handles that are going to go above, kind of where we put that plastic spacer block in between the bed and the frame for our gooseneck. Now these are going to slide in between from the fender well side. You kind of have to work it in.

We do not need to remove those fenders and you'll be able to work them in and over the top of these holes that you see here from the factory. These will be where our bolts secure to for our gooseneck. To slide the driver's side in we're going to stick it up on top, working it in past the fender and then over the top until we line up the holes. You can hear the tab lock in, that tab that was facing downwards. Line up the holes and we'll be all set to put in the passenger side. You'll see a hole there with all of our weld nuts, we're going to weld it onto those handles. We'll have all of our weld nuts in place at this point. Now we'll raise our center section up into place. It is going to get raised at an angle over the top of the exhaust with the large diameter circle here that's welded on for our center, that's going to be on top. If you look at it from the bottom side it should look something like this with the driver's side handle facing out towards the front in this direction. We'll raise it up and over at an angle. Go ahead and place in our two center bolts, just to hold each side in. Now we'll go ahead and place in the rest of the five eighths inch flange bolts. We'll go ahead and use a one inch socket to go ahead and run those down until they're about one sixteenth of an inch from being tightened all the way down. We'll repeat this on the rest of the five eighths inch flange bolts. Now we're going to come up into the bed of the truck and you're going to see that's going to be perfectly centered in the inside here with that plastic spacer going around and the hitch in between. You can see that it rubbed up a little bit when we tightened it up and it popped right into place. Now we'll go ahead and torque down all of our five eighths inch flange bolts to manufacturer specifications. Now that we've got those all torqued down, let's go ahead and put in our small carriage bolts over the top of the handle. Go ahead and push them up and drop them in. We got one in, let's go ahead and get the other one in. All right, now that we got them both in, we're ready to go ahead and grab the handle. Now we'll go ahead and take our handle and we're going to put it on this side of the hatch handle, over the top of the frame with the bracket with the holes in it going over first. Work it down into position over the top. Go ahead and place both of our carriage bolts through the bracket just like so. We'll place on our locking flange nuts, tighten and torque those to manufacturer specifications. All right, now with our bolts tightened down and torqued on our handle, we'll go ahead and test out the operation to make sure that it functions with our fender well cover in place. Go ahead and pull out all the way, slide it towards the driver side to lock it in place and you'll see that we're going to have plenty of room back behind. To lock it in and then when we're done, just slide it back and it's going to slide back in. So that's fully functional. Now we'll move on to the safety chains. Go ahead and take our nine sixteenths drill bit and drill them through. On that front one we're going to have to drill through the factory cross member here and then through the bed so it's going to take you just a moment longer than it would just drilling through the bed on the back ones. We'll go ahead and put our safety chains down into the slots and make sure they go up and down nice and smoothly. Now on the bottom side, what we're going to do we're going to place our springs over with the large side of the cone at the top, press them up and then thread on our lock nut. It's good to go ahead and let that go and then we'll repeat that same process on the other three ends coming through. Go ahead and tighten these down until the threads are about halfway out of the lock nut. Now we'll go ahead and put our exhaust up into place. We're going to need to pry it back and into position. Now that we got the exhaust hung back up, we'll put our exhaust heat shield back into position. Hand the bolt over the alignment stub first. Lastly, we'll raise the spare tire back up into position and that will do it for our review and installation of the BNW turnover ball under bed gooseneck trailer hitch with custom installation kit. Part number BWGNRK1314 on our 2016 Ram 3500.

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