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B and W Patriot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Installation - 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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How to Install the B and W Patriot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch on a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Hi there Chevrolet owners. Today on your 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2,500, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install B&W's Patriot 5th wheel hitch. And this is what our 5th wheel looks like when it's installed in the bed of our Silverado. It is a sliding unit. If we pull the handle here, we can take it out of the locked position and move it into the unlocked position. This is going to be ideal for your short-bed Silverado.

If you've got a long-bed, you likely don't need a slide unit. But with these short-beds, when it's slid back, we've increased the distance between our cab and our trailer, so that overhang that we've got, we don't have to worry about it coming into contact with the cab and we can easily make those tight turns. There is a locking pin that ensures that our jaws stay locked in place.When we're ready to hook up or unhook, we can push on our lever here and you'll see that it opens up those jaws. When you back up to line up your truck with your trailer, when the pin goes in here, it'll hit these jaws and that's going to snap them shut. And then you'll just want to make sure you re-install the pin, so that way they stay locked in.

This hitch is designed to haul a trailer up to 18,000 pounds. So you've got plenty of hauling capacity with this bad boy. It also has an adjustable height. If we pull up on our levers here, we can take the whole head assembly off and here we've got our height adjustment arms. There are four sets of holes on each side, and this will give you three different positions that you can Mount your head on.We're currently in the highest position to ensure that we can clear our toolbox on our truck here.

But you do want to haul your trailer as level as possible. So you may need to lower it to a lower setting and you simply just move it down another hole for the medium position and move it down to the lowest hole for the lowest setting. These arms are also off-set. It's a little bit straighter of an angle here on this side, and a little bit steeper of an angle on this side. And you can actually flip these around and install it on this side instead of how we have it.

And that'll give you a slight adjustment on how close the head is to your cab. We've got it in the furthest away position to give ourselves just a little bit more clearance, so we don't have an issue on our short-bed here.Once you've got your 5th wheel, you are going to need a rail kit. We've got it installed in our B&W custom-fit rail kit for our Silverado 2,500 here. So, if you're going to plan on getting a 5th wheel here, I highly recommend adding a rail kit to your cart as well, so you can get everything installed once you get it delivered to your place. Here, we have our 5th wheel assembly and it's going to fit right into our above-bed rail kit. We're using B&W's above-bed rail kit here, which you can find here at It is custom-fit for our Silverado. So all the brackets and hardware you need to get it installed are perfectly designed for this truck. And it's relatively easy to get it installed. To get our 5th wheel in place on our rails, we are going to use an extra set of hands here to lift up on it, we'll bring it forward, and then we'll line up the ears with our rails. And it'll just slide down into place onto those. And then we can secure it with the included pin and clip.Slide those through and secure them in place. With sliders like these, it is recommended to go from the inside out with your pins, just to ensure that when the mechanism slides it can't accidentally catch on your clip or anything like that. We'll repeat this with the rail on the other side, and then the two for the front rail here. Now that we've got our 5th wheel, all pinned into place, we're ready to hook up and hit the road. And that completes our installation of B&W's Patriot 5th wheel hitch on our 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2,500..

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