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B and W Gooseneck Hitch Safety Chain Kit Installation - 2021 Ford F-450 Super Duty

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How to Install a B and W Gooseneck Hitch Safety Chain Kit on a 2021 Ford F-450 Super Duty

Hi there, Ford owners. Today in your 2021 Ford F-450 Super Duty, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install B&W's OEM Puck System Gooseneck Ball and Safety Chain anchor kit. And, this is what our gooseneck kit looks like when it's installed. It is designed to work with the Ford, Nissan and Chevy OEM prep packages. We've got it on our F-450 here. And we can see our gooseneck ball slides into place as well as our safety chain attachments and they all slid in extremely easy.

This is one of the coolest kits as far as the operation. Everything's very smooth. B&W does a fantastic job machining its products. The ball here does pivot on the inside so it does give it a little bit more uh- locations to distribute wear as your trailer pivots around. You do wanna make sure you lubricate the ball before hooking up.

I do like the handle on it a lot. We'll take a look at some of the competitors here like Curt's. This is their OEM puck system kit here, we can see the differences between the ball. One of the things you're gonna notice right away is the machine ball here versus the chrome finish ball here on the Curt. If you like to look at the chrome, then that's probably a better option for you but the machining on this ...

it not only looks beautifully machined, but it operates like it's beautifully machined. The Curt one here, it works just fine. But the mechanism, this kinda flops around. It's all loose. It doesn't give you a feeling of, "Hey, this is a very very very precise machine component." This component does work just fine.

You can see the balls do go inside and with a twist, they pop out. So it's gonna function just fine. But as far as the smoothness of operation, and just the quality of how this product feels, how well it sits down in there. This ball here seems to have a little bit more play. Slips down in there. Seems to just kinda rotate a little more, versus our B&W. We've got just a . it's just a more solid fit. It just overall feels like a higher quality ball than what the Curt one is here. And the same feels too with the anchors. The Curt's are definitely some big heavy robust anchors, but the B&W's are much sleeker, they don't take out nearly as much space. They're uniform all the way around so you don't have one side just kinda sticking off. So, I do like these a lot better than . than the other competitors as well. The way they operate, it's just so smooth too in comparison. See how quick and easy it is to just take this guy and drop it in place. With Curt's, we gotta pull this pin, we gotta pull that pin, make sure we got it in the position we want it too and then put them all back together. It's not like it's a lot of extra steps and it doesn't take a whole lot extra time. But, when you're working all day, if you can eliminate a few of those steps; time is money, and that's energy that you're wasting messing with all these parts. You got more parts you could potentially lose. With the B&W, everything is all integrated together and I just really like the finish of it. It just looks like a nice quality product. The ball here from B&W is rated for 30,000 lbs, so that should be more than enough for most of your gooseneck trailers out there. We did talk about it compared to the Curt one, a little bit. Curt's also offers 30,000 lbs, but Curt has the exact same fit available in a 38,000 lbs model. So if you need that extra towing capacity, the Curt might be the better one for you. But I feel like if the quality of the product and smoothness of operation is what's most important to you, the B&W is gonna be a much nicer kit than the Curt. And to help combat against corrosion, all the components are either gonna be plated like you see here. It's almost like an anodized finish. That'll help combat against corrosion or they're gonna be constructed of stainless components like you can see the pins here and there are gonna be made of a stainless material. And that always gonna ensure that you have a long lasting operation of your unit, so it's nice and smooth for many years to come. Included with your kit, you are gonna get a carrying case as well. That's gonna keep all of your items together when you're not hauling your trailer. And I like that it does come with a case. This way, I've got some way all these together. So that way, I don't lose anything, misplace it. And the case can easily be stored underneath the back seat of my truck where it's gonna be out of the way and there when I'm ready to use it. And you can see how quickly all these parts just slide together and come apart and store inside the case. Now this is a OEM prep package so, in most situations you would likely just be putting back on your factory covers, but B&W does also provide a B&W cover for your gooseneck hole here. And it will fit in there so, you could go ahead and take your factory one, put it in the case and display your awesome B&W logo there. Everything will go back in place, snap up. And it's a nice strong cover. You could toss this thing around. You don't have to worry about that getting damaged. And quickly, you are back to a full truck bed with almost no work whatsoever. No tools required and everything's ready to carry along with you. We'll begin our installation by removing the covers from our prep package. We're just gonna use a flat plated screw driver to assist us 'cause they can be in there pretty . Pretty stiff and hard to get out. Once you get it popped up, usually comes off pretty easy but getting any fingernails under there can be a challenge. We're also gonna take off the ones here towards the back for our safety chain anchors. Now that we've got those removed, you can go ahead and leave the ring here on. You can remove it also. It's uh- It's just an aesthetic ring that's with the Ford vehicle. We've got out ball here with the handle in the upright position. That's gonna be for the release position. We can see the balls here do fall down inside of our hitch ball here which allows it to drop right into place on our factory prep package. To lock it in place, we'll push the lever over and then lower the handle down. That'll keep it in place. You can see that it does still rotate in there, but it's not gonna be able to come out of there. The handle makes everything nice an secure and it's also just a very smooth and quick operation. It makes removing the ball extremely easy, dropping it in extremely easy, and it feels very secure. I like how smooth the mechanism operates too. It's one of the things when you're working with a B&W product, you always notice just how smooth and well machined all the products are. Next we'll put in our safety chain anchors. Sometimes, the anchor can in with the ring in place and sometimes it can't. It just depends on the clearance. These rings do tend to get in the way of the safety chain anchors on a lot of the vehicles. In order to insert it, we'll first need to lift up on the center section here. That will allow the bottom to turn here. This is going to be the release position, we can see it's aligned all our parts up nice and straight so it fits down in the slot. Once we've got it dropped down in there, we do need to pivot the bottom. And it looks like we're not gonna be able to pivot it. And that's because of that ring there. It's holding it up too high. It's not uncommon that you have to take that ring off of there in order to get this to drop down in place. See how smooth and easy that works That ring was just causing a gap in between there that was allowing the mechanism not to work properly. We'll go ahead and insert the one on the other side in the same way. It can't turn or come out of there: It's locked in nice and solid. And that completes our look at B&W's OEM Puck System Gooseneck Ball and Safety Chain anchor kit on our 2021 Ford F-450 Super Duty..

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