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K-Source Back-Up Camera Installation - 2010 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install a K Source Back-Up Camera on a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on this 2010 Chevy Silverado we're going to install part number KSVS-8. The K Source Vision System mirror replacement. To start off our install we're going to go ahead and remove the original mirror. Theres a small torqued screw underneath the base of the screw where it attaches to the windshield. We'll go ahead and remove that screw then we can go ahead and take off the mirror. We'll go ahead and disconnect the wiring that goes to the mirror.

There's a small tab to push down then we can go ahead and pull it apart. Now with the factory wire harness that's left over we'll go ahead and tuck it underneath the headliner. We'll pull it down to the edge a little then just push it in with our fingers. Now we'll go ahead and install the new mirror. We'll slide the mirror into the existing mount and then tighten down the screw.

This screw uses a Phillips head. Now we'll go ahead and connect our wires to the new mirror. We're going to start off with a small plug with the three wires. We'll take a moment to tape the wires together into one nice big bundle. Then we'll go ahead and tuck the remaining wire underneath the headliner.

Work our way over to the edge we'll have to loosen up the panel there. Theres a small plug that we have to remove. We'll pop it loose then unbolt it from the inside and well pull the panel back just a little bit. We'll tuck our wire behind it and then work our way down to the side of the dash. We'll also go ahead and tuck it behind the weather stripping to help hide it.

Now we'll take the camera cable and plug it into the camera. We'll do the same thing, we'll hide it behind the headliner and then run it behind the plastic on the inside and then down toward the dash at the very bottom. There's a fuse panel on the side, we'll go ahead and pop it loose and we'll run our wires inside and out the bottom of the dash. Next we'll go ahead and run our wires to the outside. We'll have to cut a slit on the grommet on the firewall on the far left hand corner underneath the dash. We'll take a knife and cut through it then we'll go ahead and get underneath the hood and cut the grommet on the other side as well because there's two sides to the grommet. We're going to use a piece of heavy gauge wire and then we'll go ahead and tape our wire to it. Now this will be the wire with the three individual wires taped up. We're going to pull it from the inside out. Then we're going to take our second half of our camera cable and we're going to pull it back in. we'll use an extension cable, part number KSC12. We'll untape it and then plug the two ends together. Then we'll go ahead and tape the connector together making sure it doesnt get knocked loose. We'll tape it to the first wire as close as we can to the grommet then use that wire to pull it back through. Next we'll go ahead and get underneath the fuse box and connect our wires. We'll go ahead and use the light ester to verify the fuse is functioning. Going by the legion inside the lid of the fuse panel for reverse light circuit we're going to actually use the trailer brake light circuit. Then we'll go ahead and test it. Once we're sure it turns on we'll put it in reverse. In this case we found out that it only gets hot when it's reversed and the engines running. Now we'll go ahead and look for a heat ignition power source. The fuse panel says that theres a ignition miscellaneous. We'll test that and looks like we have power when the key is on the on position. To make our connections we're actually going to make a fuse tap. We're going to pull our original fuse. Well take the existing fuse and out it in the fuse tap along with a small preamp fuse and install the new fuse tap in it's place. We'll put it in place and then we'll go ahead and connect our wires to it. The fuse tap part number will be F2526. Next we'll go ahead and connect our wires. We'll connect our white wire to the fuse tap with the reverse function. Now we'll go ahead and install a 12 volt power supply thats switched with the key switch. We'll go ahead and take our red wire and connect it to the 12 volt power supply. Then we'll take our black wire and run it to the ground. Then we'll just run it to the sheet metal on the inside. Now well take our thicker camera cable and actually run that along the firewall down along the bottom and along the frame all the way up to the back of the license plate. We'll run it as far as we can and then leave it alone for now. Now we'll go ahead and install the camera on the license plate. The camera uses one of the license plates bolts to hold it in place. Now in this case this license plate had a frame. We'll have to remove the frame to install the camera and we'll leave the frame off. If you wanted to it maybe possible to make a cut out for the frame if you wanted to keep it. We'll go ahead and reinstall the license plate with the camera and then tuck the two remaining plugs behind the license plate. Well push them together as far as we can and we'll also use some tape to help protect the connections and help keep them together. Okay, everythings connected and maybe a few zip ties to help keep the wires out of the way and we can go ahead and test it out. Go ahead and start he engine and then we'll go ahead and put it in reverse and it looks like we have a picture. On the first test it looked like the picture was a little dark. There's a small knob on the bottom of the mirror off towards the right we can rotate it to make the picture brighter. With everything working that will finish it for our install of part number KSVS-8, the K Source Vision System mirror replacement on our 2010 Chevrolet Silverado.