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BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2015 Ram 3500

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How to Install the BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover on a 2015 Ram 3500

Today on our 2015 Ram 3500, we are going to be taking a look at, and also showing you how to install the BAK Industry's Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover. This is a roll up aluminum and vinyl cover, part number is BAK39213. The BAK Industry's Revolver X2 is one of the nicest Tonneau cover's out there on the market really. This is the newer design that they have come out with. This is almost like a hybrid design. We are going to have the look of a soft top cover, looks just like the old vinyl covers did. This is a really nice grade vinyl, it is going to offer us a lot of UV resistance, very flexible no matter the temperature.

We are not going to have to worry about cracking or anything like that. Underneath, it is nice and solid. There are individually aluminum slats that run across, to give us that nice solid surface all the way across the top. They are jointed so they will roll up nice and easy, so we get the benefits of a hard cover. All the security features of it, without having to sacrifice our entire bed, or having to pull off one of the hard shell Tonneau's, get it on and off.

It just really allows us to very rapidly, just in a few seconds, roll this up, get it up our of the way and have almost unobstructed access to the bed. The first step in our installation is going to be to install the bulk head seal that is going to come across the front of the bed here. I am going to use a little bit of rubbing alcohol and clean the bed cap off really well. You can do these with or without drop in bed liners. Here you can see we do have a drop in bed liner that has already been installed. For the main portion are going completely across, we are going to be using the thinner of the seals. Just start uncoiling it, we want to pull off the two red pieces on the back side, those kind of cover the adhesive.

Just going to place that right on that rear edge. Then what we will do is just trim that off right at the end of the bed cap, or that, at least the bed liner cap here. Set that aside. Then just to increase the water resistance factor of our cover, I want to fill in this little gap that is here on the outside edge on both sides. Without a bed liner it wouldn't be there, so we would just be running this thick seal all the way across.

In this case, let's just go ahead and give ourselves every opportunity for weather protection. It's nice because those are going to line up perfectly now, so we will have a good seal all the way across. Do the same thing over on the driver side. We have got our custom rails that we are going to put in place. As you can see they have done a really good job on these of making sure that we have got the appropriate spacers and things like that, that we need in here to get a great fit on the truck. This is the part we are actually going to be bolting the cover to. This is going to go towards the front, we want that longer oblong hole to go towards the front. Small pad right here on the end, that is going to go right up against the front of the bed of the truck and then this rail will just kind of sit over the top. There is a nice grove right here, we have also got a weatherproof seal that is going to help keep off those elements and things like that. We will place the rail right up on the edge of the truck there and then again, move that all the way forward, as far forward as we can get it. You can see how the rail is going to sit right over the top edge of the outside of the bed. What we are going to do is get that pushed as far forward as possible and I have got just a couple spring clamps, just slide those up on there to kind of help hold it in place while we get our clamps on. Then we are going to take our clamps, each clamp is going to have some teeth that are grooved in there, that is designed to fit in the groves on the underside of the rails. We want to be sure to get those fully engaged, slide our clamp as far forward as possible, then we will just hand tighten this clamp for now. Just put a touch of torque on it to hold it in place well for us. We can move on down, positioning one directly in the middle and then one as far back as we can get it. Now we will grab our torque wrench and get rid of our spring clamps and we are going to torque our nuts down to the specifications that we will find in our instructions. As we do that, we want to press down on that rail to make sure it is fully seated right down on top of the bed cap. All right, that is all there is to getting this driver side rail installed, now let's head over to the passenger side and we will repeat that exact same process. With both sides of our rails installed, we are ready to get our Tonneau cover put up into place. Grab an extra set of hands there, bring it up, and we just want to set it right down on the rails. The black tabs are going to sit right inside of those channels. With that resting in there properly, let's go ahead, start unrolling our cover here. With our cover laid our on the truck here, we are going to take the hardware, there is going to be 4 bolts provided. We are going to slide 2 in here on the passenger side. There are the tracks that run all the way across, easy to get them slid in there. Got those 2 out and then I am going to do the same thing over for my driver side, just like that. Now we will rotate that forward, and as we do, those bolts are going to go through those oblong holes that are in the top of the rails. Just like that. We are going to fine tune the alignment of the cover, as far as forward and back goes. What we are looking for is for the front edge of the hard part of that Tonneau to be lined up with the front edge of our rail. We don't want to deal with the rubber seal, we don't want to use that as our mark, we want to use the actual cover itself. As you can see, it is going to need to come back a little bit. What I am going to do is just roll up my cover a little bit here, without moving that at all. Once we have that positioned where we want it, we are going to take one of our rubber flat washers, one of our regular flat washers, and one of our nylon lock nuts, and we are going to put it on each of those 4 bolts that we brought down through our bracket. We are just going to keep those hand tight for now, get all 4 of them in place. With our front hardware loosely installed there, let's roll out our cover and see how it lines up. Should roll freely without any interference or anything. We can make little adjustments just by moving it side to side here. Once we are happy with the alignment on everything, if it looks good where it is as there, let's go ahead and get it rolled up and we will tighten down our nylon lock nuts. With those secure, let's roll it out one more time, just to make sure it is still properly aligned. Then we also want to check and make sure that our catches are fully engaging under our rail, which you can see there. Now, roll it on back and press down firmly on both corners, make sure our locks engages, you can see there, we have got a good secure fit. Make sure our tail gate still has full functionality and we want to ensure that we have got a good seal across the top. I am just going to go from the back to the front or the front to the back and we just want to lift up gently on this outside edge, this is going to ensure that all of our tabs are interlocking and locked down. If it is not, we need to readjust it, but this is lined up really well, it looks really good. We are ready to go ahead and put on our securing strap. For the straps that secure our Tonneau in place, we will want to roll the cover up. The straps for securing our top are attached to a clip that is just like the ones we used to hold on our side rails, and they operate in the same fashion. Just loosen that us, place it up on the rail. Typically this is going to go right behind that front clamp. Secure it in place and there you will see we have got our buckle, and that will go right up over, getting everything nice and secure. I will do the same thing for our passenger side. The buckles are going to clip right into the other side of the buckle there, that is attached to the vehicle, then we can just pull up whatever slack we have got, feed the tag in, it is going to go right through that cam buckle. Pull out whatever slack we have got there, and then just cam that over. As you can see, that is going to hold it there nice and steady for us. As you can see with both of our straps secure, it is going to do a great job of keeping this from moving forward and back. We also have an extra level of protection. Let's go ahead and take our securing straps off here. If we didn't have those secured, if we we're to roll our top all the way forward, it still doesn't want to come in contact with the rear of the vehicle. Just in case anything we're to ever happen, what we are going to do is find the area in which it would hit the back of the vehicle first. That is going to be this slot and this slot, and what we will do is just take the provided D pads. We are going to place those right on the cover, on those 2 slots, closest to where it would make contact. For bed results here, you are going to want to use some rubbing alcohol. Just kind of push them down on there really well. Now, if in any event that this we're to actually roll all the way up and make contact, we would have good protection there and we don't have to worry about the back of the cab. With everything lined up and working properly, that is going to complete today's installation of the BAK Industry's Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau cover, part number BAK39213, on our 2015 RAM 3500.

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