BAK BAKBox Collapsible Truck Bed Toolbox Installation - 2015 GMC Sierra 3500

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How to Install the BAK BAKBox Collapsible Truck Bed Toolbox on a 2015 GMC Sierra 3500

Today on our 2015 GMC Sierra 3500 HD we'll be taking a look at and installing the BAKBox 2 Collapsible Truck Bed Toolbox for BAKFlip Tonneau Covers, part number BAK92120. The BAKBox Collapsible Truck Bed Toolbox is the perfect way to secure your gear and keep your tools organized under your tonneau cover. With the easy no-drill installation and the hardware included, it's designed to fit within your tonneau frame reels so it's going to fit the BAKFlip, the Roll-X, and the Revolver-X 2 Tonneau Covers. The sliding tray can be used to store small items and if we'd like, the front panel folds down to act as a shelf. Or if we need the use for the full truck bed, we can fold the front panel over the back and then we've got the room. It's 60 inches long by 10 inches wide by 10 inches deep. It has a 400 pound weight capacity.

It's constructed of a half-inch thick fiber glass reinforced polymer, so it's going to be UV resistant and corrosion resistant. When you don't need to access your tools, they're out of sight and protected with the tonneau cover is closed and your tailgate's locked. Now that we've gone over some features I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. Let's roll back our tonneau cover to give us some room to work. We just want to make sure and roll it all the way up or fold it up, whichever BAKFlip tonneau cover you're working with. To get started, a few things we're going to need here is the large plate that you see here, two 2-inch bolts, the clamping plate (the one that corresponds with whatever tonneau cover you're working with; we're working with the Revolver today so we're going to use the one that says C), the two u-nuts, and a Phillips screwdriver.

We'll take our large bracket and our clamping bracket. We're going to make sure that the holes you see there are in this position here. We're going to take our u-nuts, we're going to clip them on the sides like that. Want to make sure that the pointed end of the u-nut is facing that way as you see there. Then we'll turn it around.

We'll take our 2-inch bolt. We're just going to run it through like this and get that loosely installed. Put our other one in here. Now according to our instructions, the clamping bracket goes toward the end here and this is the portion that's going to go towards our cap. So you need to have it closer to the tailgate, as you see here.

Now everything we do here, we're just going to repeat that same process on the other side. All right. We've got our left and right side ready to go and assembled the way they should. They're just going to go up in the bed like this. Let's go ahead and head up there. Now with our clamp loosely installed on our large plate, we're going to go ahead and set it into position. These tabs on top of the large plate, we're going to slide into the groove right here until it kind of fits right into position. That way we can slide it all up and down that little track inside there. There's another track kind of in there but the main one's going to be above it, that way you can easily slide it like that. It's just going to kind of hang there. Now if you're working with the Revolver tonneau cover, as we are here today, it's recommended that you run your strap that holds the tonneau cover through the center. That way you can get your utility box slid all the way forward as much as it will go. Now you don't have to but that's the way we're going to do ours here today. With that in position, let's go ahead and tighten it down with our Phillips screwdriver. What we want to do is tighten them both down evenly, that way we can ensure a nice, snug fit. Now with that in place, let's go ahead and tighten up our screws a little bit. We don't want to tighten them all the way just yet because we may need to adjust it a little bit. We'll just get them snug for now and repeat that same process for the other side. Now let's go ahead and set our three panels in position. We need to make sure that our hook and loop fastener is facing toward the tailgate as you see here. I'm going to come down to my large plates and then I'm going to start unfolding the panels a little bit as I guide them down in. Now it's a good thing to go ahead and place it in evenly, that way it doesn't get cocked. Then once we get into position, we can fold it out the rest of the way. Now in setting the panels in place, it can be kind of flimsy because they're loosely installed. Let's go ahead, fold it up, and clip on the hook and loop fastener on both sides. Then we'll finish folding out the third panel. To help hold that up, I found it was easiest just to go ahead and place in the tray, just to kind of hold everything open a little bit. Just like that. Now let's go ahead and finish installing our hardware. On the inside of our utility box, we've got four pre-drilled holes on both sides. We've got two on top and then two on bottom. What we need to do is we'll take our 1-inch screw and our nut, and we're going to put that through here on the inside and it's going to go through the slot of our large plate, and we can put the nut on back. Now we're going to do that for the other three. Let's go ahead and repeat that same process on the other side. Now with all eight bolts in place on the inner portion of our panel, we can go ahead and tighten them down. Now to tighten these ones down with the nut on the backside you're going to need a 9 millimeter wrench. We'll put the wrench on the back side, we'll take our Phillips screwdriver, and tighten it down. Now we can adjust or fine tune our large plate here on the side, just to make sure it fits the panels evenly. That looks pretty good. Get those nice and snug and then we'll repeat that same process on the other side. Now with the panels tightened down to our plates, we can make any adjustments we may need in the utility box itself. Once we've got it in position, we can finish tightening our two bolts on the sides. That's going to prevent it from sliding up and down on our track. That's going to complete our look and install of the BAKBox 2 Collapsible Truck Bed Tool Box on our 2015 GMC Sierra 3500 HD, part number BAK92120.

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