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BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2020 Ram 1500

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How to Install a BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Tonneau Cover on a 2020 Ram 1500

Adam: What's going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the BAKFlip MX4 Hard Tonneau Cover on our 2020 Ram 1500. So this is going to be a great addition to your guys' Ram one, because it looks awesome, but we're going to get a bunch of different features with this tonneau cover as well. One is going to be security. This is a hard tonneau cover, and we have an air space grade aluminum. It's going to be about a half inch thick and it's going to be filled with foam as well.

So it's going to be extremely, extremely sturdy. And if you guys have a locking tailgate, you guys can lock all your contents on the inside as well.It is going to be a quad fold. So we're going to be able to pull these little guys here to get it undone. And we don't really have to worry about getting both hands underneath there. So if you guys are on the side of your pickup, you can just pull one side and it's going to undo both.

So you have this one for that side, this one for this side. Makes it super easy just for undoing it on the side. And all of them are going to be like that.And it's going to just be nice, just because we don't have to deal with a tonneau cover that we can't really use our bed as we would before. This way we can fold it up whenever we don't really need to have it completely folded down. We are going to have different ways of keeping it upright.

We are going to have some prop rods too, to put in there, I'll go over that later. But it's just all in all a really good tonneau cover. And I would definitely recommend it to you guys to put on your truck just because it's going to protect your stuff. And it's also going to look good as well.One thing with truck beds, if you guys have ever noticed, one day it was about fall, had a bunch of leaves in the bed of my truck. Started driving down the highway.

I thought they're all going to blow out, but there's a big chunk of them still right here. That's an air pocket. So with having this tonneau cover on here, it's going to actually help your guys' fuel economy. So we're not going to have that little air pocket behind our cab. So whenever we do have it completely down, it could get you guys more MPGs, which is always a plus when it comes to trucks. But also, it's just going to feel better whenever we're driving down the road. With our tonneau cover completely closed, we still are able to open and close our tailgate. And this is still going to get us a nice seal right here, so you don't really have to worry about a whole lot of water getting in there.But one thing that's nice about this one. We have a couple options when it comes to how we can have it whenever we're driving. So obviously just like this we're going to be able to drive, of course. But if we pull this up a couple folds, we're actually going to be able to fold it like this, take this little clip here and closer to our cab. We're going to have a little slot to put that clip.And this is just going to secure it in this position. If you guys are maybe using a fifth wheel or a gooseneck, or just rather just have a lot of your stuff up and open and exposed, maybe you're throwing some bikes back here. I don't know. All I know is that we can actually fold this up and be able to use some of the contents of our bed as well. Another thing we can do, we can fold it back one more time. We'll take a closer look at these props here, leaning up against it. The nice thing about this, it's going to stay put here and we actually have a nice little housing just to kind of put it down when we're not using it, but this is going to be great for, obviously we're going to have a little bit of movement here, but if we loosen this knob, slide this up, kind of just put that down like that and tighten our knob. Just from doing one of them on one side, we're getting a lot more stability and it's kind of going to just keep this folded portion up.Yes, we're not going to really be able to see out of the back of our back glass here. Not necessarily ideal, but I did just want to show you guys, we do have those options here. So with our tonneau cover completely folded up, as you guys can see, we're not really using a whole lot of space on the inside of our bed of the truck. It's only really going to sit in about an inch and three quarter inches from the inside lip of the rail of the bed of the truck. And it's really sitting up, not hardly a couple centimeters at most. So even if you guys are like me and you guys like to maybe just kind of gather around your guys' truck after you guys are maybe gone on a big bike ride or something like that, maybe you're just golfing. You throw your bags in the back and you guys just like to sit around and talk.We're not really going to have those big old rails right here that are just going to allow you not to sit down or just kind of conjugate around the bed of your truck. So just know whenever we have this installed and you flip it up, we're really not using a whole lot of space in our bed. What really sets this tonneau cover apart in my opinion is just the fact that it takes care of all that water that you guys might get that might be seeping through. We have extremely nice seals on our rails here and on our tonneau cover, but whatever water does collect, it's going to feed down through this little tube and you run it through this little gate here that's going to just dump it right back on the road. So it's going to keep your contents of the bed of your truck dry, which is always a plus.So one thing I would recommend you guys getting for the Ram, one is this bed mat. I was installing the tonneau cover initially, and it was extremely hard on my knees, and whenever I sat down it wasn't too comfortable. So I actually went ahead and grabbed a bed mat, threw it in there and it just made everything a lot easier. And as you can see, a bunch of scratches and stuff too. So if you really want to take care of the inside of your bed, I'd say, grab one of these mats.Another really cool thing that actually goes with this tonneau cover specifically, it's called the back box too. It's a little tiny toolbox that actually goes up underneath the tonneau cover itself, but where a toolbox usually would be all the way up towards the cab of our truck. Super, super cool. So if you guys are like me and like to have a toolbox, you guys can and also have a hard tonneau cover.So if you guys are really trying to set your Ram apart from all the others on the road, I would definitely suggest getting a tonneau cover. And I really do think that the BAKFlip MX4 is just going to have the most amount of features that I would really want. And just the fact that it was extremely easy to use and we're not losing any functionality of the bed of our truck hardly at all.So let's go ahead and show you guys how easy it is. So maybe you guys can go ahead and do it at home. So the first thing we want to do is take our seal here. If you guys don't have a drop-in liner, what we're going to do is take the seal and we're going to put it right here, just so we can block out as much water as possible.Pretty self-explanatory, we're going to have one side, it's going to be the sticky side. We're going to peel off the tape, do our best to keep it as even as possible. If you guys haven't cleaned off your surface, do so. We don't want any dust or debris or anything like that to be in between our adhesive and the truck bed itself. Once we have all that cleaned, you can go ahead and start putting this on. We are going to try to keep it as even as possible and as straight as we can and we are going to have plenty of excess. So whenever we do get to the end here, we can go ahead and cut off whatever we really don't need.Now this next step is optional if you guys want, but we do have some rubber bumpers here. What we can do, we're going to have thin ones and thick ones. We'd go ahead and either put the sick ones on this side, or just use the thin ones that you see here. We already have some installed, but we have more in the kit if you guys want to protect your bed a little bit more, but now we're going to go ahead and take the rail. And we want to make sure that this side is going to be facing towards the cab of our truck.And we are going to have a little marker over here. We're going to have one that's going to say left, one that's going to say right. So just make sure you're grabbing the right one. And then we can go ahead and put it up into place. We want to push it all the way towards the bed of the truck that's against our cab here. And then we can go ahead and take our mounting hardware and get those into place. Now we're going to go ahead and take our mounting hardware. We want to make sure that the nut is going to be facing towards the side of our bed of the truck. And as you can see, we have these little lips here and it's going to just sit up right in between this bottom lip here. You can see the little ribs here, and of course the other end is going to go behind the bed of our truck on the rail.So I like to start with the middle one, just because it's pretty much going to hold the whole rail up into place just by putting this one on. It isn't the easiest task by yourself, but I think I can get it done. But if you do have an extra set of hands it might make it a little bit easier on you. Once we get it kind of into place and get it somewhat tightened down by our hand, we're going to go ahead and tighten it up with a 14 millimeter socket. Now we can go ahead and do two more, one at the back end of our tailgate and one at the front end of our bed.So now we're going to go ahead and hook up this hose here. What is this hose for It's actually going to take all the water that the talent cover is going to take in whenever it's raining or something like that. and it's going to run down this rails into this little tube. And I'm actually going to put it into this little hole here, so it's going to drain back onto the road. You don't get that with a lot of tonneau covers and I definitely liked the feature. It isn't the easiest thing to get it in here. I suggest just kind of wiggling it, twisting it back and forth. Put it in there a little bit farther than what you need.And then you can go ahead and pull it out, attach it to this little piece here, and we're going to do that on both sides. And that's just going to allow that water to go in there and go back on the road and stay out of your bed.Next thing that we got to do is just take your tonneau cover. I'm going to go ahead and lift it up into the bed of our truck. And we're going to go ahead and lay it down on the rails here. We want to make sure that we have the right sides going down. An easy way to tell that is we are going to have one panel that's going to have this little track and our little knob here. And on the other end of it's going to be a little smaller flap. This is what we're going to put down towards our cab. We're going to do our best to kind of line it up the best we can. And you guys will feel whenever it gets put into the track, and you kind of hear it too, as we fold this back, there's the little flap. We just want to make sure that's going to go all the way to our seal that we put down first. Kind of slide it forward a little bit.And we are going to do some minor adjustments, but just for now we just want to get it on those rails and lined up the best we can. We're going to make sure it lines up perfectly here in a second. Now we can go ahead and just pretty much unfold all these out and hopefully it's going to start snapping into place for you guys. Kind of let you know that you're kind of on the right track to getting it lined up perfectly even, kind of like that. And we just remove the foam that's in there if you guys have it already.Now, with everything kind of aligned the way we want to, we can go ahead and start flipping it up. Then we can go ahead and start installing some more of our hardware. So now we're going to go ahead and install these here, and how we're going to be doing it is exactly how you see it. This is going to go on top of our tonneau cover. We're going to have a little rubber washer on top, and then the rest of this hardware is going to go and we're going to insert it from the bottom. So, I'm going to go ahead and unscrew this, take this, there's a pre-drilled hole up here. We're going to poke it through and there is going to be on the underneath of this a little padded piece that we're going to have to poke it through, just like that. And the rest is going to be installed from underneath, but we're going to do the same exact thing on both of our sides.So this piece of rubber insulator, it was just sitting here and that's what we we're poking through earlier, but I didn't really poke a hole through it. I actually ended up having to cut a little slot through. Then you can kind of just fold this little tab up and slide it around like that. And then just go ahead and fold it down. It makes it a lot easier and we get a clean hole going through, so we keep that seal against that metal underneath. So now we're going to go rubber washer, big washer. And then we're going to have a pressure washer on the end here. Slide that on and then take our knob and start threading that onto that screw.Now we're going to go ahead and secure our clips here and align them up with these two holes. And on top we're going to have the little screws, just a little Phillips bit like that, but they're not going to thread into the tonneau cover itself. So underneath what we're going to be doing is we're going to take these threaded little portions and we're going to go from underneath and feed them through and then screw them down from up top.So now for our last and final step of the installation process, when we fold it all the way up, we're actually hitting the back glass. So that's why we had these three little strips here. So I'm going to take one of them and place it right where it's making contact. It's going to be on this lip here. So take the little strip off the back best you can. And place that exactly where it is hitting. We're going to put this on the tonneau cover, not the truck itself, just in case we want to remove it. And as you can see, the gap kind of gets bigger as we come out. So I'm actually just going to go ahead and put all three of these right next to each other, because we're not going to have any other contact on the outsides of it. So I think it's unnecessary to put it there.But depending on what kind of truck you guys got, it might change. On a Ram here this is definitely going to be the best bet. Now, whenever we fold it up, got a nice padded surface. So we're not going to damage our tonneau cover or back glass. And once we're done with that, if everything's lining up, as you can hear it is, that's pretty much all you really need to do to install it on your pickup. And that's pretty much going to do it for a look at the BAKFlip MX4 Hard Tonneau Cover on our 2020 Ram 1500.

Peter N.


I have a 6'4'' box with 5th wheel puck system , Will my 5th wheel trailer hit the MX4 when in full folded back stage ? My truck is a Ram 2500 , 2020

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


We haven't tested this out, but when I've reached out to BAK Industries in the past they recommend going with the Revolver X2 # BAK39213 or X4 # BAK79213 for 5th wheel towing because these will provide more clearance in the bead and you won't have any issues with the pin box or trailer coming into contact with the cover when it's rolled up.

John T.


Does it make a difference if the truck has a sprayed in bedliner? I have a 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie with the bed utility group (4 adjustable cargo tie-down hooks, box lighting, and spray-in bedliner).

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


A factory spray-in bed liner won't cause any fit issues with the BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover # BAK448223 .

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