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Bargman 6-Way Molded Connector with Cable Installation

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How to Install the Bargman 6-Way Molded Connector with Cable

Today on This Old Boat Trailer, we're going to review and install part number 50-61-104. This is a 6-way molded connector with cable for a trailer from Bargeman. This is our wire connector right here. It's got a total length of four foot. Common 6-pole connector right here on the end and for reference, this little hook on top always points to the top, or the lid, on your typical connector on your towing vehicle. Pretty common design. It's all molded so it's all completely sealed up.

You don't have to worry about any connections going bad on the inside here. The only connection you need to make to your trailer will be the ones at the very end right here. Our trailer here has a 4-pole wire harness that's going to be upgraded to a 6-pole. Basically we just need to go ahead and remove it. This 4-pole is going to be quite common on boat trailers and you'll notice it actually has five wires coming out of a 4-pole. These two brown wires are part of the split harness design where it goes to a left and a right hand design to it.

In this case at the end here, all we need to do is actually keep these wires together. We don't need our 4-pole, so we'll go ahead an remove it as well as some excess wiring then we'll go ahead and make our wire connections. Now for our fist circuit where we have the two running light wires or the two brown wires running together, we're actually going to use a heat-shrink inaudible 01:23 connector on those. We're using part number DW05745-5. I'll strip the back. Take you two wires here. We'll just have to give it a little twist.

Take our inaudible 01:45 connector, put it into place, and crank it down. Let's get our other wires ready in the same fashion. After the rest of the wire connections, then we'll just have two wires going together. We'll be using a different gauge of heat shrink inaudible 02:04 connector. We'll be using part number DW05744-5. Now at this point all the wires on the trailer are ready to attach to our new 6-pole connector.

Let's go ahead and cover our wires and our functions and we'll make our attachments at the same time. Our white wire's going to ground to the frame of the trailer. Next up we're going to do the brown wire from our 6-pole connector. That's going to be your running light circuit. That's going to match up pretty good to your brown wires here. The yellow wire's going to be left turned. Now we'll match it to yellow on the 6-pole. A right turn. We're going to be doing the green. Right now you'll notice you have two leftover wires. These can be used for either a total power supply to charge a circuit or a battery in the trailer maybe or it can be used for a break controller output to control the breaks on a trailer. All right, so since our trailer's not going to use these two wires, I'm going to simply just cut them short. Leave them along for now. We'll go and apply heat to our heat-shrink inaudible 03:28 connectors and we'll pick everything up and put everything into place. That's when I want to secure my cable by using this aluminum clamp. This is part number A0500. Person preference on how you mount it, but I think I want to do it like this right here. We self tightening screw to put everything in place. Now I'm going to apply power to our connector and double check to make sure they work. First check the running light circuit. Your right turn signal and break and left turn signal and break. Okay, and with that, the inaudible 04:27 for a 6-molded connector from Bargeman. Part number 50-61-104 on this boat trailer.