Bargman Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2019 GMC Sierra 3500

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How to Install the Bargman Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2019 GMC Sierra 3500

Jake: Hey guys, it's Jake here at etrailer. Today we have a 2019 GMC Sierra 3500 and we're going to be installing and talking a little bit more about the Bargman 90 degree seven pull plug that's going to be mounted on the inside of your bed. Now what this is going to be great for is if you're holding a gooseneck or a fifth wheel camper, you're not going to have to drape that seven way plug over your tailgate and plug it into your factory plug. You're going to have one nice conveniently located on the inside of your bed so you can keep the wiring all on the inside.Now what's seen in the bed, it's just going to be the face of the plug. The lid itself is going to have a very, very tight spring in it. The inside of the cap is going to have a nice rubber O ring so that it seals nice and tight on the inside so that you don't get any water in.

You'll notice here on the bottom, if any water we're to get in, it does have a little escape route, so that doesn't hold into corroding your connections on the inside.What's going to set this seven-way apart from others is that it's going to have a 90 degree angle directly on the backside of this plug. What that is designed for, it's for limited clearance. It's also designed to help to protect the wiring, so your wiring's not just going to be connected to the back of the seven pull and draped looped down into the cavity in our wheel well. It's actually going to have a rubber 90 degree collar on it to protect the wiring so they don't pull out of the backside of the seven pull.Now what I like about this particular position that we chose here, first of all, it's only going to stick up about three quarters of an inch off the side of your bed, but I did choose this location very specifically first off because our customer is a landscaper, so he does haul mulch and rock and sod in the bed of his truck, so he wanted it up high so he doesn't have to worry about it being covered whereas wiring getting covered when he has a load in the bed.Another reason for this position is it's actually going to sit behind the level of this part of the bed, so I would recommend when choosing a spot, don't choose the furthest most in spot on your bed. Choose either the first step in or even in here further so that it's protected so that if you have anything sliding around in the bed of your truck, your plug doesn't get damaged.You can see here when we plug our seven pull in, we're going to have this little notch and a little tab on the top that's going to catch on the top of our plug so that our plug doesn't come unplugged.

What's nice about the installation is just simply going to plug into the back of your seven-way. It is going to be a plug and play application, so there's no need for any wiring or anything like that. You are not going to have any issues with your seven-way functions. They're all going to be the same as before how you just going to have that extra benefit in the bed of your truck.Now one thing I would recommend before starting an installation, just to give you a little bit more room because it does have a nine foot cord, is to lower your spare tire. So how you do that on the 2019 GMC, you'll take your key, remove this lock, and then take your spare tire tool, stick it in there, and lower your spare tire down.Now to start installation, your kit is going to come with an extension collar.

It's going to be about a quarter inch in diameter. What we can do, this is going to be the same thickness as our bracket itself. So it's going to help us to find a great fitment because this is going to be a little awkward to be able to put it up against the side of our bed to accurately find a flat spot.Our customer here is wanting it as high as possible because he is a landscaper and put stuff in his bed. So we're going to put it right here below this knockout. You can see I marked a hole there and we can take our hole saw.

Your directions are going to say to use a two inch hole saw. I've installed several of these before and the plugs are not going to fit through a two inch hole saw, so two and a quarter or two and three eighths is going to be just fine to be able to get that plug through.Now you do want to be careful when drilling all the way through the inside of your bed that you don't just let the drill take hold. You may end up denting the outside of your bed so you just want to be cautious.And then we're going to clean up our work area before we go any further.Now we're going to take a file and grind off all these sharp burrs so that it doesn't damage our wiring when we're feeding it down through it. Now with all of our burrs off, we're going to take a paint marker. You can take some clear black spray paint and we're going to spray this paint this bare metal so that we don't have to worry about any rust. Now we can take our wiring and start feeding it down through our hole. Easier to take the longer one first side in the hole, just feed it down below.Now what this space here, what it's designed to do, as you can see, ours has a nice tight fit up against our side of our bed here. If you run into an issue like I just noticed when I drilled the hole, I noticed there's a little piece of metal from this pocket here and I thought I was going to have issues running into it with this angle, but what this is designed to do is if you can't get it flushed all the way, you slide this on, slide it into place, and what it's going to do is it's going to keep that wire from going as far into the hole. Hopefully, you still have a nice clean install with this spacer, but we're not going to need it. So go ahead and put our self tapping screws that are included in the kit.You don't want to over tighten these because you will break the heads off.Now we've got our four screws in, we can go ahead and go underneath and get all our wires connected. I'm going to go ahead and take our wiring and we're going to run it to where our seven pull is on the back of our vehicle because this is going to be an adapter plug. We unplugged the seven pull and then plug these two in. We just need to route it.We are working on an duly today, so we do have quite a bit more space then your standard regular bed would be, but just get it routed over. You want to zip tie it along the way, you can. I would highly recommend it, but once we get over here to get our plug out, we need to push on this little gray tab. I know it's probably hard to see. Here we go. Pull this gray piece off and now we can push on this black tab and unplug it.We're going to take some dielectric grease and put it on all of our connections. This is just going to help to make for a nice clean connection and to help to resist corrosion. We take the plug that we just installed and do the same thing. We can take the plug in our kit, take the male end, plug it into the plug we just took out of our truck, plug it in, make sure it snaps into place. Now we can take our female in and plug it into our truck. Again, making sure it clicks into place. We'll take that gray plastic piece and put it back under our new plug. Once we get that piece back in place, we can go ahead and start zip tie in our wiring up and out of the way.Now all you've got to do is test it out. We've got a seven way tester here, which you can do at home as you can just simply plug it into your trailer to make sure you're getting all the proper light functions from your new plug. So here we have our running lights, our brake lights, our left turn, and our right turn.

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