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Blue Ox Alpha 2 Tow Bar Installation - 2018 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Blue Ox Alpha 2 Tow Bar on a 2018 Ford F-150

Hey everybody. How is it going Today, we're gonna be going over the Blue Ox alpha two tow bar here on a 2018 Ford F-150. So the tow bar is just one of the many components that we'll need to successfully flat tow our vehicle. A list of the other components are gonna be safety cables if our tow bar doesn't come with them, thankfully, this one does. We'll need a baseplate kit for the vehicle. We'll need a wiring harness to activate the lights, and we'll also need a braking system in most states.

So out of all of those components, the tow bar is definitely an important one. This is gonna be what physically connects our vehicle from the baseplates to the trailer hitch on the motor home. So it really does have a lot of responsibility. Therefore, you'll wanna take some time when you're selecting one so you can get the best of fit for you. So the alpha two has several great features.

The first of which I like is the triple log design. Now, you can see here, we have a much thicker center peg here followed by two smaller ones on the outside, and those are gonna match up perfectly with the two pegs coming from the removable arm for our baseplate. Now, there's a lot of different in-links on tow bars and baseplate kit arm designs, but this triple log one here, it makes it nice and secure, and it's also pretty easy to line up and hook up each time. So working our way back from the trailer connection, we have our inner arms inside this boot here, which you're gonna extend and slide into our outer arm. So the Blue Ox tow bars, in particular, the alpha two, they have really long arms compared to some of the other tow bar options.

And what those longer arms do is they make maneuvering a little bit easier. You don't have as much space between your truck here, and the motor home. So you're not gonna have to worry about any tight turns, the two coming into contact with one another. So it's definitely easier to have those longer arms. It also helps when we're hooking up 'cause we don't have to get as close to the motor home.

And then working our way back here, we have our non-binding latches. So these are really gonna be a lifesaver. Once you get done towing, we're out in the highway, we're pulling into the camp ground, we're ready to unhook our truck here. Unless you are completely flat, chances are you're not gonna be able to pull that pin out until you break the tension free. With this design here, it's a nice little spring loaded pin, it's very easy to maneuver. And what we're gonna do is the arms are gonna be locked out when we're finished towing. So we need to break the tension. And we can easily do that here just by pressing down on that lever. That's gonna remove the tension and then we can easily remove our pin here. And then as you'll see throughout the tow bar, all of our metal components have a nice, durable, black powder coated finish. It's really important that finish is gonna hold up over time because tow bars are definitely gonna be one of the more abused items. I mean, it's a pretty heavy thing, so it is kind of hard to maneuver. Once we get done unhooking the arms, sometimes they'll fall to the ground. So overall it is gonna get some scratches over time. So it's important that we have a durable coating that'll protect the metal underneath from rust. So now that we've gone over a couple of features about the tow bar, we'll show you how easy it is to unhook. First thing we're gonna do is we're gonna take our safety cables. They have that little keeper, you just press that down, and then you can just remove them from the convenience sleek on our baseplate kit. And then assuming we already have it done, we need to go ahead and release the tension there using the lever that we showed you earlier. This should allow us to lift open the pin here and then pull this pin straight out. And then sometimes over time, the tow bar kind of wears out and those will drop to the ground, but when it's nice to new, they do stay tight and they support themselves. Just to keep in mind that when you're unhooking it. So we got this side out. We'll just repeat those same few steps over on the other side. And once we have both sides hooked up, we can actually store this tow bar on the motor home. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna simply pull up here. We're gonna collapse the arms together. Now, we'll say when your tow bar is new, all those bushings are gonna be super tight, so it's gonna take some force to do that, but over time as you get somewhere into it, it is gonna make that a little bit easier. But if we look down here on the tow bar, you're gonna see this single metal peg, and that's actually gonna line up with the slot here in the bracket, on the shank of our tow bar. So all we do is simply line that up and they need to go over to one side then we'll go straight back and then we can actually store either this side or that side when it's not being used. We have our exhaust over here so I think I'm going to rotate it down like so. Then now, so we don't lose our pins, we could easily just stick those into the ears of the tow bar there so we never misplace them. So while we have the tow bar here stored on the motor home, we have the arm set aside. If you plan on leaving this tow bar attached to your motor home permanently, first of all, I would recommend you replace the standard hitch pin that comes in the kit with a locking hitch pin. And number two, you can actually get a cover that goes over the tow bar here that'll keep everything nice and protected from the elements. So in regards to weight capacity, our Blue Ox alpha two here is gonna be rated for 6,500 pounds. So it's gonna be an excellent fit for most F-150s. You will however wanna go ahead and verify the vehicle's capacity in the tag and the driver door jam just to make sure you don't exceed that rating. So in regards to compatibility, the alpha two here is gonna be directly compatible with Blue Ox baseplates. However, if you have a baseplate from another manufacturer such as Demco or Roadmaster, you can still utilize this tow bar, but you will need an adapter. Most of those consist of simply replacing on the tow bar. Make sure you check out our selection here at Etrailer, should you find yourself in a scenario where you do need an adapter. So keep in mind here, when we're hooking up our tow bar, we do need the arms to be within three inches of level. Now, how we determine this is you simply measure from the ground to the center of the receiver tube on the motor home, and then from the ground to the center of the baseplate kit here on the vehicle. So those two measurements need to be within three inches of one another. If they're not, that's totally fine. You can purchase a high-low adapter to bridge that gap, which we sell here at Etrailer. However, you will see for our particular setup here, it's gonna be pretty level as it is, so thankfully we didn't need that additional adapter. And that's gonna do it today for our look at the Blue Ox alpha two tow bar here on a 2018 Ford F-150..

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