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Blue Ox Tow Bar Installation - 2014 Ford Edge

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How to Install the Blue Ox Tow Bar on a 2014 Ford Edge

Today on our 2014 Ford Edge, we're going to be installing the Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar with a motor home mount and rated for 6500 pounds. Part number BX7365. We're here at the back of our motor home. We're going to need to insert the tow bar into our receiver hitch here. Go ahead and line up the hole, slide the pin through, and put the clip on it as well. You may notice that this particular motor home already has a rise. It's about a four inch rise receiver that's added to it.

This will get us to the proper adjustment here, or the proper height, for our tow bar. Now that we have our tow bar inserted into the receiver, we've put the pin and clip in it, we can go ahead and lower down the tow bar. We'll be lining up each side with the removable arm. Go ahead and pull the clip out and then the pin, line it up with the holes. We'll reinstall the pin, followed by the clip, making sure that it fully closes down on it so it looks like that. You also want to look for the arrow here and make sure it's pointing in the proper position.

Go ahead and repeat the same process over here on the other side. Now that we have our tow bar hooked up, we need to take a couple measurements to make sure that the hitch height is the proper height in relationship to where the base plate and the tow bar hook up. We'll go ahead and take a quick measurement here. We're at about 26 inches to the center of the pin. We'll then move over to here where we're just over 24 inches to the center, which means we're about two inch difference. This tow bar set up allows you to be a maximum of three inches above even or three inches below even between the two connection points at the back of the motor home as well as on the vehicle. Now that we have the tow bar hooked up, we can go ahead and finish hooking up the safety chains, our electrical, as well as the break away cable. Now we're ready to hook up our safety cables.

We'll go ahead and slide it through the safety cable loop here on our receiver. We'll go ahead and repeat the same process over here. We'll then want to pull the cable out and cross it. If we hooked this cable to the driver side, we'll hook it to the passenger side on the tow vehicle. Do that for the other safety cable. Now that we have our tow bar and safety cables hooked up, we'll need to put our breakaway switch as well as our electrical leads connecting the motor home and the towed vehicle.

Now we've got all of our components hooked up and now we're ready to take it out for a test drive. Keep in mind, it's always a good idea before you hit the road to check to make sure that all the lights are functioning properly on the towed vehicle, as well as that your braking system is working properly as well. Now let's go ahead and show you what it looks like in action. We'll go ahead and take it through our test course. That'll do it for the installation of the Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar with a motor home mount and rated for 6500 pounds. Part number BX7365 as installed here on our 2014 Ford Edge. .

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