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Blue Ox Base Plate Kit Installation - 2005 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit on a 2005 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today at our 2005 Dodge Ram 2500, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the blue ox 00:00:06 base plate kit with fixed arms, part number BX1989. When you're ready to tow, remove these rubber plugs which are going to keep dirt and grime out of your base plate. Put them in, rotate it until it locks and that's secure, and then we do the same thing on the other side. You're ready to hook up your tow bar. As you can see, we have a nice big area for our safety chains, it comes from our coach and we'll have room to mount our wiring. We can simply mount our six or seven pole connector, or four flat if that's what you're going to be using. They'll simply screw into those two there.

You can see see, you still have use of your factory tow hooks so it's not going to bother any of that. When we're ready to take them off, pull it out, twist it, and they slide out. You just reinstall the plastic cap to keep all the dirt and grime out. As you can see, it fits into the opening of your factory bumper so there's nothing to trim. First thing you're going to want to do to install the space plate as we're going to have to remove this front bumper. If your vehicle is equipped with fog lamps which ours is, we're going to start by disconnecting the fog lamp wires. Simply, I'm going to pop it out.

There's a red lock clip, slide that up with a flat blade screw driver or a panel tool, whichever you have. After you have it slid up, take your thumb and press in the center there. You'll hear it unsnap and you're going to separate the wires and you're going to set it to the side. There are six bolts that hold on your bumper. There's two on the bottom, they're 18mm and there's one on the top. We'll take out the four on the bottom first, and then we'll go to the top and we'll get somebody to help us and we can lift the bumper off.

These do fit into a hole in the back so sometimes you have to hold them in place to get them to spin freely. Save this hardware because we're going to use this to reinstall our bumper when we're all done. Now, repeat on the other side. Now we're at the top side. There's one nut on the driver's side and there's the same thing on the passenger side. Go ahead and take those nuts loose, and we'll repeat that on the other side, and we'll have somebody help us and we'll lift the bumper off. Now that we have our bumper removed, we're going to go ahead and remove the tow hooks.

These are 13mm head and a 15 on the backside. Some of the vehicles actually will use a tarps 00:02:59, but this one happens to have 13mm head bolts. We'll go ahead and remove those. Keep in mind these are kind of heavy, so you don't want to drop on your foot because they are cast. We have set the tow hooks aside, we're going to reinstall those, but we're not going to use this hardware. Then we're going to repeat the same thing on the other side. Now we're going to set our base plate on. If you're doing this by yourself, it's good that you start one bolt, one of the old bolts and nuts on one side and then you can come to the other side and take our tow hook, 7/16ths by 2 inch bolt and flat washer. If your vehicle does not have the factory tow hooks, you're going to use the 7/16ths by 1 and 1/2 inch bolt. Blue ox 00:03:56 recommends that you use a sufficient amount of red lock tight 00:04:00 just on the threads at the end. We'll just place that in there. It is a snug fit to go through the frame but it will go on there. That's your log washer and your nylon lock. Place it on from the back side. We're going to repeat that process for all bolts that we're going to be installing on a blue ox 00:04:25 base plate kit. Going to go ahead and put all four bolts in and then we can go to the other side and do the same thing. Now, if your vehicle is a diesel and it's got the inaudible 00:04:34 here, it's going to make it kind of difficult to get to the nuts and the backside. You just take your fingers and you can start it back on there. Once we have our base plate installed, you want to center it up so it's equal on both sides. Then we go ahead and run down our bolts, now repeat that process on the passenger side. We can torque in with our torque wrench to manufacturer's specification. We'll just torque down the other side of the bolts. Before we put our bumper back on, it's going to be necessary to install our permanent base plate safety cables. These are going to stay on your vehicles at all times. You need to find a way to route them back around your frame rail, and we're going to end up coming right back to these hooks right here. With one, we're going to go ahead and put it through. We're going to wrap it around the body mount on the frame and we'll reattach it to the bottom of the cable. This one might actually make it, we can just hook them both to the same one. If it not, it comes with four of these so you can use two on each side. Just depends on how you want to route your cable. You just want to make sure it's not going to be where it's going to chafe any wiring or tubing so you don't cause any damage to your vehicle. If it's not long enough to reach, you're going to take one, go around it, wrap it around your cable and then come back up and put it on your loop. Then we'll tighten these down with a crescent wrench. You just need to snug these down so they won't come loose, then you want to double check just to make sure you're not making any contact with any wiring or break lines. Then we're going to repeat the same thing on the other side. Now with the help of a friend, you can slip your bumper back on. I'm going to install the last four nuts, you may feel on the driver side and feel on the passenger side. May be necessary to reach up from behind, you just hold it in position. Really be sure to put them back in the same spot they we're in, that way your bumper remains lined up. Once you have them run back down, go ahead and secure them in place. We'll do all four at the bottom and while we're down here, we can go ahead and reconnect our fog lamps. Just going to push it in, listen for the snap, slide your lock down, place it back in the holder. Now we can secure our last two nuts. That's going to be all the bolts we'll have to tighten down. That's going to do it for our look at and install of the blue ox 00:08:15 base plate kit with fixed arms, part number BX1989 on our 2005 Dodge Ram 2500.

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