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Blue Ox Base Plate Installation - 2012 Jeep Liberty

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How to Install a Blue Ox Base Plate on a 2012 Jeep Liberty

Today is 2012 Jeep Liberty. We're gonna install part number BX 1131. First step, is to release three pushpins located in the wheel well area of the vehicle and also two pop rivets. Now go ahead and remove the pushpin that's located in the lower portion of the backside of the fascia, directly infront of the tires. Next, hold the wheel well liner back. remove the three clips on the inside for the trim.

Now, these are hidden behind the trims, are really hard to get to. You can't really get a line of sight on so you have to feel form to do this. We have one side already apart so you can see what to look for inside. With the wheel liner still pulled out away, we'll use a 10mm socket to remove the bolt that's hidden behind here. We'll do it in both sides of the vehicle.

The next thing to do is go ahead and remove the electrical that's behind the sockets on the rain lights that are on the buffer cover. And when we install the base plates, it'll be a good idea to have an extra hand to help hold it up while you install the hardware. Next, we'll go ahead and remove the cups on the bumper structure. These cups will be re-installed after the base plate is installed. And look at the driver side we're gonna move the coolant lines down and out of the way.

We'll have to remove the push pin to do that. And then next, we're gonna push the coolant line brackets up as far as they go. Basically, the cooler is gonna be tilted towards the cooler behind it when it's all said and done. Next, we'll go ahead and install the backing plate into the bumper structure. The backing plate has two holes: a round hole and oval hole.

The oval hole will go towards the front of the vehicle. We'll do this on both sides. And then we can go ahead and install the base plate. When we install the base plate, use a two-inch long, 3/8 bolt with lock washer, a flat washer and then with nut plate on the other side of the backing plate. Now, we use a couple of bolts to hold the base plate in place and then the remaining hardware will install, we'll use red locktight on the threads. Then, we'll take the original bolts and make sure we have locktight on those as well. For bolts loosely installed, we'll go ahead and tighten them down and then torque these four bolts down as specified in the instructions.Next, we'll use a base plate for a template and drill out two more holes and install the hardware and repeat same process.Now, you can go ahead and cut off the handles for hardware and go ahead and re-install the cups for the bumper. Before we re-install the bumper cover, we'll make sure that the lines for the cooler are resecured. We'll also install our permanent safety cables. Wrap around the frame and then attach to the base plate.At this point, we can go ahead and re-install the bumper cover. We'll do a test that can see if we can do any trimming. Over the course of during our test, we found out that the whole grill has to be removed at this point.They'll re-install all the fasteners, in reverse order; make sure all lights are hooked up. And last thing to do, we'll install new plastic rivets that come with the kit. Put everything back together and we'll go ahead and show how the attachment tabs work. Basically, line up the groove with the tab and then give it a twist and it locks into place. And with that, that'll finish it for our install part number BX1131 blue ox on our 2012 Jeep Liberty. .

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