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Blue Ox Base Plate Kit Installation - 2008 Jeep Wrangler

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How to Install the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit on a 2008 Jeep Wrangler

All right today on this 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited we're going to show you the Blue Ox Base plate, part number BX1126. All right this is what the base plate looks like once installed on our Jeep. Now when it's not being towed being the RV, it looks just like this. It also comes with some caps to protect the receiver assemblies as well. Now this base plate does sit below the bumper here so you can see it and it also has two rods right here. This is where you attach your electrical at. It comes with the hardware needed to screw into here and your four pole, six pole or seven pole can attach to it.

On each end of the base plate, right here, these are your loops for your safety cables. And when you are ready to tow it behind your RV, remove the plugs. This attachment tab right here goes into the receiver opening. To install it make sure this part is horizontal. Push it in all the way until this pin gets pushed out, it's spring loaded, and rotate. It doesn't matter which way you rotate it, it will still lock in place.

It cannot be removed unless you pull this pin and rotate it back out. Even if you don't get it straight right off the bat, I'm intentionally doing it the completely wrong way, just take it and spin it until it sinks in and it's good to go. The only exterior modifications needed to the vehicle was this trim panel right here, a notch has to be made into it, so you can reinstall it back into place behind the base plate. Next we'll go ahead and show you how we installed it. A few things to know before we install, this bumper has to come off and also this panel on the bottom. The panel on the bottom, once we're finished installing the base plate, we'll trim and fit back up into place. First up we'll go ahead and remove the panel. They'll be one, two, three, and four fasteners we have to remove.

To remove the fasteners we need a phillips screwdriver number two size and we'll unscrew the centers. Sometimes they come out easy, sometimes you've just got to take a screwdriver and pry them out. The light pressure just to get them started. Then maybe a trim panel tool to help get out the rest. One down, three to go. Now underneath the vehicle looking towards the front on the back side of the panel, there's one here and one here.

One on each side of the vehicle. We have to remove both of these fasteners. We'll leave an outside to stay in place and do the other side next. I'll go ahead and remove the panel and take it out of our way. Next up we need to go ahead and disconnect the wire harness from our fog lights. This small tab you pull back and then you pull apart. Pull back on this tab right here and you can release it. Drivers sides done we'll peek on the passenger side. There's also a wire harness that goes between the two lights that are connected to the bumper cover, we've got to pop those loose as well. It's kind of hard to see but there's a part of the plastic fitting that holds it in place. You can see the point right here. Using a plastic pry bar or anything else that's flat, maybe a wide screwdriver, you can push it through to get most of it through, and then pull out the rest from the other side. Once you get them loose enough you can pull them out. It's kind of easier to do this now than it is when you take the bumper off, and then have to peel it off and hold the bumper at the same time. This is what we want to get loosened up. Now I can work on taking the bumper off. To remove the bumper there will be two nuts here that we have to remove, that's on the outside edge of the frame. There's two identical ones on the inside of the frame, which is really hard to see. Using an 18 millimeter socket you can remove the nuts. This is the passenger side, this will be identical on the drivers side as well. On each side there's this block here, just make sure it goes into place correctly once you reinstall the bumper. On the inside bolts it may help to use a regular deep well socket on those. You may want to get an extra set of hands to take off the bumper at this point. Next we have to do some trimming on this cross inaudible 00:04:39 right here. We just have to make it flush with this component right here. So let's go straight down using using the sawzall to cut off the metal. We've got our drivers side cut, we'll go ahead and do the same thing over on the passenger side. Next we'll go ahead and use some spray paint to help cover the bare edges. We'll let that dry for a moment and then we'll start to install our base plate. Let's go ahead and put our base plate up to the frame. Once again you'll need an extra set of hands. You'll notice on our model that on the side of the frame there's three holes. These three holes here we need to line up initially with this hole right here. This hole right here on the base plate, the lowest one, not this one but this one here. We'll line up with that hole on the side of the frame and we'll use some clamps to help hold it in place. Once we have it clamped in place we still have to adjust it. This round hole here, you can make small adjustments by using a screwdriver as a pry bar to help move it around and center it with the hole. Also, you want this edge here level with the top of the frame. You have to tilt it up or down as needed and keep making adjustments to make your hole is in alignment. Let's go ahead and get our first set of hardware ready to install. We'll use a short five-eighths bold and a five-eighths lock washer. Five-eighths nut with the handle on it. You can see I have it bent at an angle where I can install it from the other side and put it in the backside of this hole. Before we install our hardware we'll actually add some Loctite to your bolts as well. Line up our handle up behind it install the bolt. We'll just take up the slack for now. We'll go ahead and repeat the same process over on our passenger side. Next we need to mark and drill some holes in our frame here using our base plate as a template we'll use a seventeen-thirtyseconds drill bit to mark out hole first. That will make a pilot hole and then go back at it with our seventeen-thirtyseconds drill bit. Now we can go ahead and install the next bit of hardware, which will this block, which will go between the base plate and the frame here. Work it into place. We use our half inch bolt and a half inch washer and some Loctite. We'll run it through to the inside. Then the inside will get a half inch handle nut. Okay we've got this one lined up, let's go ahead and make sure the one farther back is lined up as well, then we'll install our hardware. One down, one to go. Now we've got these two loosely installed, once again we'll do the same thing on the passenger side. With all our hardware loosely installed we'll go ahead and take off our clamps and tighten down the bolts. We'll tighten them down and then torque them down as specified by the instructions. For this bottom bolt we're using a fifteen-sixteenths socket. On these two bolts on top we'll use a half inch socket. All right let's go ahead and trim off the ends of our handle nuts. Next up is our safety cables here. We'll go ahead and run those around the frame from the inside to the thinner well 00:08:13 on the outside. Run this down to this hole right here which is called a convenience link and then this cable around the front cross member here as well. We'll use the provided quick link to attach the two. We'll go ahead and rethread the quick link, we'll snug it up, then we'll take a moment to zip tie our cables so the don't rattle around. You also make sure they're not rubbing on anything they're not supposed to, like any moving parts, or any hoses or wires, or anything like that. You don't have to have it super tight, just enough to keep it from rattling. Now at this point we can go ahead and reinstall our bumper. With one set of hands holding the bumper up, we'll go ahead and put the blocks back into place. Maybe a couple of nuts to hold it together so we can do some more work on it. We've got the bolts in the inside of the frame tightened up, now we'll go ahead and go the outside frame and tighten those guys down. Lets go and take our wire harness and plug it back into our lights. Now we'll take the rest of our wire and the plastic fittings that are on here, these guys, we'll push them back into your existing holes. Next we're going to do work with our little panel here, try to put it ups close as we can and center up with the preexisting holes, where it was to begin with. Basically looking through the base plate and up to where they were. We'll make some marks where our base plate needs to go through. We'll measure the bottom edge of the bumper where our panel mounts up to the bottom of our base plate, it looks like right around four inches. Our base plate is sitting level like it will on a vehicle. We'll put our tape measure up to it and we'll mark out about four inches that way. This will give us a rough estimate how far to cut down. Now with a Sharpie utility knife we can go ahead and cut that out, or you can use a rotary tool as well. Go ahead and put it up back into place and see how it fits. Let's do our fasteners on the inside first and work our way back to the outside. We'll put the bases of the rivets first in and then the center. We'll just push those guys in and the four fasteners in the front. That'll finish it for our Blue Ox base plate kit with removable arms, part number BX1126 on this 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

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