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Blue Ox Patriot Proportional Braking System Installation - 2005 Jeep Liberty

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How to Install the Blue Ox Patriot Proportional Braking System on a 2005 Jeep Liberty

Today on our 2005 Jeep Liberty, we're going to be installing the Blue Ox Patriot Radio Frequency Proportional Portable Braking System. This is part number BRK2012. You will see the wireless Patriot controller that's going to be mounted into the towing vehicle. It's going to indicate here that our system is on so we've got power. It's also going to show us here that our breakaway is connected. When we hit our brakes in our towing vehicle, this light is going to come on to indicate to us that our rear brakes have been engaged as well.

Now, it's easy to adjust our gain. We can go from zero all the way up to nine, and as we do that it changes right here on the face of our Patriot as well. If we want to manually engage the brakes on our vehicle, we simply pull down on our lever here and the more we pull down the more braking force will be applied. As you can see there, that light comes on anytime our Patriot activates. Another great thing is if there's ever an air in the system or if there's ever a connection that we forgot to make, it's going to air out right here, giving us a light indicating to us that we need to make some adjustments. This can be mounted right onto the dashboard of a vehicle, using the bracket or it's got a nice pigtail to it so you can just connect it here on both sides and put that in a mat pocket or wherever you decide. See here, we've got our ready and then our number there and as we change the gain on our remote, the gain also changes on our box.

Now we'll want to connect our two wires together here. Once we've got that connection made, we're going to start running our breakaway cable to the inside of our vehicle. As you can see it looks just like a regular auxiliary port or whatever, we're just going to run that up and we'll find somewhere in the firewall there, we'll find the grommet and we'll go right through that. Now, we'll just pull that up from the bottom side there, we just run it up right along with the radiator. Now, what I'm going to do is tuck this back in here and just run it along with this other loom and then I'm going to take the end and just tuck it behind these four blocks that come before these four-wire connections. We'll pull out any slack and zip tie is needed and we're now going to run the end here through the grommet.

It's located right down here behind our brake booster. It's hard to get to it. It's even harder to see but we're going to cut just a little slot in the top of that and allow our auxiliary to pass through. Right up here this black pad comes up. We're going to pull the corner of that down and you'll see where that wire loom comes through. Right on top of there we should have our plug so grab a hold of that and pull that right on too.

As you can see this is going to give us plenty of length to get connected into our Patriot and then we'll not use we'll just wrap it up and we can tuck it up under the dash there so we won't have to worry about it getting in the way of our pedals. We move the driver seat all the way back and we're just going to bring the Patriot right in and position that in front of our seat. Now we'll position the front clamp around our pedal so we just rotate the head into position and then click the button right here on the top and that's going to allow that to close it down. We're just going to wiggle the system a little bit here to see how our level is. We've got adjustable feet here on the bottom so we can raise and lower them. It works a lot like a refrigerator or a washer and dryer the way they've got those feet on the bottom to level it up. Now you see we've got a nice snug fit. Now we'll bring our seat up just until it makes contact. With our seat moved up to where it's making contact with the rear of our Patriot System, we're just going to plug in that wire coming from our breakaway switch and then run our 12-volt outlet to a constant power source. We want it to be powered when the key is in the off position. The outlet here just in front, as you can see when we plugged that in we don't have the key in, we get the red light that's going to indicate we've got a good power source. We'll then flip the black toggle up into the arm position. We're going to have the on, four lights are going to come on. Wait until it runs through its different levels and then it'll give us the instruction position brake then press set up. It says it's ready to go. It's positioned where it's wants to be and we're ready to hook up to our RV and hit the road. With everything secured and working properly, that's going to complete today's installation of the Blue Ox Patriot Radio Frequency Portable Braking System, part number BRK2012, on our 2005 Jeep Liberty. .