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Blue Ox Patriot Portable Braking System Installation - 2022 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Blue Ox Patriot Portable Braking System on a 2022 Ford F-150

Hey everybody, how's it going Today we're gonna be going over and showing you how to install the Blue Ox Patriot supplemental braking system here on a 2022 Ford F-150. So there's two main types of braking systems on the market. Portable system, which is what the Blue Ox Patriot is and we have permanent systems. Now, permanent systems are great, however they require a very lengthy installation and they also require some significant modifications to your vehicle. With a portable system, you're not gonna have that initial lengthy installation and most of the time, there's gonna be no modifications to the vehicle required whatsoever. Now with a permanent system, however, it is gonna be a little bit easier each time you need to get in and tow your vehicle, 'cause it's usually just a flick of a switch or just simply pressing a button.

With a portable system, there is a little bit of setup involved each time you need to tow. So in regards to how the Patriot actually works this is known as a proportional braking system. Now if you've towed any trailers with electric brakes you may or may not be familiar with this term. And basically what this refers to is this refers to how the brakes are being applied in our towed vehicle here. So basically it's gonna match the intensity of how we're applying the brakes in our motor home.

So let's say we're out in the highway, somebody cuts in front of us, really need to slam on our brakes and come to a fast stop. Well that's exactly what our unit is gonna do. It's gonna quickly apply the brakes inside our vehicle here allowing us to come to a smooth and safe stop. Now to the contrary to that, if we're just moseying around in town, we're just coming to a slow stop at a stop light. We obviously don't wanna send a ton of force to the brakes in our vehicle here and potentially lock them up.

Well the Patriot's not gonna do that. It's gonna sense the braking force in the motor home and it's gonna apply that same force here in the vehicle. Now one of the issues with a lot of the different braking systems on the market is they kind of leave you blind when you're inside your motor home. Some of them have little monitor lights that get mounted in the rear view mirror, but a lot of the times you don't actually have a way to look at those and they're kinda hard to see in the daytime. So being able to monitor the braking system, that way you can really tell what's going on.

We've all seen those horror stories of people dragging their towed vehicle behind their motor home with the brakes locked up and we don't wanna be one of those people. And Blue Ox has thought of that because we actually have a very handy handheld monitor that gets mounted inside the motor home that lets us know exactly what's going on with our braking system. So here's what that monitor looks like. Now this is gonna come with a power cord, the actual monitor itself, and then a little stand that we can mount on the dash of our motor home. So this monitor is gonna allow us to adjust some settings of our braking system and as we said earlier, it's also gonna let us know what's going on should the brakes be accidentally applied with the braking system in our vehicle. So we have a couple different options here. Number one, we just have the backlight setting. We can increase or decrease that depending on if we're driving in the day or night. Over here we have our force setting. So this allows us to increase or decrease the force sent to our brakes in our vehicle. And we also have a manual override button. So this is gonna physically apply the brakes in our vehicle there no matter how we're traveling. And then we obviously have our menu button here that allows you to fine tune a few more settings. So in summary, I really, really like the Blue Ox Patriot. This is probably one of the leading portable braking systems on the market and it has been for a long time. Now if you're unsure between a permanent and a portable system, me personally, I like portable just because they're so much easier to install and you don't have to worry about hacking into your vehicle like some of the permanent systems require. So me personally, I would definitely go with a portable system and if I had to choose, it would be this one. Blue Ox has a longstanding reputation of making a very quality braking system. This one here is gonna ensure that you're getting nice, smooth, and even braking inside the motor home there keeping everyone, you and your family safe. Now best part of all, this product has a two-year warranty and it is made right here in the USA. So the first step of our installation, we need to find a way to mount a breakaway switch on the front of our vehicle. Now depending on what base plate kit you have, this may have integration for a breakaway switch. Some of them do. This is a Blue Ox one. Unfortunately it doesn't have any integration for the breakaway switch, so we're gonna have to come up with some mounting of our own. Now I'm gonna be mounting this over on the driver's side and on the bottom we have our metal bumper here and on the bottom of this is a plastic shield. So I'm basically just gonna take a screw and I'm gonna drill through the bottom of this bumper there and attach it with a nut and bolt. So it's gonna hang down kind of like this. And then our wire here, I'm gonna tuck back through this opening and then we're gonna be running it inside the vehicle from there. I'm gonna take the plug in and I'll plug it in to the harness that comes in your kit here. So the ends are gonna match and they're only gonna go in one way. Now once I've done that I'm gonna take the other end, the nail end, kinda has like an AUX cord-looking port on there. I'm gonna take that and I'm gonna feed that through the tow hook cutout. Open up your hood and what we're gonna be looking for is a cavity beside the air dam over on the driver's side and the headlight. So what we need to do is we need to fish that wire up through here into the engine bay that we ran through the bumper earlier. So what we're gonna do to do that is we're gonna take a piece of air line tubing, if you have a plumb bob that you could use, a wire hanger, anything that you could shove down there and get a straight shot all the way down 'cause basically once we get our line down there, we're gonna tie our plug to that and pull this back up through the engine base. So I'm just gonna take the piece of air line tubing I have now and route it down through that opening as best as possible. Here's where our air line tubing came out at and basically we're just gonna take the plug on the end of our wiring harness and I'm gonna use some electrical tape and tape it to that air line. Now we'll take our air line tubing and I'll go ahead and pull it up into the engine bay. Take our wire here, I'm gonna route it up and over the cross member section here. There is an existing wiring here. So I'm gonna go ahead and take a zip tie and tie it to this and I'm just gonna continue working my way along the inside of the fender to this area here where there's gonna be a grommet we'll show you in a second. So we've got our wire routed inside the end of the fender here. We went under the air box lid. I have a couple zip ties here, securing it to some existing wiring and here's where it's gonna end. You can see we have plenty of extra here. So basically our light gray grommet that's attached to the firewall, just sort of directly between the fender and the brake booster or, the brake reservoir rather, we need to access that grommet so we can throw our wire through there. Now it's gonna be kind of hard to access inside the engine bay, so we're actually gonna go inside the cab of the vehicle up and underneath the dash and we're basically gonna be puncturing that grommet so we can stick the plunger end of our breakaway switch through there. So here's that large grommet that we seen in the engine bay here and we are just under the driver's side floorboard. You can see just directly beside the brake pedal is that large grommet. So we're gonna take a nice pointy sharp screwdriver we're just gonna puncture it away from the wiring harness, obviously, through that grommet. Now that we have a hole made with our screwdriver, I'm gonna come back with some air line tubing that we we're using earlier and I went ahead and cut it at a really sharp angle so it's nice and pointy and I'm gonna try to stick it through that same hole that we stuck our screwdriver through. So now that we have our air line pulled up through here, we're just gonna take our plug and tape it to the end of the air line and we'll pull our air line tubing back into the cab of the vehicle. So once we have our line pulled all the way through, I'll just go ahead and remove it from our helper air line. And then we're pretty much just ready to plug in our braking system. First, gonna start by moving our seat all the way back, as far back as possible. And if you have any floor mats, you want to go ahead and take those out as well. Then we're gonna set our unit into position inside the driver floorboard here. And then we're gonna actually attach the brake claw to the brake pedal. So there's gonna be a little pinching mechanism on the back of the claw. Pinch that to lock it in place, slide it over the brake pedal and then press the button at the top and it's gonna lock down. Now at this point we can adjust the legs on the bottom of our unit here. So basically we just want this unit to sit as level as possible. The brake pedal's kind of higher up there on this F-150, so I'm going to extend the legs so it's a little bit more level just like so. Now we can go ahead and plug everything in. So I'm gonna take the breakaway switch, plug it in to the breakaway port on the front of the unit there. Then I'm gonna take the 12 volt power outlet and I'm gonna plug this into the 12 volt power outlet on the vehicle. And if we have power to the controller, we should see that red light come on on our outlet. Next we're gonna go ahead and adjust our seat stiffener here. So we're gonna start by loosening the thumb screw on the back and we're gonna be moving this up so our seat can push against us a little bit better. So now we're gonna butt our our seat to the back of the stiffener here. And again, we don't wanna put too much pressure, we just wanna barely touch it. And that's good there. Now we're gonna go ahead and go through the setup procedure. So I'm gonna go ahead and hit the setup button on our unit. There we go. Once we get that solid green light, that lets us know that our unit is set up and working correctly. If you get any other color or sequence of light, you'll need to reference your owner's manual to troubleshoot any potential issues. So now ready to hook up the rest of our flat tow components such as our tow bar, our lighting, wiring, and everything else and we're ready to hit the road. That's gonna do it today for our look and installation of the Blue Ox Patriot supplemental braking system here on a 2022 Ford F-150..

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