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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2011 Ford Ranger

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2011 Ford Ranger

Today in our 2011 Ford Ranger we are going to be installing the Prodigy P2 Brake controller, part number 90885 in conjunction with the ETBC7 wiring kit for our new simple harness which will be mounted with the no drill bracket from Draw-Tite, part number 18136. To begin our installation we are going to start here at the back of the vehicle. Go ahead and wire up our bracket and start running our new duplex cable to the front of the vehicle. As you can see this vehicle is already equipped with a four pole harness. Before we can install our seven-pole well need to go ahead and attach the mounting bracket. Well use some supplied hardware then once we get all four fasteners in position well go ahead and tighten them down.

Now we can take our seven-pole harness and mount it to the no drill long bracket. Now once we get these fasteners installed well go ahead and tighten them down also. Before I mount the bracket to the hitch, we are going to go ahead and relocate the four pole harness. To do that well need to remove it from its hold by prying out the plastic fasteners. Now well go ahead and route it behind the hitch.

Well secure the mounting bracket with the clamp. Now with our seven-pole bracket in position well go ahead and tighten it down then as a personal preference I like to go ahead and cut of the excess from the clamp. Next, well go ahead and route our wires over the hitch and behind it were we can start making our connections. Well first make the four pole connection. Well take our white wire with the pre-attached ring terminal and this will be our ground wire for our seven-pole.

Well route it over to the frame and using the self-tapping screw attach it directly to our ground. Weve got the great duplex wire with our ETBC7 kit so we will go ahead and strip some back so we can add to the butt connectors of our seven-pole. Now well take the black wire and match it up with our black wire, which will be the hot lead for the seven-pole and then our white match up with the blue wire for our brake feed. Weve got one wire left over which the purple wire. This is for the reverse if you had any one trailer.

However, we will not be hooking that up today. So we can just roll it up along with our wires so we can tape the connections and our wire bundle. The home line wire bundle while Im taping it up let me go ahead and secure it with a zip tie. Now with all our connections made, our wires secured, we are going to go ahead and take the other end of our duplex cable and start routing it to the front up into the engine compartment. When routing your wires you need to be especially careful to stay away from excessive heat such as exhaust or moving components such as the steering and suspension. Now weve got our grey duplex wire up into the engine compartment Im going to go ahead and take the zip tire and secure it to the manufacturers wiring. Now with the wire fed into the engine compartment we are going to go ahead and leave that alone for the minute and get into the cab of the vehicle. In here, we are going take the mounting bracket for the brake controller and attach it the dash. Let me use a pair of vice grips to secure it. Now well just take some self-tapping screws and run them directly in. now before we mount the brake controller we can go ahead and take the pigtail for our wires identify them and start making connections. Our white wire is going to be the ground. We are going to run this directly from the battery. The blue wire is going to come from our white wire and set into the power directly from the brake controller back to our seven-pole at the back of the vehicle. The black wire will be the power wire for our brake controller. We are going to run it to our breaker under the hood and our fourth wire is our red brake switch wire. This will need to be connected directly to the brake switch of the truck. To identify the brake switch of the truck we are going to go ahead and take a small piece of wire, back probe, the brake switch and see, which triggers so that we can make our attachment. So that the purple wire with a pink tracer that will need to make a connection with. Well go ahead and remove my test light and my back probing wire well take our quick connector and slide it over the manufacturers wire. Next, well go ahead and mount the brake controller. Now with our brake controller mounted we need go ahead, head back to the engine compartment. We are going to strip back our duplex wire so that we can run our white wire in to connect with the blue wire for the brake controller. We are going to run our power wire in and a ground wire all through the grommet where the parking brake release cable comes through. Now judging by the disk, so Im going to go ahead and cut off some of the excess from our duplex wire. Now to take our utility knife and strip back the cover on the duplex wire as he white wire is going to run inside the cab of the vehicle and the black wire will run to the breaker. When striping back your wire be very careful not to cut the wires underneath. Now the easiest way to run my white wire into the cab of the vehicle is going through the emergency brake cable grommet. To do this it will actually be easier to run from the inside out. So to do this let me get my wire inside Ill use a pull wire. First, I will take my utility knife cut a slit in the grommet, push my pull wire through the grommet, through the engine compartment, attach my white wire and pull it into the cab of vehicle. Now as our pull wire is in the engine compartment well go ahead and attach the white wire. Now lets go ahead and pull our wire into the cab of the vehicle. Since we have plenty of length on our blue wire, Im going to go ahead and trim back some of the white and some of the blue wire. Before you make your final connections, youll want to make sure that your routing is proper. Now with our brake single attached well need to route two more wires for our power and ground. To do this Im going to go ahead and grab the remaining section of our grey duplex wire and feed it from inside to outside through the same grommet. Once again, well need to strip back the outer coating, well strip back the wires and then well use our butt connectors to make the connections with the pigtail coming from the brake controller. Now using some black electrical tape and a couple of zip ties Im going to go ahead and tape off and secure my wires. Now that weve completed hooking up the brake controller and have it completely, the rest of our installment is going to be under the hood. The next thing we are going to so is attach our breakers, two total, for 40 for the power feed thats going to go to the seven-pole and the 20-amp that will go to the power feed for the brake control. To give myself a little working room here on the firewall Im going to go ahead and remove the wiring harness connector and then attach it later. First attachment to our brake is going to be our power feed that comes back from the seven-pole. Its going to go here on our breaker. So Ill go ahead and cut it back, strip it and add a ring terminal. Next, well go ahead and strip back the gray duplex wire, as well only need the black wire to run to our 20-amp breaker as the power feed to our break controller. Well go ahead and cut off the black wire, add a ring terminal and attach it to the 20-amp breaker. Our white wire to the ground for our brake controller and routed all the way over to the negative battery terminal. Next, well need to go ahead and run two power leads over to the positive battery terminal. Now with all our wires attached we are going to go ahead and take a couple of black zip ties to secure them and that will complete our install of the Prodigy P2 brake controller part number 90885 with the ETBC7 wiring kit on our 2011 Ford Ranger.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Gunther F.
just installed brakeman controller in 2007 ranger.would like to know whichwire on brake switch to use on red wire on controller.i have tried to hook upand keep blowing fuse on black supply wire.contrller works on manual butboth black and red wire power up.can anyone help?thank you
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Patrick B.

The best thing to do, is take a circuit tester and check all the wires coming off of the brake switch. One of them will come power up only when the pedal is pressed. This is how we determine what wire to use in the shop. You'll attach the clip end of the tester to a good ground, then probe each wire with the sharp tip of the tester and find which one comes on only when the pedal is pressed. The wires can change color from year to year and can even change within the same production run. That means that we can't say definitively which wire it is. On the 2011 we worked on, it was a purple wire with a pink tracer line. If you find one of these on your brake switch, check it first with the circuit tester.

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