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Camco Detachable Louvered Screen RV Roof Vent Installation

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How to Install the Camco Detachable Louvered Screen RV Roof Vent

Today we're going to be taking a look at, as well as doing a quick installation of, the Camco RV and enclosed trailer roof vent cover with a detachable louvered screen and in the white color, part number CAM40431. You can see here with our new vent cover on we're able to open the original vent cover pretty close to all the way, so we'll get plenty of air still in here, yet keep any rain or other debris from getting in. Now that we've gone ahead and come down inside the trailer, as you can see here, we have our vent cover lifted up. This is what the new Camco vent cover looks like from the inside. It still allows light in because of its color, but yet no rain or anything like that can get in. Now this installation will be the same whether it's an enclosed trailer, a camper, or an RV. We're going to be installing it on a standard size roof vent. A quick safety note here: before getting on the roof of your enclosed trailer, camper, or RV, you want to make sure that the roof can support your weight, and that when you are up there that you stay on the roof supports so you don't do any damage to the roof. Now that we've got our vent closed for now, here's what our new Camco louvered roof vent looks like.

It's the cover here; it allows you to go down the highway or just keep your vent cover open when there's bad weather out. It allows air in still here at the back side, yet it doesn't allow any water to get in the top of the vent. Let's go ahead and go over a few things here on our vent cover. You notice that there's some slots here at each corner. This will allow a little bit of adjustability in the vent cover when we put it on top of our vent that's already installed on the roof. You'll also notice that here is the cover itself on the back side.

It does have a screen built into it. This rear cover can also be removed by taking these two screws out in case you need to clean your vent that's right here or remove any leaves or anything that may have gotten up underneath it. Now to install our cover we'll go ahead and set the cover here on top of the lid here on this cover. Now to help us get things centered we're going to go ahead and remove these two screws here and lift this back panel off. It will allow us to see underneath the vent cover so that we can everything centered up. You tip the cover back and set it aside for now once we get it centered up where we want it.

Go ahead and take our marker here. You can use a pencil if you don't want to actually put a mark on your roof. We're going to go ahead and mark the locations that the slots are. Go ahead and do this at all four corners. Once we have those marked we can go ahead and set our cover off. Next we'll go ahead and take our l-bracket here; we'll line it up with whichever mark will put us closest to the corners, because the farther out towards the corner the more secure the cover will be.

Go ahead and put a mark there. Go ahead and repeat this with the other three locations. Now that we have the location marked that we'll need to drill, going to go ahead and add a couple paper towels in here on top of the screen. This will help catch any metal shavings that may fall down in there on top of your screen and keep them from going down into your camper or enclosed trailer or RV. Next we're going to go ahead and take our drill with the 3/16 drill bit. We're going to drill out the four locations, one in each corner. We can then go ahead and remove the paper towels that we're catching any metal shavings. Next we're going to need to install the bracket to the frame here. Now before you do that you'll need to take the little carriage bolt, set it on top of the l-bracket just like that, and then line up our hole. We'll then be installing the small machine screw through the bracket in the whole we just drilled. Then on the inside we'll be putting a flat washer, a lock washer, and a hex nut. Now that we've got our bracket secured to the vent frame we're ready to set our cover in place. With our cover in place we'll need to install the hardware that secures it down. The hardware that we'll be using to do that is a flat washer, a lock washer, and a hex nut. This will be the same hardware used at all four corners. Now you will notice that here on the underside there is a gap. That is supposed to be there. That's what allows any condensation or any moisture that may accumulate here underneath this vent cover, it allows it an escape path or a way out so you don't want to put any caulk or anything around this and seal that off. Otherwise if any moisture gets in there it won't have a way to get back out. Now we can put the rear screen portion back in place. That will do it for the installation of the Camco RV and enclosed trailer roof vent cover with detachable louvered screen, in the white color, part number CAM40431. .

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