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Carr Trailer Hitch Mounted Step Review

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Review of the Carr Trailer Hitch Mounted Step

Adam: Hi everyone, Adam with Today We're going to be taking a look at the Car hitch mounted step. These do come in many different variety of colors. As you see here, we do have black, it does come in a reflector red, or reflector white. There is an American flag one, which is definitely my pick, but we have plenty of other different types of logos, so go on and check them out. So our color or logo is going to be visible when it's flipped up like so, but we can flip this down, and it is going to have a very grippy surface, and it is made of steel with a nice powder coated finish, so it's going to last a long time, always look good, and it will get you that 650 pounds of weight capacity.So what I've noticed with owning a pickup, a lot of the times, it's kind of awkward to get up into our tailgate.

It's hard on our knees, our back, and our hands. I do see this being a lot easier as you can just basically step on the step, and get into your be like so. It's going to be easier on you and just make you be able to do whatever you need to do a lot easier. So this is going to work really well with our SUV's, even if we have a spare tire here, we can step on the step, and we can go ahead and load and unload our roof rack a lot easier.So the step is going to take care of your truck as well. Instead of using the bumper and scratching all this plastic, it is going to provide a lot more grip as well.

This plastic very, very smooth, and it's going to scratch a little bit more often than our steel down here. On top of that, if you have a pretty license plate, you're not going to have to worry about scratching it up whenever you have any sort of work boots on or anything like that. So yes, this is a rather smaller step than some of the other options we carry at, but it definitely has a more lower profile looks good, and even when it's out, or folded up, it's going to give you a lot more unintrusive look.So when comparing this fold-up step to the larger mega step, that car offers, it is going to have about 150 pounds more weight capacity, but we are going to lose a lot of surface area. In this instance, we are only going to have about five inches long by two and a half inches wide, and it is going to stick out from our hitch receiver about five inches. And when we fold this up, it is only going to stick out about two inches.

So the step does not come with a pin and clip. I just have a basic one right here, but it is a rather attractive step. So if you don't want it to run off whenever you're in the store or whatever it may be, you can grab a locking hitch pin here at One thing to note, be sure to check what size hitch you have. This will be available for only the two-inch hitch receivers.So whether you're using this on a pickup truck, or even just a taller SUV to load some of your stuff onto your cargo carrier, regardless of what it is, it's definitely going to get the job done all while making your ride look a little bit cooler.

Again, this was the car fold up step, and I'm Adam from

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