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CE Smith Mounting Brackets for Trailer Fenders Installation

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How to Install the CE Smith Mounting Brackets for Trailer Fenders

Today on our trailer we'll be taking a look at and installing the CE Smith Mounting Brackets for trailer fenders. They're available in 2-pack with part number CE26061G-2 and by themselves, part number CE26061G. These L-shaped fender brackets are made out of a corrosion resistant galvanized steel. They're are going to be a great replacement option for your old worn out brackets as you see here. The side with the 2 holes measures 6 inches long and the holes, center on center are 3 1/2 inches apart. The side with the 3 holes measures 5 1/4 inches long and the holes are 1 3/4, center on center, apart.

The one in the very center is 7/8 center to center. It's going to work out great for trailers with 8 to 12 inch wheels and 7 inch wide fenders. Now, I'll show you how to go ahead and get them installed. First thing I'm going to do is go ahead and get that wheel out of our way. You don't have to remove the wheel but I'm going to give us just a little more room to work. Now let's go ahead and remove our old fender brackets.

I'm going to remove these 2 bolts here. You can see with just got a piece there so mainly just take off this one. We want to be sure to hold onto our hardware because the brackets do not come with any hardware. Now let's grab our new bracket and set it into place. Now, we want to make sure that the bracket is all the way up against the side that's going to be sitting closest to our trailer.

We want to get it as close to this side as we can. As you can see, 1 hole lines up here but this one doesn't over here. That's okay, we can drill a hole out here. Before we do that, I want to put both brackets in place, not only so I can mark the holes to drill them out but so I can test fit it to my trailer frame. Let's test fit it to see which of our 3 holes we'll be using. It looks like we're going to be able to make our middle holes work.

Now, let's go ahead and turn our fender over and mark out where we need to drill. I'm just going to go ahead and line it up with the center here. Now I'm going to drill out a pilot hole first, that way I can step it up to a larger bit and it'll be a little bit easier for me. We'll just start. That holds about 7/16 of an inch. Now with the holes drilled out on our L-brackets, let's go ahead and get those mounted. Again, we're just going to using the same hardware. You can see how the bolt came through our new hole there. Again, we want to make sure that our bracket is all the way up against our fender here. This is the side that's going to go up against our frame. With that in place let's tighten it down. Now with both brackets in place, let's go ahead and place it on our trailer frame. As we said before, we're going to be using the center bolts. We're going to be using our old hardware. If you want you can just use a regular bolt, just as long as it goes all the way through the frame. For the other side, you want to be sure to use a lock washer or a lock nut. Now you may notice the space between the bracket and the frame here, that'll just suck up when we tighten it. Just going to put on our little lock washer here. Then the 2 nuts. Give it a little shake test there. Looks like it's not going anywhere. Let's go ahead and put our tire back on. That's going to complete our look and install of the CE Smith Mounting Brackets for trailer fenders. Part number CE26061G-2.

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