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CIPA Golf Cart Adjustable Side Mirror Review

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Review of the CIPA Golf Cart Adjustable Side Mirror

Hey, everybody, welcome to I'm Bobby and today we're taking a look at our CIPA adjustable side mirrors for your golf carts, available here at Now, guys, these are gonna be an awesome little way of giving you, of course, a lot needed visibility when you are driving your golf cart. So, I think a lot of us are starting to see a lot more of those golf carts on the road. I know a lot of subdivisions around us. Seen a lot of little kids on them, as well. And primarily for me, when we we're starting to drive our golf cart around at our countryside kind of area, my dad was very much going, "We need to get some mirrors, "so you guys can start seeing what's going on." So, this can be a nice way of protecting your family, you know, letting people know exactly who is behind you, or letting yourself know, I should say.

It will let you know exactly who is behind you. It's going to make your traversing that much safer for yourself, that way we don't have any accidents and we know exactly what's going to be coming. So now that we're going to be going along here, a couple of things I'm looking for. I'm looking for any kind of road shake that's going to be really impacting my mirrors. Sometimes with these universal, you know, they just shake too much and you're like, why do they even have a mirror there Hopefully, I kind of drove around a little bit with it, I wasn't seeing too much of that, so that's going to be a big thing that we're looking for.

And then another thing, too, with that road shake is making sure it's actually staying where I want it. So, we did a pretty decent job of tightening down those screws. I will say, sometimes they weren't able to really get that tight, so I really want to make sure that they're not moving too much. So, let's go ahead and start moving. Well, with the shaky start, they actually are staying on there pretty good.

I'm not seeing too much road shake, and actually, the visibility behind me is really nice. And, yeah, they don't seem to be moving too much. Now, I'm not approaching really high speeds, of course. We're just kind of doing a casual stroll around our parking lot here. I actually am going to be picking up a couple of my co-workers here.

The one thing I've been tempted to use, actually use my rear view mirror here at the top. So, you guys want to hop in, take a ride real quick So, the good thing that was happening with me is I was seeing a lot of this, but as you guys take a look here, you might be able to see that these guys are now blocking a lot of this viewing that I have. So, I actually can still see behind me here. And let's go ahead and see how we do. So, we're going to go ahead, approach a little faster speed here, see how it's doing. But I am liking that I'm still getting pretty good coverage of what I want to see here, especially with my driver's side. Really nice, I can just look behind, make sure and see if anybody's approaching me casually. Now, of course, some of us might have those rear view mirrors at the top, like we do. But again, my buddies are kind of blocking that rear view, and so especially as I do this turn here, nice that I get that full view of what I'm looking for. So, let's go ahead, open it up, see how it does. And even as we kinda, I feel like we're going about 10 here or so, wouldn't you say, guys Even as we get to this speed, I'm not seeing any road shake. Now, luckily for us, we are here on our smooth pavement. Let's go ahead and see, hit our road course and see how it does. All right, gentlemen. That was your stop. Man In Gray Thank you. Thank you. Well, now that we've dropped off my buddies, let's go ahead, hit that test course and see how it does. All right, guys. Here we are about to hit our test course. We've got a bunch of speed bumps set up. What I'm looking for here, how well does this handling, that severe vibration and that chalking that we're going to be having of our vehicle hitting So, make sure that's not vibrating so much and also, staying in place. Let's hit it. So here I am, approaching a couple of my speed bumps. You can see the golf cart definitely getting rocked around. However, it's doing a good job of actually staying where I want it to be. And I'm still maintaining good contact of what's behind me. So, we actually can go ahead and look at how we got these installed. They don't take too much time at all. It's going to be a pretty easy process. Let's hop to it. To start getting these installed, the first thing we're going to need to determine is what kind of bracket system we need to utilize. So, today we do have about a one inch bar here. So we're going to have these two subsets. One's going to be great for your three quarter inch bars, and the other for your one inch bars. Easiest way to do that is simply walk up to your golf cart like we have here today. Now to determine where you want to place it, we just simply grab our bracket here and start set it in place. I'm actually going to go ahead and make sure that my longer bracket is here on the inside, and that way our mirror is actually closer to our golf cart, that way if you have any trees or anything, we're not going to be running into any trouble. To determine also where you want to put it, you can just go ahead and kind of eyeball it. And we just have it here a little bit higher than the side of our front windshield. So we can just go ahead, set our other part of our bracket in place. Once you have your bracket in place, simply take your other side. You're going to have a little tab there on the very end that just simply slots right in to that open side on your other bracket. You can start holding it together. Now we need to go ahead and grab our mirror and start inserting our bolts. So now when we're talking about getting your bolt set through, we simply want to take our end here. You guys can see on that plastic tab, we just have those installed screws already. They are going to slot in right here. As you guys can see, though, this has been set up for our driver's side. So, when you guys get them, they're all universal. They are set up for that driver's side positioning. If we want to go ahead and actually get it on the passenger's side, we actually are going to have to switch this around. So let's go ahead and take a look at how we can do that. To get this changed around, you're going to see this little inner assembly here, guys. So, all we need to do is start backing off this screw. And now what's kind of funny about this, is actually what you can use to start adjusting it. So, we'll probably break that down a little later, or potentially kind of before of how you can actually adjust these. And all we've got to do is really back off this screw all the way. Starts allowing our housing to come undone. Now, we want to keep it all together, of course. We want our springs and our washers just set as they are in here. As you guys can see as I lose that bottom one. But that way, you guys can get a good look of how you want that inner assembly to be, just in case your screw falls apart at home. And of course, that little part that fell off is going to be this little guy right here that just gives you that revolving action. Now that we've got the underside undone, we want to take this top cap off. Nice way to do it, just kind of get your fingernails underneath it and wedge it out. As you guys can see, I've already kind of popped one of it a little bit here today. All you've got to do, do like that. It's probably going to fall just like that. But then we actually can install it right here on the other side. So, we can just simply take it and start inserting it, and take your screwdriver and start tightening down. So, let's do that together. So, one little trick for you guys. This little nut inside here does kinda want to fall out. So one thing you can do, just take your finger on the other side and start tightening down until you feel that bolt starting to protrude, and therefore you know it's going to be screwing in and not pushing that nut out. So I've gone ahead and set my bracket here. Now, on the other side, on the driver's, we set up another one of these mirrors. And we've got about four fingers worth of space between our windshield. So, I'm just going to ballpark it right now. Of course, at home you can always measure out, make sure it's exactly how you want it. But for today's purposes, we're just going to go for it like we are. So, I'm just simply going to take my bolts right here, guys. And now that I have my brackets, I just want to simply set it in place. You will notice how this orientation is set up for that passenger's side. Of course, that way we are more even with how we have it on the other one. So, what's nice about here is that bolt's going to kind of hold these brackets together. Now we just simply want to take our washer and our nut set and simply set them on these bolts. Now that we've got them started, we can go ahead and take our 10 millimeter wrench or ratchet and start tightening down. Now that we've appropriately tightened them down, we are nice and installed. Now, I would suggest maybe not going too tight here. As you guys are seeing, we do have metal on metal contact. So, if you're really worried about your paint here on the side of your golf cart, of course, maybe not being over tightened, just to where we're not having it shifting, not having it moving. And especially it is really going to help with that road shake as well, the more you tighten it down. So I would just say kind of play it by ear, and as you guys are going, if you need to tighten that more, tighten it up that way you don't have it falling down. One thing that's awesome about these mirrors, of course, is that they are adjustable. So, you do have this entire range of motion you can really capture, which is going to be great. So what's nice is you can go ahead, seat yourself in your driver's seat exactly how you want your mirrors to be positioned, just like in a car. So, for us today, I just want it to be clipping the back rear of my golf cart to understand where I am, but still giving me as much coverage. So, as you guys can see, I'm getting good coverage. Now we can go ahead and we need to tighten those down, that way they're not going to be shifting or shaking during those road travels. Now, one thing I will say when you guys are mounting this, we went ahead and chose to have that bracket on the inside. So you guys can take a quick little look here. You guys can actually flip this bracket around and have it more to the outside. Now, the advantage that's going to offer you, when this is driving, as you guys can see, this can actually still be moved. If this we're to hit some kind of brush, maybe you're driving through those forests in Missouri or somewhere like us, and you might have a little bit towards the side, if you are making contact with this stuff, this will actually push it in the inside. Now, how we have it set today, we're not getting that full flush look, much like you would see if we we're to go forward. So, this is great for us because we're not adding too much more room. We would probably be adding, as you guys can see, maybe two inches or so here to the outside. So nice that we're keeping the width of our vehicle down, however, we're not getting that nice, flush look if we wanted to fold it in. So, that can be an option for people at home, and that's just really how you guys want to mount your mirrors. Now that we have them installed, let's take it for a spin. Well, guys, definitely by testing this and seeing how well it did, I was actually a pretty big fan of how well it held up to that vibration and all that big movement we we're having. You guys can see, it didn't want to shift on here at all. Of course, we do have it nice and secure there for our ourselves. But it did a good job of combating that vibration we we're having. Even when I was in the midst of being tossed to the side by our bad suspension here, I was still able to clearly see behind me. A lot of times with these mirrors, sometimes it just becomes too shaky and you can't quite see what's there. So I loved still actually having that visibility the entire time, even when we we're running into those rough elements. Well, guys, I think there's going to be a great way our just giving you that extra visibility. Going to be great, like we said, for those kids, that way we can really prevent any of those accidents that we might be approaching to have. And therefore, everything is staying safe and having a nice drive. Well, guys, I think that about does it for our look at the CIPA adjustable rear view mirrors here on our golf carts available at I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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