CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors Installation - 2020 Toyota Tundra

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How to Install the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors on a 2020 Toyota Tundra

Adam: What's going on everybody. Adam here with etrailer. Today, we have a 2020 Toyota Tundra and we have some cool Custom Fit Slip-On CIPA Towing Mirrors.Not only is this going to just widen your view, to be able to see some of the longer loads you may be hauling, it's also going to eliminate a lot of those blind spots that those factory mirrors won't be able to show you. It's going to give you peace of mind going down the road, so you're not just white knuckling, the wheel, just guessing whatever's going on behind you. It's going to keep your stuff safe and everybody else too.We are going to get both a driver's side and passenger side mirror with this kit and they're going to come with one big old mirror here and it is going to be able to pivot right and left, up and down. So you're going to be able to adjust it exactly how you need it, to be able to see whatever load you may be hauling.It's not really going to add a whole lot of length to our mirrors.

It's only going to add about six inches to the overall length. So that's about a foot overall, meaning we're going to have six on that side, six on this side. So, just make sure you're not going to any extremely cramped areas. But even if you are having to go in those areas, we are going to be able to tilt these in and it's not going to hit our window, any of our trim or anything like that. So it's going to condense down just as much as it would normally, without having these mirrors on.All in all these things are extremely nice.

They are a custom fit, slip-on. If you have an option to get a custom fit, slip-on towing mirror and you need towing mirrors, grab these. I don't necessarily love the ones that are universal. They work but these work a lot better and it's not really going to scratch your paint on your mirrors or anything like that and our mirrors can move freely. You don't have to worry about it scuffing anything up.

So if you're really needing to see farther and more behind you, this is definitely the way to go.First things first. We want to make sure that we have the right mirror for the right side. So this one is the left side mirror. So that's good and then also on the inside of there, it's going to either have an RH or an LH to designate which pieces for which.So, this thing's pretty cool. What you do is you kind of just get it up into place and we're going to have a little edge that has a little bit more of a lip on it.

That's going to be on this part of the mirror. So there's these little slots on the inside of there. Get those lined up and just go ahead and slide it on, just like that and you'll feel when it gets seated in there, cause it's just solid.Then we're going to take our little plastic knob and fill the only hole on this thing and twist it and what this is going to do, it's going to twist and push down on that plastic piece. We don't have to worry about that plastic piece messing up our mirror because it does have a nice little coating on it. So give it a decent amount of tugs and then give it a good wiggle. Maybe pull it a little bit, see if it going anywhere and if it doesn't, then we're good.Just to give you my two cents about the mirrors. They look good. It's like an OEM feel and they're really, really taking care of your mirrors. You're not going to scratch them up and it has a nice, nice fit. Definitely a lot better than those universal towing mirrors.So again, these we're the Custom Fit, Slip-On CIPA Towing Mirrors on our 2020 Toyota Tundra.

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