CIPA Dual-View Clip-on Towing Mirror Installation - 2017 Buick Envision

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How to Install the CIPA Dual-View Clip-on Towing Mirror on a 2017 Buick Envision

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Buick Envision, we're gonna be doing a test fit of the CIPA dual view clip-on towing mirror, part number 11953. It offers a wide field view, it's gonna allow us to safely and easily change lanes, pass, park or even back up while towing a small trailer or camper.As you can see I'm visible in the towing mirror but not the factory mirror. The difference between the larger mirror and the smaller mirror is the larger one's gonna give us an accurate perspective of what's behind us while the smaller one is gonna act as a spot mirror and increase safety when changing lanes. If I take a few steps in towards my trailers, you can see there's no blind spot, by the way we have it set up, but this is the view you get with just your factory mirror. Both the larger and smaller mirror can be adjusted to most angles, got her up and down, diagonal and side-to-side.Here you cane see our four clips on the inside of the housing. They're not gonna interfere with the operation or movement of our factory mirror and we can even still fold it in.

Here on the back side it uses two adjustable rubber straps to hold it in the place around the factory mirror. The nice thing about them being rubber is you don't have to worry about them bringing harm to the finish of our mirror. Down here, you can see it only obstructs a small portion of our turn signal so we're still gonna have use of that.A few great things about this towing mirror are, for one it's for temporary use so you can take it off when you're done towing. Another great thing is, it's universal. So if you have any other trucks or SUVs in the household, it may work with those as well.

Now the mirror does come in a quantity so if you'd like to pick one up for the passenger side, just use the same part number. Now I'll show you how easy it is to install.So I'm here on the driver's side of my Buick Envision. To begin our test, let's go and turn our mirror over first and turn our attention to these two knobs. By loosening them up, it's gonna allow us to extend our arms out so we can easily and correctly fit it around our mirror. So with these loose, let's go ahead and fit into place.

We also want to make sure that the tabs, with the lip on it, is gonna clip onto the inside of the housing.Now I'm just gonna center my mirror up here, with my factory mirror, make sure that it's in position, then I'm gonna hold it in place. Here on the back side you can see there was some minor adjustment. Let's go ahead and tighten those up.Now we can run our straps. Now we wanna be sure that there's a little bit of tension on the straps before we clip it in place. That way it holds the mirror in place.

I'd say we're pretty good here. I'll stretch it up over the top and clip it just like that. Then we can repeat the same process with the second strap. Now if we wanna tighten or loosen the strap, we can just guide it up through and then pull it down through the other side. I think we're pretty good here too, go ahead and stretch it up and clip it in place. Make sure it's where I want it and now we're ready to tow.And that's gonna complete our test fit of the CIPA dual view clip-on towing mirror, part number 11953 on our 2017 Buick Envision.

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