CIPA Clip-On Universal Fit Towing Mirrors Installation - 2020 Subaru Forester

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How to Install the CIPA Clip-On Universal Fit Towing Mirrors on a 2020 Subaru Forester

Ryan: Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. today on our 2020 Subaru Forester, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the CIPA universal fit towing mirror, which is also sold as a set. Whenever we use a towing mirror, it's really going to help expand our field of view. That can really be useful whenever we're trying to make a lane change, maybe backing up into a tight parking spot or maybe we just want to keep a closer eye on what's going on behind us.To give an example on how much more ground we're going to be able to cover, as you can see, I'm visible in our towing mirror, but not in our factory mirror. However, if I take a few steps over closer to our trailer, I'll disappear out of that towing mirror and become visible in our factory mirror. It's really going to help eliminate any of those blind spots as well.One of the things that I really notice separates this mirror from a lot of the others is the clarity of the lens.

Whenever you look into it, it's very sharp and you can really see what's going on. As opposed to some of the other ones where they're just a little more dull and foggy. One of the big questions we get asked all the time in regards to universal fit towing mirrors is if there's going to be any vibration or noise, especially at higher speeds. To be honest with you, this one does fit pretty tight on our factory housing. There's a little bit of movement there, but I really don't see that being enough to bother you.If you need to adjust your factory mirror, you're still able to do so.

You can go side to side and up and down. Now, there will be a little bit of contact at the very end of each suite, but for the most part, we're still able to maintain all those typical suite spots that we would usually use. Let's say you need to free up some space and fold your mirrors in for whatever reason, maybe if you're parked on the street, you're still able to do so. There will be a little bit of contact right there, but it's touching the rubber weather stripping so really not that big of a deal.And the straps that hold the two mirror in place are made from a soft rubber. Not only are they going to do a great job of actually gripping the factory housing, but we're not going to have to worry about them scratching up our paint either.

And since these are universal, chances are pretty good if you happen to have another vehicle in the household, they're probably going to work with that too. If that is the case, really not a huge deal to switch them around whenever you need to. And that's because they are so easy to put on and take off.Speaking of which, let's go ahead and put one on together now. To to get the mirror on, you're simply just going to hold it flat against our factory housing here. Find in a good spot where it sits nice and flush and hold it in place with one hand and move around to the other side.

From there, we can take the buckles here on our straps and just loop them over these tabs. Now, if you picked up a set, you'd simply just repeat the same process over on the other side. And that'll finish up our look at and our installation of the CIPA universal fit towing mirror on our 2020 Subaru Forester.

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