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Clazzio Front and Rear Seat Covers Installation - 2012 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install the Clazzio Front and Rear Seat Covers on a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado

Today, we converted our 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500's interior from cloth to leather thanks to the Clazzio seat covers. This is going to be the closest thing to an OEM look, and it is the tightest fit of all the seat covers I've tried here at etrailer. Another thing to note, we are gonna have two different options depending on your vehicle. If you do have a truck, there's gonna be one option with the under seat storage, and that doesn't mean the back, it means underneath your center seat in the front. If you have that, make sure to grab the correct set for your vehicle and if you don't have this under seat storage, we have a kit for that too. Whether you're at the construction site or maybe you're just farming out in the field, these are gonna be anti-bacterial material that it's made of, which is gonna be extra nice so it's not gonna soak in all those nasty stuff and start stinking over time.

It is ventilated so you can see right here we have a bunch of different holes. So if you do have AC'd seats, that air will come through, we have tested it, and also for the heated seats, it's also gonna transfer that heat to the cover and keeps you nice and warm. With any type of leather seats whether it's a seat cover or just leather seats in general, they do tend to get a little bit hotter in the Summers so I do recommend maybe grabbing something for your front windshield to block out some of that heat, but you don't have to worry about them fading over time, this is like all the normal leather, it's genuine, and it's not gonna fade. All these seats covers are hand stitched and you have the double seam running all the way around so every single seam that you have is gonna be double stitched, and it's just nice that some factory's not putting these together, it's all hand done, and just notice how good of a fit it has. It's absolutely amazing.

It even goes around all of our trim so you can't even tell that it's a seat cover. It's also gonna make your seats extra comfortable because in the center of all of our seats right here where your bum sits, this is gonna have a half inch thick foam to give you some added comfort. They even give us a little slot back here to keep whatever we kept in here before, but it's gonna give us an extra little pocket so that's nice, we're not deleting those back pockets. A lot of these other seat covers, one, they don't fit as well, and two, sometimes they don't even give you that, so thank you, Clazzio. Also if you ever just want to lift everything up, you can't even see any seams.

This is absolutely ridiculous when it comes to seat covers. This is the most premium you can get. Even when you fold it up, you still can't even tell that it is a seat cover. That's what I like so much about 'em, just because people literally think these are leather seats that come from the factory, that's what they look like. And they're also gonna have, for your center console, I do like how it has all the little cutouts around the little cup holders.

And also for our back headrests, they do the same exact thing. So some of 'em don't go around our little plastic pieces here, these do. As you can see, just such a good fit. We're gonna have this for all of the seats so definitely figure it out and you can cover every single seat with these Clazzio seat covers. There really isn't any other seat cover that compares to the Clazzios. Handmade, genuine leather, it's just the number one thing to do whether you just got your truck and you want to upgrade, definitely great for that, but also for resale value. You're gonna keep your nice seats nice and then these covers are going to convert into leather and make it look a lot better too. So if you're kind of in between, my opinion, go with the Clazzios. And one last thing, leather's gonna be so much easier to clean so if you do have pets in here, trust me, it's gonna be a lot easier and a lot quicker to keep it cleaner. When it comes to the install, these are extremely tight so I do recommend throwing 'em out into the sun, lettin' them bake a little bit so they'll be a little bit more stretchy, but once you install these, they're gonna be installed for good. You can take 'em off but what I mean by that is they're not gonna shift around so once they're on, they're gonna be good to go. So let's roll through the installation process so you can do it at home. In the instructions of your Clazzio kit, you're gonna have a bunch of numbers and each individual piece is gonna have a little tag on it so you want to match that up to the specific part of whatever seat you're putting it on 'cause it is quite a tight fit. Make sure you have the right stuff. So first thing you want to do is take this off if we plan on starting with. Depending on your vehicle, you're most likely gonna have a little adjuster right here on one side, and you might even have another tab on this side, but on our Silverado, there's just a little tiny hole right here. You just want to take a little paperclip or something small enough to push that in to release it, and then it should come right out. And then we want to take a look, this is gonna go towards the back and we're gonna start fittin' these on there. It's gonna be an extremely tight fit. Since they're pretty warmed up, it should be a little bit easier, but the tight fit is really what we're wanting, it's kind of why I went with the Clazzios. It'd be kind of nice to slide this up to where we can really work our way in. Trying to make sure that the ends don't get folded up whenever we're sliding it down which is good, and work your way down the best you can. Sometimes you gotta get a little bit more leverage on it. Work from side to side, slide it on. And then we are gonna have a little piece of hook and loop on this side. We're gonna want to tuck that back once we have it seated where we want it. One thing I really like about these seat covers, this is where our headrest is gonna go, you push these down and it's gonna pop right over that, which makes it look so clean and factory. Again, you're gonna have to really put some pressure on it for it to go around but look at that, that's awesome. The little hook and loop section that was at the front we fed in between our back and our bottom of our seat, and we're really gonna have to tug on this. The goal is to get it to line up with the other section right here. So you might have to get two hands on it and really tug it. And for the bottom, it's less of a sleeve but more of just a cover. So what we want to do is make sure we have the side that's gonna go in between our seat and our backrest. I suggest keeping this on for now, this little red piece, it's just covering up the hook and loop. Scoot that seat forward as much as you can. Get it wrapped around to where you want it. Make sure it's going all the way down, and then we can take this little red section and shove that back, and work our way back to stretch this thing out a little bit. There's gonna be a string on both sides, so what you wanna do in between our seat and the little plastic piece, you want to feed it down through here just like that, and we will tie these together eventually but we do want to get this seat where we want it first. The little red piece that we kept on there, we can now remove that now that our seat cover's where we want it to be. We're gonna take that off and there's a little bit of felt down here on the actual seat and that's where that hook and loop's gonna go. So make sure it's nice and secured into place. That's not goin' anywhere. We're gonna have a little bit of excess and there is a tool in our kit which is gonna help us jam it down into the side in between our seat and our little plastic piece here. You might not have to use the tool but it is there if you need it, it just depends on how tight your fingers are so it's a little tough. You can take that and just kind of shove it in there. Make sure to hide it away. This really does give an authentic OEM leather look which I really like. So once you get that all tucked in, it's only gonna be on this side and then we can go underneath and tie these two together just to make sure it's gonna hug the seat like we want it. Now we can take our headrest, put it back into our seat, and take our cover and put it over top. This is gonna be pretty tight so all you gotta do is just make sure that all the flaps are facing out. There really isn't a magic formula for doing this, just try to compress that foam as much as you can. If you can get it underneath the lip great, just try not to rip anything. Kind of slide it on and work it's way down. Does help to maybe hit it from the back a little bit just to get it to fit right. I'm gonna pull everything down and into place. Looks pretty good. Once this is done, you can either do the rest while it's here or you can take it back off to make the bottom connection. Now that it's down and out, I found this to be the better way to do it. Want to make sure it's nice and centered and once it is centered on our headrest, we're gonna take this little piece right here and it's going to connect into the other piece. You want to just start like this and push it in and it should snap into place, and if it does come undone, it's not right. So do your best to get that nice and tight and then we can put this back and our first seat is done. Once we get done with the driver's side, you can go ahead and do that same exact process with our passenger side. We're gonna start with the back bottom and this is gonna be the 64-40 section. So what I like to do is lean this up a little bit, get one side hooked on, start to wiggle it back and forth. You don't really want to put one side down all the way, you want to go back and forth, making sure that we're not gonna be rolling this underneath and we'll keep that free. Also there's gonna be a little hook underneath as well you want to keep free. Get that on both sides so it's nice and tight, as best we can all the way down, and there's gonna be a little extra section we're gonna have to feed back through right here. I found the best way to do this is to have it flat like this. As we rotate this up, we're gonna start to put this back. You want to poke your seatbelt buckles through, then we can rotate this up and then down at the bottom, we can pull both sides down like that and then also the other side in the back. Go here and have these wrap around and connect to each other like this. And once all that is connected properly, just want to make everything's centered, the seams are where we want 'em to be, pull this down, and this is exactly what it should look like. Moving onto the back, there is gonna be one other step we need to do and that is to remove our seatbelt if you have one that's connected on the back. We're gonna have to slide the cover over it without covering this up, and usually you can just follow it down to the bottom and unscrew that bolt and it should come loose just like this, and we will reinstall that after we get our cover on. On our Silverado for the back install on the driver's side, there is gonna be a little bracket here. All you need is an 18 millimeter socket to remove this, and that's just gonna take that seatbelt bracket off. So definitely do that first, and then we can proceed with the install and then reinstall it. Now with our bracket out of the way, we're gonna make sure and undo all of our hook and loops that we got, and then we're gonna have one section that's gonna go over the center console right here, and these are not gonna be able to fold down. So this is gonna be a more difficult one to install. So what we wanna do is take this bracket, make sure it's over our seats, and we're gonna start doing our best to slide these covers back. I have noticed it is a little bit easier sometimes to move the seat around. The whole goal here is just to get the cover started to where it needs to go. Slide it over the other side too just like that. I do like once I get it down to where it needs to be, I take these little holes here and punch these through just to hold the cover in place while you make a little bit of micro adjustments everywhere else. And also when we're feeding this bottom section through, the gap does get a little bit bigger whenever we lift this up a little bit. So it's definitely something you want to do throughout the whole entire thing just like that. And maybe do a tug from down below to make sure all that's done. Then once we get it to where we want it, all the seams seem to be lining up to where we need, then we can go ahead and connect this part to the other part of our cover. So I always try to fold this up a little bit so it doesn't catch the felt on our actual seats. I'm gonna pull this through and do our best to connect this up. Now, we can take this little piece right here, pull this out, and we're gonna tuck all this stuff in like that. Down here at the hinge is probably gonna be the most important. And then we also want to tuck this in as well. That tool would be a pretty useful thing to do, just to make it a little bit easier on your hands. Once we fold all that stuff in, I just want to make sure it's nice and secure. Tool definitely makes it a lot easier to do this. So just make sure we're not really gonna puncture anything but it does help guide through those really tight spaces. And we can take that same tool to tuck this little piece in in between our plastic and our seats. All the way around. Onto the little console section, we're gonna have a little cutout for our cup holders. Slide this on and there's gonna be a little cutout at the end for our strap right here. Let's put that through first and slide this on. And we are gonna have to get this little piece back behind the door. Once we get this side completely pulled through, we can put this around our cup holder for now and then connect this hook and loop. Take your trusty little tool and all the way around our little plastic piece for our cup holders, you can start to tuck all that excess in, and that just gives it a nice, clean look. Once everything's connected, close it shut, make sure everything stays where it needs to be, and we're done. I went from having a bone stock 2021 Chevy Silverado to having a leather interior. It's just a little tiny upgrade that really makes every single time you get into the vehicle and drive it a lot better and nicer. That's pretty much it for our look at the Clazzio leather seat covers..

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