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Covercraft SnapRing TireSavers Tire Covers Installation - Enclosed Trailer

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How to Install the Covercraft SnapRing TireSavers Tire Covers on a Enclosed Trailer

Hey guys, Kevin here with etrailer and today I'm gonna be showing you how to install the snapring tire cover on our enclosed trailer build. So normally enclosed trailers don't really need a tire cover, 'cause they're gonna be putting a whole lot of miles on their tires. However, with our build here today this person's converting their enclosed trailer into a camper. So a camper is gonna spending a lot of time sitting it's gonna be on the sun, getting those UV rays and dry rotten the sides of the tire overall diminishing the tire's life. So what this will do is deflect those UV rays and keep your tire looking brand new for a lot longer. So the SnapRing TireSavers Tire Covers is super simple to put on, it has a ring made of metal that simply you'll pull apart to put over your tire and then we will bend right back into position to keep it snug against your tire so that you don't have to use any straps any kind of tie downs, anything like that.

You don't have to get down under your trailer or whatever you have to actually secure it in place. It just pops right on and you're good to go. So it's a fairly common question we get is, what size tire cover do I need There's a few ways to do this. One, you can look at your tire size, which would be indicated on the side wall of your tire right here. Or you can just actually measure the diameter of your tire which what I'm gonna do right now.

Which is gonna come out to about 26 and a half inches. So now that we know what our tire size is we can get the corresponding size and tiresavers. So to start all you're gonna do is pull your snapring apart, slip it over your cover and when you let go, the snapring in the back, is going to enclose around the tire giving you an easy peasy installation. Well, I think that about does it for our installation here of the SnapRing TireSavers Tire Covers. My name's Kevin.

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