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Curt 2 Bike Platform Rack Review - 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Review of the Curt 2 Bike Platform Rack on a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi there, Jeep owners. Today on your 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee we're gonna be taking a look at Curt's Two Bike Platform Rack. And this rack you can see here is gonna be a two bike platform-style rack which means your wheels will be supported in the cradles for both the driver and passenger side for your front and back wheel. And then it's secured in place on top with our hook here. And this is a pretty quick and easy way to get your bike strapped up. Some of the other models they have other straps, or your hanging styles are not really the the best type here.

With the platform, it keeps your bike really solid in the rack. The rack's in the hitch with an anti-rattle bolt to keep it solid, versus like your hanging style where your bike's hanging by the frame here. They have potentially some pivot that can get to them and your bikes could potentially contact one another. Whereas with this style, our bike is nice and secure. It keeps our wheel from turning.

Again, unlike the hanging style where your wheel could just move around if you don't strap it in place. This is gonna keep everything stable. And we can put two bikes on here. When you're just hauling one bike, it's recommended to put it in the one closer to the vehicle there. And then you've got this one available for a second bike.

If we take a look here at the legs, you can see they are adjustable. So you can adjust the width by just unscrewing the knob here. We'll go ahead and do the one that doesn't have a bike. And you can see there that you can adjust that. And each one of these arms is adjustable, so that way if you have different sized bikes, maybe you have a small child or something like that, that would use a little bit smaller bike, or just the difference between your bike and your friend's bike could be potentially pretty big.

So you got that adjustability there to accommodate for it. Now while your bikes are on here, there is a tilt feature in place so that way you can access the rear of your vehicle. 'Cause as it is right now if I tried to open the lift gate, it would contact our bike. There's two pins located here at the center that we'll remove to be able to lower it down. We're gonna remove the lower one first. It's a smaller pin. And we'll take the larger one here. We're gonna get the clip off of it. But before we take the pin out, we wanna make sure that we grab our bike here. You're probably gonna have to push towards the vehicle just a little bit to get pressure off the pin. The pins are tethered so you can just let them drop. And there you can see it's now tilted away. And with it tilted away, we should have access to the rear of our vehicle here. We can see it fully opens. This is really nice if you're maybe just stopping real quick and you need to get something, maybe load up at the grocery store before a ride, grab yourself some waters and things like that, take care of your cooler, you can do all those things. And then get back out there on the road. Now once you've care of everything in the back, we can go ahead and lift this back up. I'm gonna put the small pin in first just because that one doesn't have to line up with any hole, it just kind of supports this underneath. And what that will do is it gives you a pretty good support to hold it roughly where the big pin's gonna line up. You might have to push on it just a little bit there to wiggle it around to get the big pin to slide in. And then that'll clip back into place. And we're ready to hit the road once again. So I'm gonna go ahead and remove the bike now so we can take a look at some of the other features of the rack. I do got one thing I wanna mention I did notice though when I put this on here. When I was backing up, the rear collision detection was detecting the bike rack the entire time. So just keep that in mind. It is gonna obstruct your rear collision, and it actually even activated the brakes once on me when I was backing up. So it will detect this as part of its proximity sensors and things like that here across the back. So we'll go ahead and get the bike outta the way now. To do that we're gonna lift up on our arms here. We'll do the outer one first and then the inner. And then we can just lift up on our bike and set this aside. You can take a look at some of the additional features. So it does have two different storage positions that you could place it in depending on how you're wanting to store it. We'll show you the garage storage position first. So this is useful if you're getting ready to take your bike rack off before you throw it in the garage. We can pull the pins here on the side for each side arm. There's one on each side. Just go ahead and pull those pins outta there. You might have to lift up just gently on the arm to get the pin out. Once you've got that removed, we can then lift up on the arm. It'll now line up with this hole, and we can reinsert our pin. Do the same thing with the other side And insert it over here. And this is the storage position you would want it in if you're gonna store it in your garage. It keeps everything nice and compact. You could probably slide this in a nice little corner where it's out of the way or hang it up and it should just reduce the overall size of it. So now we'll go ahead and put it in our other storage position so you can see what that looks like. We're gonna take it back out, drop your arm down, then line those holes back up, reinsert your pins. And once we've got that reinstalled, there's one pin towards the center here for our center mast, it's right here. Now before you pull this pin outta here, make sure you got a good grip on this 'cause it can rotate either direction and if it rotates towards the vehicle, it will probably contact the vehicle. So keep a hold on that, pull it towards the rear. And there's another hold here towards the back that we can reinsert our pin in and clip it in place. We can then go back to the larger tilt pin that we had pulled out before. This has another setting. We can leave the smaller, lower one in there. But we wanna remove just the upper one. Then we can take the whole rack, and lift it up, and place it in its other storage position. And this is the vehicle-mounted storage position. If you wanna leave it on your vehicle all the time, you don't wanna take it off and store it in your garage but you want your vehicle to still fit in the garage. You can reduce the distance by putting it in this configuration here. And with our rack in this storage position, the distance from our vehicle reduces from 32 inches from the furthest point to here at about 17, 18 inches. Right in between there. So you can see its considerably shorter while in this position. That does make it a little bit closer. So our closest point to our rack is now here at about 10 inches. And our ground clearance in this position is gonna remain the same at about 18 inches to this point here. And if we take a closer look here at the shank where it's inserted into our hitch here, you can see it is a one and a quarter inch in size, but does come with a conversion collar that will increase it up to two inches. And that's how we've got it inserted into our two-inch hitch here. So it will work with both your one and a quarter or your two inch. And it comes with an included anti-rattle bolt that'll take out any play. And you get a clip as well to secure it in place. And that completes our look of Curt's Two Bike Platform Rack on our 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee..

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