Curt 5th Wheel Wiring Harness Installation - 2013 GMC Sierra

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How to Install the Curt 5th Wheel Wiring Harness on a 2013 GMC Sierra

Hey everyone shane here with Today I have a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 and I want to walk through how to install the Curt, custom fit 5th wheel gooseneck inbed wiring harness. This is going to give us a simple plug in the bed of our truck. What makes it nice is when we're pulling that 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer, we don't have to take the wires and drooping over top of our tailgate and plug them in at our bumper it allows us to plug them in inside the bed to keep everything contained and it stays looking nice, we're not worring about the cord potentially damaging our tailgate on the outside. It's going to give us all of our proper lighting functions, brake lights, running lights, both turn signals, it's also going to give us a break output, so we're pulling a trailer that has brakes, and we have a brake controller also, it's going to give us the option for a reverse light signal if we decide to hook it up, or if we have it hooked up.Our plug here that mounts on the inside of the bed, they're going to be a durable plastic construction, spring loaded lid so when we're not using it, it stays closed. Nice grab handle so it makes it easy to open.

The underside here is going to have a foam ring on it so when it's closed, it seals right around this edge to keep any dirt and debris and water from getting inside on our connection points. This wiring harness is going to plug directly into a factory 7 pole plug on the back of your bumper. However it's not going to eliminate the use of that one. So it's actually adding one in the bed. If we're pulling a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer, if we're pulling a trailer that is ball mounted it's still gives us the option to use the one on the outside on our bumper.This is also going to be 10 ft long so it's going to give you plenty of different mounting location options, so if you didn't necessarily like it and this location, you went a little bit closer to the cab, you have that ability with that 10 foot of wire to be able to move it around.

All of our wires are going to have a nice thick wire loom covering them to help protect them from any damage or anything like that from being underneath the vehicle.As far as the installation process, pretty simple and straightforward. The only thing we really have to do is drill a hole in the bed of our truck to mount our seven pole plug, run our wires down and plug them back into the back of our seven pole plug on our bumper. Other than that, pretty easy the only thing it's not going to come with, it's not going to come with dielectric grease, which I recommend using on your connections when you put your plugs together, helps keep any of that moisture that may get in there from corroding any of the connection points. Now that we've gone over some of the features let's walk through how to get it installed.First thing we need to do is we need to find a location where we're going to mount our seven-pole plug in the bed of our truck. Most of the time, this channel that runs straight down here usually gets put in about right there.

We're going take 2-1/8" hole saw bit to make our hole. Once you get your hole opened up, take a file and kind of clean up along the edge. We're going to take some Rustoleum paint and make sure we cover that bare metal to prevent any rusting later on. Once it's had adequate time to dry and take your two ends, I'm going to feed them down into the hole and drop them down. Down like that.

It's going to mount there seven pole plug, before we do that, what we do it's a good idea take some dielectric grease I'm going to put it on these connections. It'll help keep them from corroding, if any moisture or anything like that gets on. Push it into a clicks. It's going to come with self-tapping screws you're going to put one in each corner of the base.We're going to take this in, we're going to route it over to the back of our factory seven-pole plug and make sure when we're routing it for staying away from the exhaust, try and stay away from anything moving, we don't make sure we're not putting it where it can potentially get damaged by our spare tire. We can remove our factory seven-pole maybe a gray locking tab. You can you get that pulled up, you going to push this gray tab up and you're going to push right there to pull your factory wiring off. We're going to take this in, put some dielectric grease on it, put this end here, these two here, and that's what's going to give us a power up to, or some coal plug in the bed and also the power to our seven-pole plug on our bumper.Sure you hear it. Click this one, go ahead and push it. Once you get it, put together, pushed up here, hit it with our spare tire. And then we can take the rest of our wiring and hanging down here. Kind of roll it up. Take some zip ties that come in your kit and we'll tuck it up out of the way. So it doesn't get damaged. Now we're going to test out both plugs using an alternate power source, left turn, right turn, brake lights, running lights. We'll go ahead and put it up in our bed plug and make sure that one's working also. Once you've tested out your plugs you know everything's working correctly, you're ready to go. That's going to do it for look at and installation on the Curt 5th wheel gooseneck custom fit wiring harness on a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500..

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