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Curt Assure Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the Curt Assure Trailer Brake Controller on a 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup

Hello, everybody Clayton here, here at etrailor, we install test and review a lot of different products to help you as the customer make a more educated decision before your purchase. Today, we are gonna be working on a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. We're gonna be taking a look at, and I'll be showing you how to install the curt assure brake controller. Adding a brake controller to your tow vehicle is gonna be a huge upgrade. Being able to use your trailer brakes is gonna make your ride a lot more comfortable while also saving the brakes on your truck. Now, this one in particular is pretty cool.

It does work with 1-4 axles and it is gonna be a proportional. Personally, I really like how sleek this is. It sits really nice and tight to our dash. When we compare it to another one on the market. You can see how much more big and bulky it is compared to our curt.

So being able to get that nice and tight to our dash it's gonna make it a lot easier when we're getting in and out of our truck. We're not gonna risk bumping our knee on it. And another cool feature of this is gonna be this LED screen. All you have to do is kinda change that angle so you can make sure you have optimal vision, whenever you're driving. Our screen is pretty cool.

It's adjustable. I think this is what really sets it apart between the other brake controllers on the market. It's gonna be very easy to read very easy to use and being able to adjust it up and down is even better 'cause you can use it at any angle and you're gonna get that optimal output. Plus it's pretty thin so you don't have to worry about it sticking out here and still catching your knee on it. I really like how our brake controller activates automatically a lot of the time delayed brake controllers, there's a big lag between when you press the brakes.

And when to hit the brakes on the trailer so this is gonna be nice and instant. Another cool feature this is we are gonna have nine sensitivity settings. So we can just click our buttons over here on the left to increase or lower our gain. This is gonna be how hard the brakes are being pressed on our trailer. One thing that I like about this is our manual override buttons over here on the right since we're gonna manually override your brakes simply just push down on that button and it will apply your brakes to your trailer. And when you look at our test or when we push that manual override our gain is gonna be set to three. And if we wanna knock that number up simply just push our adjustment button and we can manually override it. As you see, we're gonna get more pressure. And as I mentioned, our brake controller is gonna be a proportional. So what that means is, is however hard we push the brakes on our truck or trailer is gonna get that same breaking pressure. So let's say we have to come to a quick stop and we push really hard on our brakes. It's gonna give that same pressure to our trailer. Making it stop as a unit versus the trailer, pushing the truck. And then if we're just in day-to-day traffic whenever we lightly press the brakes. It's gonna give that same pressure to the trailer bring it to that safe stop. Our brake controller is gonna offer us an uphill and downhill power adjustment. That way, whenever we go up or down a hill we're not gonna have to manually override it. It's just gonna do it itself. Our brake controller is gonna work with electric or electric over hydraulic brakes. So this is really gonna cover a wide variety of trailers. Now we're gonna take it out and hit our test course and see how it performs with our trailer. You can follow along with us. Now I'm gonna go over our bumps course. Now we're pulling up to our straight bumps. I'll hit the brakes pretty hard here. As you can see, it brings that trailer to a good stop. Now we go back over our bumps. We'll work our way over to the slolam of course. Now we're on a pretty good straight. So I'm gonna actually reach down and hit the manual override. And it's hitting the brakes on our trailer. Now as far as using this brake controller on our little test this brake controller was awesome. It's definitely something I could see myself buying definitely something that would be easy to live with. I really liked how whenever I applied the brakes you get, it gave us that same braking pressure really quickly on our trailer, getting us to a safe stop. And like I said, I really like how thin it is. It's gonna be super easy to live with and you're not gonna be bumping into it all the time like a, like a lot of those other brake controllers on the market. Now, in terms of installation getting our brake controller installed isn't bad at all. All we had to do was get a plug and play adapter to work with our brake controller. Everything is gonna be included as far as our hardware is concerned. So it's really a take it out of the box and mount it up application. With that being said, we can take a look at the installation now. To begin our installation of our curt assure brake controller. We need to figure out if our truck has a factory connector or not. If your truck does have a factory seven way this plug and play curt harness will work just fine for your curt assure. And if it doesn't we do have a splice and option available here at etrailer you're just gonna splice into those wires found underneath your dash. To begin our installation we're gonna move to the driver's side footwell to find your connector we're gonna start at our parking brake and we're gonna follow our wiring up to right here. And we're actually going be using this blue connector next to our wiring with this being a plug and play option getting it installed is going to be super simple. We just wanna take our plug kinda push it into that blue connector and push it all the way down 'til you hear that click. Now with our connector plugged in we're ready to mount up our brake controller to mount on our braking controller. We're gonna be using this bracket. Now our customer doesn't want it to be a permanent install so we're not gonna drill any holes but normally you would just hold this bracket up and then drill in with the two provided self-tapping screws. And then we'll show you how to mount the actual controller to this bracket. But in this case we do have one screw down here that we're gonna be using. All we're gonna need is a screwdriver. Now we're gonna, our brake controller to our bracket. We're gonna grab our plastic spacers. We're gonna push those spacers into our bracket kinda pull out on the bracket itself, line up our holes let our small screw with our flat washer. And then you come back with our Phillips head screwdriver and you just snug everything down and you don't want to over-tighten these but you definitely wanna tighten it down to where it doesn't move in our bracket with our brake controller installed. We're now ready to plug our harness into our brake controller. And as you can see, our power came on as indicated by a light. We're now ready to clean up our wiring. First, I'm gonna zip tie this up and out of the way to our factory wiring, we're now ready to test out our brake controller with everything hooked up. We'll start by pushing our brakes. Now we can hit our manual override and then we can set that gain a little bit higher and try our manual override again. And that's gonna do it for our look at in our installation of the curt assure brake controller, on our 2009 Dodge Ram 1500..

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