Curt Ball and Safety Chain Loop Kit Installation - 2021 Ford F-450 Super Duty

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How to Install a Curt Ball and Safety Chain Loop Kit on a 2021 Ford F-450 Super Duty

Hi there, Ford owners. Today, in your 2021 Ford F-450 Super Duty, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install Curt's OEM Puck System Gooseneck ball and safety chain anchor kit. This comes in either a 30 K or a 38 K set up for whichever your trailer needs. So here you can see what our gooseneck package looks like when it's installed. We've got our 2 and 5/16th ball here. We have our safety chain loops on each side and these attached directly to the OEM prep package connection points located on your truck.

These two pucks here where you would normally attach a fifth wheel, but the manufacturer Curt here has adjusted the safety chain loops, so they fit directly right down into those attachment points. So a little bit of dual-purpose use out of those. So it's cool that they've made that available. The ball is a 2 and 5/16th ball with a Chrome plated finish to help protect it against corrosion. It is a quick release ball.

The center tab here in the middle is what locks it in place. You can fold it over to prevent it from turning. The twisting of it is what actually releases and engages the mechanism. We can see here it's locked. So with just a quarter of a turn, it is unlocked.

And when we're not using our ball here, Curt does provide a plug that can go down to keep any dirt and debris out of your vehicle. And it's got the Curt logo on it. So it does look pretty nice in the truck. All the components can be removed easily by just pulling the pins which will allow you to quickly return back to a full truck bed without having to even get any tools out. All the parts will come in a kit here.

You get a nice, hard carrying case with it. And this is pretty nice. Especially if you're someone that is constantly using your truck for various applications, you're hauling your gooseneck trailer one minute, and the next you need to throw a bunch of stuff here in the back, and you just can take all your parts out put them back in the box and then store this in the back of your truck until you need it. And this is just an easy way to ensure that you've got everything together. It's all in one package, make sure nothing gets lost and you could easily slide this under your seat until you're ready to use it again. And this is what our gooseneck ball kit looks like when it's installed. We have our 2 and 5/16th ball with a Chrome finish on it to protect it against corrosion. This is a quick release ball. We can see it's currently in, it's locked in state and it locks and unlocks by twisting the center lever. It does flip over this way. It prevents it from twisting. So it can't move. If we raise it up, you can see it's locked in. And with just a quarter a turn, it does release, allowing us to store that if we're not using it anymore. And this ball is going to be rated for 30,000 pounds. That's going to be more than enough for your gooseneck trailer. You should be able to do just about everything that you want to do. And you can see that it is free spinning in here which can help to mitigate where on the components as you're making a lot of turns. Here we have our kit opened up. Inside the kit you'll receive two safety chain, with attachments, as well as a 2 and 5/16th ball that's designed to work with our factory prep package that we have here. We'll pop the cover off and we'll show you how the ball drops down in place. You'll also receive a new cover. This has just got our Curt logo on it here. And if your truck didn't have a cover, if you had an Under Bed kit installed, that's really what this is for. Since we got a prep package, we don't really need it but it is nice that it comes with one. We're just popping up the center of our prep package here, just removing the cover out of it. The ring here can stay in place or you can remove it, whichever you like. It looks pretty nice. So we'll leave it there. And here's our ball. If we look that the ball bearings inside can be pushed inside the ball, so this is the release position so we can easily drop it in and out. We turn our handle just a quarter turn there. It locks it in place. And we can see here and we got nice and loose, quarter turn and now you can see they won't push in, they're outwards which is what holds it from coming out. It folds down, flush on top for a nicer look. So we're just going to set it back down in there and drop it in place. This ball is designed to rotate inside of the assembly there. The roller bearings that are inside help keep it from having too much metal to metal contact as it goes around. It's nice that it has this pivot 'cause as you turn to move your trailer, this is just another pivot point which can help mitigate wear on the various components as they're rubbing against each other. Next, we'll go ahead and put in our safety chain loops. So we're gonna go ahead and remove the covers here. We can remove the pin as well as the other pin. These will drop down in place. Sometimes these little plastic covers can kind of get in your way here. It's not quite letting it drop down far enough with a plastic cover on it. So when installing these, it looks like you will have to remove these in order to get the proper clearance. That'll drop down in there and then we can lock it in place. Secure it with the tab and we can see here it can pivot a little bit, but it can't come out of there. We can repeat the same thing over here on the other side. And that completes our look at Curt's OEM prep package Gooseneck ball and safety chains on our 2021 Ford F-450 Super Duty..

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