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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2012 Toyota Tundra

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2012 Toyota Tundra

Today in our 2012 Toyota Tundra, we'll be installing the Curt TriFlex Trailer Brake Controller part number C51140. We'll be using this in conjunction with the direct connect wiring harness part number C51362. To begin our install, we'll first locate the manufacturer's tow port located on the driver side just above the edge of the kick panel. We can then take the direct connect harness white plug end and plug directly into the manufacturer's tow port. We'll then go ahead and start routing the harness over towards the center of the vehicle near the console being careful to stay away from any moving parts, such as the parking brake pedal. Next, we need to mount the brake controller. To mount the brake controller, we'll use the brake controller bracket and hardware provided with the install kit. We'll go ahead and take the hardware and secure the bracket directly to the brake controller first. Then we can take the bracket and secure itto the dash using the hardware provided.

Now with the brake controller bracketsecured, we'll go ahead and adjust the brake controller as needed, and then tying down the fasteners. To clean up our install look, we're going to go ahead and take some wire loom and wrap it around the pigtail coming from the brake controller. Now with our wire loom installed, we'll go ahead and plug the pigtail to brake controller directly into the direct fit wiring harness. We can then go ahead and secure the wiring up underneath the dashwith the black zip ties. We'll cut up the excess in the zip ties, and this equatethe install of the Curt Tri-flex Trailer Brake Controller part number C51140 with our direct fit wiring harness part number C51362 on our 2012 Toyota Tundra.

Martin Q.


Will this application also work for a 2012 Toyota FJ

Patrick B.


The installation will be different for your FJ. The FJ did not come with a factory installed 7-Way like the Tundra in our video did. Here's a install 2013 FJ, it will give you an idea of what's involved.



I have a 2013 Toyota tundra. I would like to mount the brake controller inside the center console. Can the brake controller be mounted vertical??

Patrick B.


This controller, part # C51140 , cannot be mounted vertically. It has a 90° range, 20° nose down to 70° nose up. See page 9 in the instructions PDF linked on the product page. We will be correcting our website. There are other controllers out there that can be mounted vertically. Any time-delayed controller can be mounted in any orientation, but the braking will not be as smooth. A proprortional matches the vehicles braking force to keep everything synced. The Prodigy series, part # 90195 and part # 90885 , can be mounted vertically. The TrailerMate can also be mounted vertically, part # TM75813 .

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