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Curt Hitch Cargo Carrier Review - 2019 Dodge Journey

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Review of the Curt Hitch Cargo Carrier on a 2019 Dodge Journey

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we'll be taking a look at our 20 inch by 59 inch CURT cargo carrier on our 2019 Dodge Journey. You got your Dodge Journey and you're ready for different types of adventures. This is a great family car. So, you can load this up with your kids, or you can all go on a road trip, have all your friends there with you.

Another question though, is where do you put all your stuff While you do have a pretty decent trunk in the back of your Dodge Journey, sometimes there's other items that either don't fit in there or you don't want messing up your interior. That's where a cargo carrier like this comes in handy. This is where you can put your extra luggage, your coolers, or even your sandy and muddy items from your adventures. So, we'll talk about this cargo carrier but we're gonna focus on our Dodge Journey today. That way, you can see how it all fits together, what are the different specs and dimensions.

That way, you can see what is the better fit for you, your different types of adventures, and your vehicle. So, the size of this is gonna be 20 inches by 59 inches. And there's gonna be a bunch of different cargo carrier options there, but you can see here with our cooler a good estimate of how much space you actually have for your cargo. So, you're a little bit on the narrow side but you have a pretty good width here. So, you can have your coolers side by the side.

If you have your suitcases, you can put them on there. Now, I'll take this off so that we can take a closer look at the carrier itself. So, this is made of steel with a powder coat finish. So, what's gonna happen, and it's natural for pretty much anything you have on your hitch. Over time, there's gonna be some wear and tear, things get scratched up.

With this black powder coat finish, even though it's out in the elements, this resists corrosion from that rain, salt, and mud. If you do get those scratches though, I highly recommend just going over there with a paint pen to help maintain that corrosion resistance. So, we're gonna have these raised side rails and they also have the reflectors on the end, and this is gonna be your anchor point. So, if you have your items in there, you want those raised rails to prevent them from sliding off your cargo carrier. And if you wanna strap things down, you can use them to anchor your straps. I do recommend picking up a pair of straps right here at etrailer. We sell them as sets of two, so get as many as you need to secure things in place. We have this mesh floor, so it's still made of steel, but this time, since it's mesh, you have a little bit of flexibility there supported by the carrier. And this allows for your cargo, so you have mud, dirt, sand that just falls through, makes it super easy clean off. The cargo carrier itself has a weight capacity of 500 pounds, which is a lot. But remember, you are actually limited by your tongue weight capacity of your hitch and of your Dodge Journey. So, just make sure you don't exceed that. That does change depending on what type of trim you have. Now, everything or pretty much anything attached to your hitch receiver is gonna add some length to the back of your car. So, we're gonna measure to see exactly how much. From the end of our Dodge Journey to the end of the cargo carrier right over here, it sits at 34 inches. So, that's going to be a measurement to keep in mind whenever you're backing into your garage or trying to park into a really tight spot. Don't forget that you now have a cargo carrier behind you. Our ground clearance is measured from the end of the cargo carrier to the ground, 12 1/4 inches. So, this does not have a shank rise. So, this is determined by your actual hitch height. So, if you're going up those steep inclines like those really steep driveways and hills, your front's gonna go up, your back is going to go down. So, you'll wanna be conscious of this because you only have a foot difference for those steep inclines. So, this has a two inch shank. Now, there are options for your Dodge Journey. I always recommend getting the two inch hitch receiver. If you happen to have the inch and a quarter hitch receiver, you might be interested in the CURT cargo carrier with an inch and a quarter hitch receiver instead. Anyways, this pops right into your two inch hitch receiver. This tightens down with an anti-rattle bolt that is sold separately. So, this is gonna be the SilentACT anti-rattle hitch pin. I use a 5/8 inch socket that helps tighten it down. Otherwise, you're gonna get a hitch pin and a clip. What you can do is you can fold this carrier up. So, we have a clip and a pin right over here in the center. Just pull that clip. That'll allow you to pull out that pin. And then the carrier itself is going to pivot up into a folded or compact position. Pop that pin right back in to secure it. And then we'll take some measurements. So, with it folded up like this, the closest point is gonna be from our bottom bumper to the front of the rack, and that's about 4 1/4 inches of clearance there. So, plenty of clearance. The length now added to the back of our vehicle is gonna be from that bumper again to the end of the rack, about 12 1/2 inches. So, big difference compared to when this was folded down. Now, this will definitely be the position you have it in as you're loading it up onto your car if you don't wanna take up too much space. But what is it like living with a bike rack, or with a cargo carrier behind you Well, notice with the way this is folded up, you do kind of lose access to opening up your hatch. So, you want that in the down position. Now, this does not cover your rear window, or your taillights, or your license plate, so that's really good to see. This was a look at the CURT cargo carrier, which is 20 inches by 59 inches on our 2019 Dodge Journey..

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